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The external auditory canal is a passage between the auricle to the ear drum or the tympanic membrane. The wax produced in the ear canal is water resistant and also provides an acidic environment in the ear canal that prevents ear infection. This is narrowing of the ear canal from cyst-like growth of the bone that lines the ear canal.
All the conditions that affect ear canal cause same symptoms of ear pain, discharge, ear feeling plugged and change in hearing. Exostosis is commonly known as surfer’s ear, which is the excessive growth of bone in the auditory canal.
A good indicator of surfers ear is if you feel like you have fluid in your ears, a feeling of fullness, or build up of pressure in the ear. The cure for surfer ear isn’t a pleasant one, basically it involves a drill and slicing an incision at the back of the ear to drill out the bone growth. Surfers ear is 100% preventable by wearing ear plugs in the waters to prevent wind and cold water entering the ear. I sat on my surfboard in the water slouching my back to the crisp offshore winds, watching Bruce Swanson down the beach duck dive under another closeout and paddle beyond the breakers.
Great waves were hitting our favorite sandbar, but our buddy Kelsey Hoult was missing out on this session in Estero Bay. It was not long before he noticed he was having difficulty clearing water from his ears after a surf. Hoult’s ears were becoming plugged, trapping dead skin, sand, water, and anything else in the local sea water.
Unbeknownst to him at the time, he was displaying an early symptom of exostosis, or “surfer’s ear.” And in Hoult’s case, it set in fast. Hoult felt that cold, dirty Oregon water wash over him again like the northerly storm swells from his youth.
He read stories told by Australian surfers whose surgery had gone wrongothe doctor touched a facial nerve, causing half the patient’s face to collapse and an eye to go blind. Your ear wax is actually a water repellent, and like you wouldn’t strip the wax off your car and take it to the beach, you don’t want to strip the wax from your ears either.
Kelsey laughed, “The last thing I remember is announcing, 'Yeah so I feel this is a good team, girls!
As soon as the anesthetic haze wore off enough to stand on two feet, Hoult was driven back to a hotel room by his wife, and he slept for eight hours. He stayed out of the water for two months, and the ocean, as if sensing Hoult’s condition, stayed flat, too.
Alcohol removes the body’s necessary natural skin oils and ear wax; don’t put it in your ear. Over-the-counter preparations for wax removal can trigger allergic reactions with painful blisters.
A cautionary taleA 28-year-old man was plugged in one ear with hearing loss for years and so fearful of needing surgery that he waited until the other ear was completely plugged for weeks and painful before seeking medical attention.
Champion big-wave surfer Richard Schmidt will have you walking on water in seven easy steps.
Whether you're starting out or logging your 40th year: here's the last word on the best way to behave in the lineup. This abnormal growth results in impairing of hearing, and in extreme cases even deafness.  The cause of exostosis is due to water and wind entering the auditory meatus (ear canal).

Also if you suffer pain, or reoccurring ear infections, this is a good sign you need to visit a audiologist or your doctor. Once this process has been completed it is likely you will be given a dose of antibiotics and you wont be able to surf for around 8-10 weeks. Based in Carpinteria, California, DEEP Surf Magazine serves Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties. He wedged himself onto his board, cocked his head to the side, stuck his arms out, and shook his head.
We would be surfing all weekend and despite the cold conditions, he did not bother to wear a hood. Face it, the human ear doesn’t like water and wind, so it builds a wall of cartilage in the canal just before the eardrum. How many times he paddled out into the rivermouth, braving the thick, icy shorebreak without a hood. Some described how the doctor sliced into the back of their ears with a scalpel, folded the whole thing forward like a tortilla, and drilled a hole through the bone.
Jackson runs an office in Newport and only uses a modern technique, which is performed completely through the ear canal without an incision behind the ear. Jackson snapped a few photos of his infected ear canal then scheduled an appointment for the surgery to take placeoin nine months. But it wasn’t long before autumn arrived bringing avalanches of swell from the north, and we were surfing together again. I turn my board and scratch for the sky as he continues to pound the side of his head with his fist. Jackson does not recommend waiting to see a doctor if you experience the symptoms of surfer’s ear.
Surfline requires the use of cookies to provide a seamless experience for its users on all browser types. Some children are born with an absent or malformed auricle and absent or narrow ear canal, both of which can be surgically reconstructed. This triggers the growth of the bone, which then blocks the ear canal and traps water, bacteria and other debris.
The picture below shows a blocked ear canal from exostosis, which doesn’t look nice at all. Below is a video of the surgical procedure, after watching this preventing surfer ear maybe a top priority! DEEP Surf Magazine is a California based surf magazine and concentrates on Central Coast California surfboard shapers, Central Coast California fin companies, Central Coast California surfers, Central Coast California surf industry leaders.
He never wore one throughout all those years surfing Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, in his teens either. This narrowing of the ear canal is called “stenosis.”Left untreated, exostosis in the ear canal leads to infections, swelling, discomfort, a not-so-pleasant odor and ear drainage.
An outpatient surgery requiring only general anesthesia, it usually has patients returning to their normal, land-based activities in one or two days, Jackson explained.
Jackson sat him down in front of a TV monitor, snaked a fiber-optic filament microscope and camera into his ear, and for the first time Hoult was staring right into his ear canal. He was shown a changing room where he had to put on “a gown with your ass hanging right out.” He was offered but declined anti-anxiety medication. Jackson inserted acupuncture needles into his cheeks and forehead and hooked them up to a computer to monitor his facial nerves.

Now when Hoult is receiving the rinse-cycle treatment by the Pacific, he’s got a double defense: a hood and neon green earplugs.
This article contains general information and is not medical advice to any particular individual or a substitute for an examination and treatment by a physician. There are blow dryers available which are fitted with comfortable ear tips to dry out ears after a surf session. He had small exostoses but impacted inch-long solid wads of cotton fibers and bits of foam and wax mixed with sand, skin and his own dried wax. But I always thought surfer’s ear only developed in surfers that lived in Santa Cruz, Oregon and beyond. Please enable cookies in your browser settings to assure you will have a optimal experience. After time the trapped debris can also lead to infections in the ear, which can be very painful and unpleasant. There’s even a light grade olive oil spray, which you spray into the ear and it creates a thin water proof barrier to stop water entering the ear. We are a free surf magazine and dedicate ourselves to being "Your Central Coast Surf Magazine! Failure to treat a worsening condition can go so far as to result in a staph infection or meningitis. Surfing is resumed within two months, but it takes up to a year for the ear canal to completely heal. It took but a glimpse for both of them to see that Hoult had 95 percent closure of his right ear. It took two hours to remove the virtual casts of his canals but he was happy, and I neither saw nor heard from him again.
No matter how hard shook my head, how high I jumped on one foot, or how far I stuck a Q-tip in my ear, I could not get the water out. I waited a few days hoping that it would eventually evaporate, but to no avail.I decided that it was a probably a good idea to head to my doctor, Dr.
I was hoping that the doctor would find a build up of wax and after a quick ear canal cleaning, I would be on my way home. I guess all the years of those early morning surf sessions before school in 58 degree water finally caught up with me. When wind evaporates water out of your ear canal, it causes an extremely low temperature in the surrounding skin and bone. Then, a drill was used to widen the canal by shaving off the bone growth.Luckily for me, Dr.
You probably made fun of them, but hopefully now you will decide to join them.Ear plugs keep water out of the ear canal and can be bought at your local surf shop for around $15.
Some surfers develop surfers ear even if they use ear plugs because the cranium around the ear canal gets cold. Doctors can (and will) do both ears but in hindsight I’m kind of glad they only did the one not because of pain but because you have a dressing in the ear which makes you deaf. Although not every person will be affected, rather be safe than sorry, and check yourself out.Cheers, Adrian Reply March 12, 2014 Evan ThomasThanks for sharing Adrian.

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