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Born to a glass cutter in North Bohemia, today a part of the Czech Republic, young Daniel Swarovski completed a two-year apprenticeship in his father's small factory. During this time, in 1892, he invented a machine that revolutionized the process of crystal cutting. In 1976, the first Silver Crystal Mouse was the first ever figurine created using chandelier parts.
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Crystal Classics is accepting Swarovski discount vouchers and will match the prices on Swarovski offers from other sites. Javascript doit etre active dans votre navigateur pour utiliser toutes les fonctionnalites de ce site. This pair of hoop pierced earrings offers an on-trend look with its gourmette chain silhouette and mixed metal plating. Representative of the Olympic Winter Games taking place in Innsbruck at the time, it also marked a historical step forward in the world of crystal.

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He realized that he needed more water, power and a factory building in order for his plans to manifest.

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