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Attracted by the wax and oil inside a cat’s ear, mites take up residence when a pet comes in contact with another animal who is infected.
Outdoor cats, who come in contact with all sorts of wildlife, are even more likely to contract them. The primary symptom of cat ear mites is excessive scratching, both inside and outside the affected ear(s). A cat with mites may also shake its head repeatedly – if your pet’s collar has a bell, listen for a symphony of jingles. A vet exam is needed to diagnose ear mites in cats, which require medication to successfully treat.
Ear mite medicines for cats are typically in the form of medicated ear drops or a topical ointment. Regularly launder both your own bed and your pets’ to prevent the spread of ear mites.
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers up to 90% of vet bills for your dog or cat—for a lifetime.
Ear mites in cats are highly contagious; if one feline has them, other pets in the house are likely to get them. Senior cats, kittens, and outdoor cats may require extra cleaning sessions to prevent an accumulation of debris in the ear. Kittens haven’t learn to clean their own ears yet, leading to a buildup of wax that tempts mites.
Fur loss, or alopecia, can also occur if your cat’s claws are too long or the mites are left untreated.
An aural hematoma is a collection of blood that can lead to permanent injury, requiring surgery to correct.
Many cases of ear mites in cats are actually bacterial infections, and roughly half of all ear infections in cats are initially caused by ear mites.
Try swaddling your cat in a soft blanket or towel, making a kitty burrito with just the head out.
Regularly inspect ears for trauma, wax or other abnormalities; lesions indicating skin cancer commonly appear on light-colored skin like that inside the ears. Routinely washing pets’ beds – as well as your own sheets – helps prevent ear mites from getting a foothold in the house.
The conditions kittens are raised in – close contact in animal shelters or with littermates  – are also conducive to the spread of ear mites.
In some cases, the actual ear mites are visible in the ear canal as coffee grain-like specks. Always follow the directions on the medication’s package and those given to you by the clinic. Stopping treatment too early or applying infrequently will not treat the cat’s ear mites and may even worsen them if antibiotic resistance occurs, requiring a switch to a different medication.

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