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Sensorineural hearing loss – this happens when there is damage to the inner ear or to the pathway between your inner ear and your brain.
You may have a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss – this is known as mixed hearing loss. If you have a bacterial infection of your middle ear, it can sometimes be treated with antibiotics.
If your outer or middle ears are blocked by ear wax or fluid caused by an ear infection, a nurse will often be able to remove the blockage with a syringe after it has been softened.
If there is no cure for your hearing loss, for example if it’s caused by ageing, a hearing aid for one or both of your ears may help. If a hearing aid doesn’t help (eg in profound deafness), your doctor may suggest you have a cochlear implant. Get a picture of your current health and potential future health risks with a Bupa health assessment. Otosclerosis – bone growth in the middle ear, which causes the ossicles of your middle ear to become fixed. Perforated (pierced) eardrum, which can be caused by an untreated ear infection, a head injury or from poking something in your ear.
The causes of conductive hearing loss can often be treated, so it’s usually only temporary.
Age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) – a natural decline in your hearing as a result of damage that occurs to your cochlea as a part of the ageing process. Regular exposure to loud noises, for example if you work in a noisy place or listen to a lot of loud music.
Meniere's disease – a condition that affects your inner ear, causing dizziness and tinnitus, as well as leading to hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss is usually permanent as once the hair cells in your cochlea are damaged, they can’t be repaired.
Most people get a certain amount of hearing loss as they get older, but you can try to protect your hearing as much as possible by looking after your ears and reducing how much time you spend in noisy places. As you get older, your hearing will probably get worse – this is known as presbyacusis. This type of damage to your hearing is difficult to prevent: more than half of people over 60 in the UK have some degree of hearing loss.
Certain medicines, such as diuretics, and conditions, such as osteoporosis, may contribute to hearing loss – speak to your GP about how these may affect your hearing. Loud noises, especially when you’re around them for long periods of time, can damage your hearing. According to the World Health Organization, noise-induced hearing loss is the main cause of permanent hearing loss worldwide.
Your employer should provide ear protection, usually earplugs or earmuffs, for you to wear to help prevent damage to your hearing. Make sure you attend hearing tests provided by your employer, as they may pick up any problems with your hearing early on.
My child is having trouble hearing - what could be causing it and is it likely to be permanent?
It’s likely that your child has temporary hearing loss caused by an ear infection or illness. If your child is having trouble hearing and has earache or discharge from his or her ear, he or she may have a middle-ear infection. Your child may have temporary hearing loss caused by fluid collecting behind his or her eardrum – this is known as glue ear.
Although your child’s hearing loss is probably temporary, in some children it can become permanent.
If you think your baby or child is having trouble hearing, visit your GP who will test your child’s hearing. Even in our clinic, we have noticed that compared to 10 years ago, where we mostly saw pensioners and the age groups from 80+, now we are seeing more and more clients who are concerned about their hearing from 40+ age. It is really important to be proactive about hearing loss and get it tested as early as possible to prevent auditory deprivation.
Conductive loss is generally caused by a problem in the outer or middle ear which stops sound being passed through to the inner ear and nerve fibres.
Sometimes surgery such as a tympanic graft can fix the hole, otherwise a hearing aid may be required. If this progresses to the next stage, fluid is then secreted into the middle ear space and the eardrum becomes red, bulging and inflamed.
Medication and antibiotics are usually required, although sometimes a chronic ear infection can remain which has to be monitored and hearing loss helped through a hearing aid. Sometimes a build up of calcium on the middle ear bones can cause them to fuse and then not move as they should to pass the sound on through to the inner ear. This is a genetic condition usually affecting women and can occur at times of hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause.
Being exposed to loud noise, especially over extended periods of time can affect the tiny inner ear hair cells of the cochlea. However repeated exposures to the loud noise, such as working with machinery, factory noise or tools, the little hair cells can no longer recover.
A typical complaint of a person with a high frequency noise induced hearing loss is being able to hear people  talking but not all that clearly, particularly in background noise.
The sooner you act on this kind of hearing loss by wearing properly fitted hearing aids, the better you can save your ears by stimulating the remaining hair cells to keep active. Also, being very mindful of wearing ear protection in loud noisy places can help protect your hearing (eg Clipsal, concerts).
Unfortunately, as we get older our bodies get a little worn out and this includes the ears. It is really important to stimulate the remaining hair cells to prevent further loss just from Auditory Deprivation.
Meniere’s Disease is caused by excessive fluid in the inner ear and balance organs of the ear.
Meniere’s Disease  can exist for quite  a long period of time with varying severity, and eventually reaches the ‘Burnt Out’ phase where symptoms are stable but the hearing is permanently damaged.

Usually the hearing loss is a low frequency or flat hearing loss which can make things sound softer overall but also create distortion. Being checked by an ear, nose and throat specialist is important in this case with hearing rehabilitation through us happening afterwards or alongside medical evaluation.
If this does occur, you are best off seeing your GP as soon as you possibly can, because in some cases immediate steroid and oxygen use can help. People with hearing loss related to ototoxic medications are usually successful with hearing aids.
A mixed hearing loss can result from a combination of middle ear and inner ear problems, such as a ear infection as well as a noise induced loss. We are happy to write referral reports and do so for any cases we recommend medical checking. While you may not see a lot of people with hearing aids around, you would be surprised to know how many people actually suffer from some sort of hearing deficiency. Though, whatever the cause may be, you should take certain precautions and measures to ensure that you keep your hearing ability. According to medical experts, here are the most popular symptoms that are a sign of impending hearing loss. Although this may sound obvious, it is surprising that a lot of people fail to diagnose their problems in hearing as a serious hearing condition and ignore it nonchalantly. For starters, if you are facing difficulty in hearing people from a close range, try to find out whether it is a serious problem or not. A lot of people who suffer from hearing deficiency complain about a common problem and that is experiencing a ringing sound in ears for no reason at all. Like a lot of other health issues, hearing loss too can occur if your family has a history of similar issues. Set The Ascott Cheung Tibetan style ivory fruit Buddha head three links Nepal Tibetan Silver Pagoda Vajra Bodhi-Pearl River Delta thermal diy fall arrester accessories small pictures, prices, brand platters! Set The Ascott Cheung Tibetan style ivory fruit Buddha head three links Nepal Tibetan Silver Pagoda Vajra Bodhi-Pearl River Delta thermal diy fall arrester with small number, set-Cheung Kok shopping on the Internet has been pressed. For enquiry of Set The Ascott Cheung Tibetan style ivory fruit Buddha head three links Nepal Tibetan Silver Pagoda Vajra Bodhi-Pearl River Delta thermal diy fall arrester accessories small ? Most people are not sure whether or not they are supposed to go to the hospital when they’re not feeling well. Slurred speech, dizziness and an inability to move are all signs of a stroke, which is when the blood supply to parts of the brain gets cut off. Any head injury, whether it is a major one or something as small as a cut or bruise, that causes a person to vomit or feel nauseous could be a sign of a brain injury. A sudden, excruciating 'thunderclap' headache could be a sign of a subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is classified as a medical emergency that requires immediate help. If a person has been vomiting or has had diarrhoea, small flecks under the eyes that look like bruises are a sign of dangerous dehydration. This Healthy Overnight Oats Recipe Makes For The Perfect Readymade Breakfast In The Morning! Most of these people are over 60 and have lost their hearing gradually as part of the natural ageing process.
You may start to notice you find it difficult to hear and understand people when you're in a noisy place. Always ask your GP for advice and read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine. This is a device that turns sounds into electrical signals, which directly stimulate your auditory nerve allowing you to hear. This type of hearing loss is caused by damage to the tiny hair cells in your ear, which help sound to travel to your brain. See your GP if you have earache, deafness or any painful discharge so this can be treated properly. If you work in a noisy place, wear earplugs or earmuffs to protect your ears and try to keep the volume of any music you listen to as low as possible.
If you work in a noisy place, such as a factory, building site or nightclub, your hearing can be damaged gradually.
Middle ear infections are very common, particularly in young children – three-quarters of middle ear infections occur in children under 10.
If your child has had meningitis and is now having hearing problems, visit your GP for advice.
Please see act sooner rather than later for more interesting information on preserving hair cells and keeping them healthy. It basically acts to help protect the ear by trapping any foreign things present in the ear canal. Usually people with perforated eardrums should be very wary of getting water in their ears.  We can make custom swim plugs for use with showering or swimming to protect the ear if a perforation is evident.
Typically the eustachian tube (which is the tube that opens when you are flying in an aeroplane and your ears ‘pop’) jams shut preventing air from getting in to the middle ear cells. Each time the ear is exposed to loud noise, the little inner ear hair cells get knocked flat by the sheer force of the vibrations that are sent through the eardrum and middle ear bones onto the cochlea.
This is called Permanent Threshold shift and the end result is a permanent high frequency hearing loss. This is due to the damage to the tiny hair cells which can no longer process sound properly and have trouble if there is competing noise in the background. We can make custom ear plugs which allow a pleasant listening experience but at safe levels for your ears. Generally the high pitches tends to be lost first as they are the most activated in the first turn of the inner ear. This can result in quite debilitating symptoms like loss of balance, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and a feeling of fullness in the ears.
The actual cause of Meniere’s disease is not known but factors such as genetics, auto immune and viral influences have been linked with Meniere’s Disease.
The cause is generally unknown although many cases of sudden hearing loss are caused by an interruption of the blood supply to the tiny hair cells of the inner ear. These are called ototoxic medications and there are about 200 medications currently that are considered ototoxic.

Usually an ear, nose and throat specialist evaluation alongside our tests and a fitting of hearing aids is recommended. In order to ensure your hearing ability is in good health, you should be well aware of the symptoms. Medically speaking, experiencing ear ringing and other abnormal ear noises is a condition known as tinnitus. If your father, grandfather or an uncle suffers from hearing deficiency, the probability of you suffering from it naturally increases as well.
The elections are supplied in the national character of distribution, so action, buy now enjoy more preferential! While certain conditions require medical attention, they may not be emergencies that need to be treated right away. The condition can occur during physical exertion - including while coughing, lifting heavy items or having sex. It can also cause stroke-like symptoms - such as slurred speech - as well as a loss of consciousness or convulsions. Hearing loss can also be very sudden, for example if it’s caused by a viral infection of the inner ear. Your GP may do a hearing test, or he or she may refer you to either an otolaryngologist (a doctor who specialises in ear, nose and throat disorders), an audiologist (a specialist in hearing) or an audiovestibular physician (a doctor who specialises in hearing, balance and communication problems). Many different types of hearing aid are available, and your audiologist will advise you as to which type best suits your needs. You may find that you have difficulty hearing people speak in noisy places and on the telephone, and find trying to keep up with a group conversation difficult and tiring. You may find that you have a ringing in your ears or that your hearing is muffled after you leave work. If your child has lost his or her hearing and is complaining of earache, he or she may have this condition. Your child will have a hearing test soon after he or she is born (the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme), which should pick up any problems early on. However sometimes wax can build up to the extent that it becomes hard, black and blocks the entire ear canal. The eardrum then gets sucked back so it does not move well and you feel as though you are quite deaf. Usually the condition that the medicines are used for, such as cancer, heart disease and serious infections are more severe than hearing loss and it is a risk worth taking if indicated by your doctor. This ensures that any medical or surgical intervention  can happen as well as hearing aid rehabilitation if needed.
However, although older people are more prone to suffering from hearing deficiencies, younger people too can become victims.
While the symptoms of hearing loss are numerous, there are certain signs that can act as warning signals for you.
According to medical experts, those who suffer from tinnitus experience buzzing, roaring, and pulsate sounds when no actual sound is being emitted. Therefore, it is suggested that if your family has a history of hearing loss, you should take certain precautions and seek treatment at an early age. Some conditions on the other hand can do serious damage or even prove to be fatal if they are not treated in time.
This vibration is passed on to your middle ear, which consists of three small bones called ossicles. Movement of these hair cells produces electrical signals that travel along the auditory nerve to your brain, where they are converted into meaningful information, such as language or music.
Some people find that their hearing loss is associated with a continual ringing in their ears (tinnitus). These are both signs that your hearing has been affected by the loud noises around you, so if you have these symptoms, speak to your employer in the first instance. Similarly, the causes too are not limited and can vary from living in an environment that is loud to being a victim of a sudden loud explosion that causes damage to the ears. If you have an infection, you may have some other symptoms, such as earache and discharge from your ears. This is exactly what happens when you have been at a loud concert and afterwards you feel ‘deaf’ with ringing in your ears, but by the next morning, your hearing is back to normal. Well, Tinnitus can emerge from glitches in any of the four areas responsible for hearing: the outer area of the ear, the middle area of the ear, the inner area of the ear, and the brain. If you, or your friends and family, think that your hearing is getting gradually worse, see your GP.
Your doctor will whisper a combination of numbers and letters from behind you and ask you to repeat the combination to check if you can hear anything. For example, you may have started to notice that you have difficulty hearing what is being said when you are in a group. The audiometer produces sounds of different volumes and frequencies, and you will be asked to indicate when you hear the sounds in the headphones. The level at which you can’t hear the sound of a certain frequency is known as your threshold. This test is used to measure your cochlear function by recording signals produced by the hair cells. This test measures the activity of your cochlea, auditory nerve and brain when a sound is heard. If one ear is hearing better than the other, your doctor may organise a scan – usually an MRI scan. This is to rule out rare causes of hearing loss such as an acoustic neuroma or cholesteatoma.

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