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Many people are ignorant of the occurrence of central hearing loss and this habit is commonly seen among the aged, children and adults. Central hearing loss could be caused as a result of brain pathway (auditory nerve damage), brainstem lesions, tumor, brainstem structures damage, right sided temporal lesions, and head trauma.
Brain Pathway: The patients with this type of problem have inconsistent auditory behavior and they will not be able to respond to the sounds in their environment and also give no reaction to any sudden and loud sounds. Auditory Hallucination: The patient experiencing this problem find it difficult to recognize some type of word stimuli such as playing music, phone ringing. Sudden hearing loss: The patient considered themselves to be deaf despite that they react to the environment sound.
For you to stop the advancement of the central hearing loss, the Hearing Fix is highly recommended as this helps to promote the hair cells in the ear transfer sound and also stop those dangerous molecules which can cause hearing damage to your inner ear. Copyright © 2016 Shear Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids - Hearing Impairment Tips and Fixes. BioArmor Hearing Health is formulated for sufferers of ringing, buzzing, hissing, clicking, whooshing, pounding, squealing, and creaking in the ears. As a hearing health care professional, I am well aware of the morbidity associated with occupational or injury-related hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. The cells of your inner ear are damaged by high intensity noise, vibrations, certain anti-cancer agents, certain antibiotics, trauma, infection, aspirin and heredity. BioArmor Hearing Health provides the ultimate in cellular protection utilizing BioArmor’s Total Cell Protection (TCP) technology. PMC’s Ingredient Sensitive Dosing (ISD) technology and their micronutrients provide the most effective antioxidant formulation, requiring a dosage of antioxidant supplements twice a day for continued support and optimal health benefit. The Hearing Health patented formulation is a scientifically studied product that was developed from 30 years of antioxidant micronutrient science and has been vigorously tested with the Department of Defense, NASA, the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. Dealing with ringing in the ears, hearing loss and balance problems every day can be very distressing. There are more than 450 prescription and over-the-counter drugs from acebutolol (Sectral®) to zuclopenthixol (Clopixol®) that can trigger tinnitus, make existing tinnitus worse or cause another (new) tinnitus sound to appear.

Lipo flavonoid is an OTC vitamin dietary supplement that is being sold in the market as a form of treatment for Meniere’s disease and tinnitus. To date, Lipo flavonoid has not yet been approved by the FDA for use as a form of treatment for tinnitus.
Since central hearing loss is not common in the society, it is very important to know the causes and the symptoms.
In this state, the patient will not have any problem in speaking despite that they have any problem when it comes to word comprehension.
The right and the best treatment for central hearing loss is to concentrate on stopping it from advancing. In addition, advanced hearing problems can cause vertigo, balance disorder, dizziness, and headaches. Diminishing the intensity of my own long-standing tinnitus with Hearing Health has been great. These agents create free radicals that damage the delicate cells of the inner ear, releasing excessive amounts of toxic glutamate that causes increased activity in the “hearing center” of the brain, leading to the perception of phantom sounds, called Tinnitus. TCP provides for the most complete combination of dietary and endogenous antioxidants, Vitamin E in both natural form and succinate, and is free of unhealthy and unneccessary fillers.
Each serving contains a 625mg blend of N-acetyl cysteine, L-camitine (as L camitine tartrate), R-alpha lipoic acid, and coenzyme Q10 – the optimal blend for reducing the inner ear oxidative assault. Hearing Health can reduce the distress by helping your body function like normal so you can enjoy life far better. According to scientific evidences, lipo flavonoid is successful in the treatment of these ailments. It however contains a potent ingredient called eriodictyol glycoside, which is derived from the extracts of bioflavonoids that are tested and proven to enhance the microcirculation occurring in the inner ear canal. Knowing the causes and the symptoms will always gives you a hint to know the right solution to this kind of problem. From these symptoms, the doctor could deduce the right prescription to the person suffering from central hearing loss.

Making your purchase from retail store gives you opportunity to benefit from discount offer on the prices. PMC’s expertise in antioxidant science and successful collaboration with the Department of Defense has led to the development of a unique micronutrient product. TCP technology has removed potentially harmful ingredients, such as heavy metals and allergens, that are contained in most commercially available supplements.
Eriodictyol glycoside, a major ingredient of this product is actually the extract derived from the citrus bioflavonoids. This active ingredient is also known to serve as an antihistamine, which could aid in combating the pathology and symptoms brought about by Meniere’s disease. When you are familiar with the causes and symptoms, you can easily seek for medical attention as soon as you unexpectedly find yourself in such condition. If you are making your purchase online, ensure that you go through the reviews very well before you finally place your order. This key ingredient is said to be capable of improving the circulation occurring in the inner ear canal. The improvement in the microcirculation in the inner ear canal could also permit the better flow of fluids.
Reviews enable you to know the genuineness of the product and its effectiveness for your particular case. If you are anemic, take your iron supplement 3-4 hours before or after consuming PMC formulations. Patients may benefit through modifying their lifestyles such as lessening noise and stress, reducing the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sugar, some over-the-counter drugs and salt. This is important to you because when someone takes iron and Vitamin C at the same time it creates harmful toxins and chemicals called free radicals.

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