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We also discuss other early internet phenomena, such as Camp Chaos, the Fic Bitches, Cat Man, Regurge, Twisted Wire, Odd Todd, and other weird things we used to look up on the internet ten or more years ago.
Then strap on your particle accelerators, because Kittyhawk and Red Ink join us for some Ghostbusters.
Joining us this week is the constantly awesome Kittyhawk, who radiated sunshine to pierce the dark cloud cast by this movie. So, Viz put out a trailer announcing the entire Sailor Moon series, uncut, newly dubbed, and on Blu Ray. Here we have the somewhat complete story of the amazing career of Carl Macek, though we did skip over some things, such as his time at DiC and Spumco.
We discuss Kill la Kill, which was still running new episodes at the time of this recording. Adventure Time!Today we’re joined by Bea and Kittyhawk, and we’re talking about Adventure Time!

Today’s podcast is a special after-Christmas show about some of the Christmas cartoons we forgot to talk about on the last Christmas episode. We also veer off topic more than usual in this show, and yet it still manages to be a staggering two hours long.
New episodes of Animation Aficionados will be along just as soon as I come down off my holiday sugar buzz.
And in a bonus section, we also talk more about the Brian Griffin incident and why Seth McFarlane is actually just trolling the internet.
In this, a very special Animation Aficionados, we discuss other famous on-screen deaths, including some from past episodes of Family Guy. This is, like, totally garbage!We’re joined by Kittyhawk to talk about some French animation that is either made in part or inspired by anime. Joining us on this ride through insanity is Kittyhawk, and Pablo drops by later in the show!

We also have a MAMMOTH pre-show, the longest ever, in which we talk about the bullshit that is Platinum Studios and their acquisition and subsequent destruction of Drunk Duck. In this debut episode, Host Ben and JT from Saskatoon sit down and talk about their history in comics. Kittyhawk and Pablo join us this week as we look back upon the career of Lou Scheimer, the man behind Filmation. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.

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