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A sensorineural hearing loss is characterized by the failure of nervous impulses to reach the brain. Age-Related Hearing Loss - Presbyacusis Age-related hearing loss is also known as presbyacusis. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Noise-induced hearing loss is triggered by exposure to loud noises. Congenital Hearing Loss Congenital hearing loss refers to a hearing loss that is present at birth. Meniere’s Disease Meniere’s disease is an inner ear pathology that affects hearing and balance. Sudden Hearing Loss A sudden hearing loss is the rapid deterioration of hearing acuity that may continue to decline for three consecutive days. Acoustic Neuroma Acoustic neuroma is a noncancerous tumor on the auditory nerve that carries nervous impulses from the cochlea to the brain. A conductive hearing loss is usually a temporary hearing loss the can be treated medically or surgically by an ENT specialist.
Hearing aids can be used while waiting for the medical intervention or as an alternative treatment option. Eardrum PerforationEardrum perforations can be the result of head trauma, middle ear infections or from the failure to heal after a ventilation tube has fallen out. Otosclerosis Otosclerosis is a progressive disorder that results in the fixation of the stapes, the third bone of the ossicles. Ossicular Discontinuity The ossicles have an important role in the conduction of sound waves from the outer ear to the inner ear. Cholesteatoma Cholesteatoma is a condition where dead skin is produced in the middle ear to form a cyst behind the eardrum.
Impacted Earwax Cerumen or earwax is a natural secretion of glands in the outer ear canal that helps keep the ear safe and clean. Aural Atresia Aural atresia is a congenital condition where the outer ear has not developed properly at birth. A hearing loss caused by a combination of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Head trauma is the most common single cause of mixed hearing loss.
Head Trauma Injuries to the head can cause damage to the delicate structures of the middle ear or the inner ear. Retirement residence administrators, contact us today to schedule a NO CHARGE hearing awareness activity offered to your senior residents. A successful procedure results in complete removal of the tumor with minimal additional hearing loss. The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Identical triplets born three months ago to a Canadian couple have been diagnosed with the same, very rare form of cancer.
Luke, Thomas and Mason Low are all suffering from retinoblastoma, a cancer so rare there only around twenty cases diagnosed every year in Canada. Their parents, Leslie and Richard Low, observed that one of the infants had an unusual-shaped pupil, and following testing, were informed that each of their little sons had retinoblastoma.
The likelihood of conceiving identical triplets naturally is approximately one in a million, and Leslie and Richard Low were stunned but thrilled regarding the prospect of being parents to triplets.
The Lows took their baby Mason to an expert who diagnosed the retinoblastoma, a rare cancer that is mainly widespread in young kids.
The doctor then examined Thomas and Luke and gave the Lows the overwhelming news that they, too, had retinoblastoma. Retinoblastoma is consequence of a gene mutation that happened before the egg split into three, leading to all triplets getting the condition. The Lows then flew to Toronto for treatment, where they were offered individual diagnosis for each infant.
The family was told that Luke had ten tumors spread in both eyes, but situated in the peripheral areas, not inflicting any central visual impairment.
Mason had a single tumor in his left eye, along with tiny cancer cells that could grow into a tumor. He has been treated with laser treatment and localized chemotherapy to lessen the large tumor and stop it developing any more. Medics were hoping to save Mason’s left eye with systemic chemotherapy, which would be done when he was slightly older. The most serious case of the 3 was with Thomas, who had a large middle tumor that was too large to treat with chemotherapy or laser injection. The family had to make a fast judgment to either take out Thomas’s right eye, or attempt systemic chemotherapy, a dangerous treatment for an infant weighing barely 9 lbs.

Systemic chemo offered them just 50 % chance of saving the eye; however, might have led to brain cancer, hearing loss and kidney failure. The Lows three sons would need to be at all times monitored, every two weeks, for new tumors until at the age of two when the retinas stopped growing.
This permanent hearing loss can be caused by damaged nervous cells of the cochlea or difficulties with the upper auditory pathways.
Other than hereditary reasons, this is the most common cause of permanent sensorineural hearing loss. Individuals exposed to prolonged periods of excessive noise can develop this permanent sensorineural hearing loss. It is caused by dysfunctions in the outer ear or in the middle ear that prevent the sound waves travelling in the air to soundly reach the inner ear. Otitis Media is an infection in the middle ear causing fluid buildup behind the eardrum, thus limiting the movement of the middle ear’s mechanical chain . This condition is thought to be a hereditary disorder and can be associated with tinnitus and vertigo.
The eardrum is attached to the malleus; the malleus is connected to the incus which is connected to the stapes.
In addition to ear pain and tinnitus, cholesteatoma may also cause the erosion of the ossicles or trigger recurrent middle ear infections and perforated eardrums. In some narrow ear canals or when the cerumen has less of a lubricating quality, the earwax can become impacted and cause a conductive hearing loss. After a hearing test, hearing care professionals will be able to find out if this is only a conductive hearing loss or a mixed hearing loss. A head trauma can therefore cause a temporary or permanent hearing loss and can be accompanied by tinnitus. It develops adapted solutions for individuals, institutions and businesses, to ensure the independence and social well-being of the hard of hearing. The Lows chose to have Thomas’s right eye taken out, which would help to toughen his left into a super-eye.
A temporary prosthetic eye was fitted that would be exchanged for a more lasting one when he grew older. This condition is not medically or surgically treatable, in most cases hearing aids and assistive listening devices are used to adapt to the hearing difficulties caused by a sensorineural hearing loss. Listening to music at loud volumes and motorcycle riding without hearing protection are frequent causes of noise-induced hearing loss. The eardrum and ossicles lack of mobility results in a conductive hearing loss, sound waves are not transformed into amplified vibrations like they should. It can be treated by using hearing aids to overcome the difficulties caused by the hearing loss or by undergoing a stapedectomy. When an individual endures multiple middle ear infections, a cholesteatoma or head trauma, the articulation between these fragile bones can be separated. This condition requires a surgical intervention done by the ENT specialist to remove this middle ear tumor. Sometimes referred as swimmer’s ear, this condition is often the result of water remaining in the ears after an individual has gone swimming.
Impacted earwax must not be removed by cotton swabs (Q-tips) as they remove the natural ear lubricants and can push the earwax deeper in the ear canal.
A bone anchored hearing aid can be used in cases where the hearing loss caused by the atresia is only a conductive one to ensure proper development of speech. If the injury is sustained in the middle ear, the conductive hearing loss may be restored by an ENT specialist. High pitch sounds are most affected by this form of disability, individuals with presbyacusis will have noted difficulties hearing speech consonants, understanding speech in background noise and hearing high pitch sounds like a birds chirp.
In cases where a noise-induced hearing loss is the result of excessive noise in the work environment, it will be referred as a professional hearing loss.
This hereditary disability can be triggered at birth or develop later-on during the individual’s life.
Treatment of this rare pathology requires a collaborative medical team approach that includes the expertise of a neurosurgeon and ENT specialist.
Water finding its way to the middle ear can cause recurrent middle ear infections, thus the perforated eardrum cannot heal. A stapedectomy is a surgical procedure done by the ENT specialist to replace the stapes by a piston.
The Ossicular discontinuity that results will cause a conductive hearing loss often accompanied by tinnitus.
One must use natural oil products or carbamide peroxide over the counter softening agents to facilitate earwax removal.

In cases where it is a permanent sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids can be used to adapt to the hearing difficulties.
In Quebec, individuals with a professional hearing loss can benefit from CSST support programs.
Premature labour and lack of oxygen at birth are non-genetic factors that can cause a congenital hearing loss.
It is thought that this disease is caused by excessive liquid in the inner ear and treatment plans often include the modification of dietary habits. A sudden hearing loss must be treated as an emergency and a physician must be consulted quickly.
In cases where the infection persists or occurs frequently, an ENT specialist can perform a small procedure called a myringotomy. To avoid water in the ears, audiologists recommend the use of specialized hearing protection products when swimming or during bathing and showering. The conductive hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids to amplify the incoming sound and balance out the shortcomings caused by the discontinuity.
The outer ear canal becomes red and the individual might experience ear pain and high sensitivity at the infected ear.
Noise-induced hearing loss can otherwise be triggered by sudden extremely loud sounds such as a gunshot. Similarly, complications during pregnancy such as maternal viral infections, toxin consumption and maternal diabetes cause the disability. The physician will investigate the reasons of the hearing loss and prescribe a cure when possible. A myringotomy is an incision in the eardrum to insert a ventilation tube through the eardrum to allow for the draining of the fluid in the middle ear. In most cases, a Perforated Eardrum will heal by itself while in some cases it requires medical intervention. Otherwise, surgery can be performed by an ENT specialist to reconstruct the Ossicular chain. This infection can trigger draining of pus from the ear canal, which may also be the cause a conductive hearing loss. Individuals of all ages can be affected by this form of hearing loss, often accompanied by tinnitus. Systematic neonatal hearing screening programs are being developed nation-wide to identify hearing loss at a young age. Sudden hearing loss can be treated with steroids or antibiotics in certain cases caused by infections. The tube placed will allow for normal hearing acuity and should remain in place for 3 to 12 months. An ENT specialist can perform a surgical procedure called a tympanoplasty to repair an eardrum perforation. Similar to age-related hearing loss, the disability has greater impact on high pitch sounds. Early detection of congenital hearing loss will result in a prompt intervention treatment which increases the chances of normal speech and social development. For ototoxic drugs, it is recommended to immediately stop the use of the problematic medication. Middle ear infections are more frequent at a young age and can disturb proper speech development.
Unlike many other forms, noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented with proper hearing protection and by eliminating noise at the source. A visit to the audiologist and to an ENT specialist is equally important for proper treatment of a sudden hearing loss. Bone conduction hearing aids can be used to overcome the limits caused by a middle ear infection.
When using these hearing aids, sound waves find their way directly to the cochlea via the temporal bone.
Consequently, the conductive hearing loss will have no effect on the person’s ability to hear sounds.

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