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SSNHL is a frightening occurrence in which the hearing is lost dramatically, usually in one ear, over a short time period of a few hours to 3 days. The cause of SSNHL is rarely identified, although a thorough workup by an otolaryngologist or otologist such as Dr.
The natural history of ISSNHL is that between 50% and 70% of patients will recover their hearing spontaneously. IT steroid injection is an office procedure with minimal discomfort and even less risk to the patient.
Often, patients with ISSNHL are also given antiviral drugs and other medications to boost circulation. If you are worried about SSNHL, please make sure you are seen by an otolaryngologist and receive a hearing test as soon as possible, so that treatment can be instituted in a timely fashion. Svrakic M, Pathak S, Goldofsky E, Hoffman R, Chandrasekhar SS, Sperling N, Alexiades G, Ashbach M, Vambutas A. If you have any questions about treatment, billing, or insurance, please feel free to call for an appointment. Get full access to all EB Medicine articles published 3 years (or more) ago, including evidence-based, peer-reviewed diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), approximately 4000 new cases of SSHL occur each year in the United States. While SSHL characterizations remain varied, the NIH defines the condition as an idiopathic hearing loss of sensorineural origin, greater than 30 dB in three contiguous frequencies that occurs in less than three days.
In the idiopathic camp, there are a number of possible causal ideologies at work-vascular, viral, genetic, lifestyle, and disease-related causes, Dr.

There is a strong link to the genetic and lifestyle ideologies and a much weaker one to viral and vascular, Dr.
With regard to incidence and prevalence of direct effect SSHL, he said both were hard to quantify because the data are such that a reliable denominator is not available. Women who suffer osteoporosis face almost double the risk of developing sudden deafness compared with those who do not have the bone disease, the study found. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The hearing loss is of a nerve type and is often accompanied with significant tinnitus (head noise), and may be accompanied by vertigo (spinning dizziness).
In the vast majority of cases in which the cause is not identified, the disease is renamed idiopathic SSNHL (ISSNHL).
These are usually patients whose hearing loss is in the mild to moderate range, and not those who experience severe or profound SNHL. Oral prednisone at high doses should be prescribed as soon after the problem occurs as possible, unless there is a medical contraindication to this treatment, such as hypertension or diabetes or other immunocompromised states.
Diagnostic and prognostic utility of measuring tumor necrosis factor in the peripheral circulation of patients with immune-mediated sensorineural hearing loss.
Despite much attention, even a definitive definition of the malady escapes researchers, making successful therapies even harder to uncover.
It can affect anyone, but for unknown reasons it happens most often to people between the ages of 30 and 60.
SSHL occurs most often in people between ages 30 and 60; a number of causal ideologies have been proposed.

Direct effect deals with things we know caused the hearing loss-largely loud noise, trauma, or toxins.
MRI evaluation is also a necessary portion of the evaluation, along with appropriate hearing and, if needed, balance tests. Intratympanic (IT) injection of steroids is an excellent alternative to oral steroid use in those patients, as it penetrates the inner ear effectively in animal studies and has shown its usefulness in clinical (human) studies.
Chandrasekhar has been at the forefront of both animal and human studies of this treatment modality. In an effort to spur discussion and a possible movement toward consensus, an international panel gathered to examine the epidemiology of SSHL and discuss traditional treatment modalities at the recent American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) annual meeting here.The experts also wheeled out some of the more promising research and cutting-edge treatment modalities available. Hoffer, MD, of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, said that, in addition, the root causes of SSHL could be broken into two separate types-idiopathic and direct effect. Basically, someone gets blown up, they get a hearing loss and we know it was direct effect. The vascular hypothesis comes from a Japanese study showing subjects had an increased incidence of SSHL when switching from a traditionally Japanese diet to an American diet.This showed promise at the time, Dr. Hoffer said, but when combined with other, similar research, it became clear that genetic causes were at play. He also said viral ideology research is conflicting and cannot be reproduced, but that he is still convinced there has to be some kind of infectious variable at work.

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