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View PhotosMiscarriage or sudden abortion is the loss of pregnancy that occurs 20 weeks before the gestation. I can understand and appreciate this sudden loss having experienced a miscarriage over 20 years ago. At my scan around 18 weeks I was suddenly told that there was something there but it was not a baby. So here I was not pregnant even although when tested my results were still showing positive. Finally we saw a Doctor in London who was able to confirm that I had experienced  a missed abortion (missed miscarriage), to be honest at this stage I just felt relief and was glad that it was nothing else. I felt very much that what happened to me was mean’t to be and I was incredibly fortunate to  discovered I was pregnant with my first son three months later and  went on to have 2 further children without any further miscarriages. Absolutely Joanna, unfortunately it is very common but difficult emotionally to come to terms with.
Well done for sharing your own personal situation, this is why you have such empathy for others in this situation. Thank you Louise, reflexology is great at helping to calm the nervous system particularly at times of great stress and anxiety. There are a various number of reasons for miscarriages; so many that sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint a particular reason.
The fertilized egg goes on to get buried in the inside lining of the womb called endometrium that has undergone hormonal changes (During pregnancy the lining is called “decidua”). In the first trimester itself, if the fertilized egg has an abnormal genetic constitution it will abort spontaneously. The reasons for this condition may be due to cervical incompetence, that means the inability to hold the weight of the baby and neck of the womb opens up. When this is diagnosed by clinical ultrasonography or biochemical methods, your doctor will insert a stitch around the neck of the womb. A baby is a big decision between a couple, and most couples often plan before having a baby to suite the lifestyle of the family. It is important to eat healthy during pregnancy, and to make sure you are not gaining too much weight.
A pregnancy is between two people, and often fathers are just as scared about pregnancy as mothers are. Content provided on this site is for or general informational purposes only and should not be construed or relied on as medical or healthcare, safety, legal or financial advice, or in substitution thereof. SUDDEN BLURRED VISION AND DIZZINESS DURING PREGNANCYExplains the eyes, unclear vision impaired.
There may be many reasons for a miscarriage such as smoking, drinking, eating a certain herbs, birth control pills, etc.

The high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, abnormalities in the cervix and uterus are also miscarriage symptoms.
Other Signs – Pelvic cramps, heavy feeling in the abdominal region and period symptoms are the most common hints of loss of pregnancy.
White and pink discharge (blood mixed discharge)-weight loss, breast firmness, nausea and painful contractions (for about 20 minutes) can also occur to show that the pregnancy is terminated. So for the next 2 weeks my husband and I attended constant hospital appointments to find out what was going on, there was talk of stomach cancer and a molar pregnancy. I was then booked in to have a D&C (dilation and curettage) procedure, and although I quickly recovered physically it took longer for my emotions to catch up.
I am impressed that reflexology helps with the emotional aspects of miscarriage and wish it had been around to help me 24 years ago with post natal depression and anxiety which as you know I endured following 2 healthy pregnancies .
In any case it is important to consult your doctor in such an event for management of pregnancy.
When the fertilized ovum embeds in the uterine cavity some women will experience some amount of bleeding.
However pain and bleeding will be much less than a complete miscarriage, due to the foetus being only partially removed. After blood and tissue have been completely expelled from the body, bleeding will have stopped. In early pregnancy, you will see only the sac and you may or may not see the yolk sac foetal pole, without foetal heart pulsation.
This is called mid trimester threatened miscarriage which will go through usual process of inevitable, incomplete and complete in some women. This can be due to congenital weaknesses like short cervix or relaxed cervix, or even due to surgical damage to the internal area of the cervix. The membranes around the sac can get infected and weakened and rupture and start the abortion process.
The BabySpace Community is made for you to meet other mothers just like you, and share views, ideas and to help each other out. During this incredibly difficult time I felt that my body had let me down, at the same time friends and just about everyone  around me who didn’t want babies, who were not ready seemed to be falling pregnant and that was really tough trying to be pleased for them but feeling so hurt, empty and lost inside.
This is the time when I wished I had know about reflexology which helps to balance you both emotionally and physically, and provides much needed relaxation time and time for yourself. This is called implantation haemorrhage or decidua haemorrhage, which some women can tell you has the last menstrual date. Some women, who are not expecting a pregnancy, may even pass this stage without noticing it. The doctor will observe that the uterine cervix is closed, and an Ultrasound will reveal the foetus has a heartbeat.

The neck of the womb would be opened up and the spontaneous abortion of the foetus will occur.
The mother needs to be reassured and her psychological condition of mourning should be addressed and future pregnancies should be discussed and addressed.
The pregnant woman will miss her periods and after there may be some vaginal bleeding, where some brownish coloured old blood will pass through the vagina. As the foetus is dead, the foetus needs to be evacuated from the uterus with available medical or surgical methods that will be decided by the experts. Severs cramping in the abdominal region, backache and severe pain while passing urine may all be a sign to the pregnant woman that she may have the sudden abortion. I also had not noticed any great changes in my body during the 18 weeks, no morning sickness, tender breasts but for only a short time and no weight gain. Some females who are expecting to get pregnant may notice some initial vaginal bleeding, and worry about having undergone a miscarriage. Pregnancy signs and symptoms such as breast tenderness, abdominal fullness, and baby’s movements will disappear.
Take a look.Most of the miscarriages (atleast 80%) occur due to abnormalities with chromosomes. In severe cases the female needs to be resuscitated, pain relieved and evacuation of the uterus by medical or surgical methods will be required.
The size of the stomach may get smaller and the woman will feel less heaviness of the body as pregnancy hormones reduce gradually. Reaching out to a counsellor is often useful & it is important to consult your doctor if you are continuing to feel sad and depressed. The doctor may prescribe some placebo such as folic acid and if bleeding increases the doctor will advise the mother to get hospitalised. This miscarriage is during the first trimester.Mother's health can also become a cause for the sudden termination of pregnancy. The cervical problem can cause miscarriage in the second trimester of the pregnancy.Miscarriages in row is called repeated or recurring miscarriage (habitual abortion). Severs cramping in the abdominal region, backache and severe pain while passing urine may all be a sign to the pregnant woman that she may have the sudden abortion.2. White and pink discharge (blood mixed discharge), weight loss, breast firmness, nausea and painful contractions (for about 20 minutes) can also occur to show that the pregnancy is terminated.4. It is very important to follow the doctor's prescription as that will help you have a healthy baby.

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