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One-of-a-Kind Food Tastings – Our guided Chinatown Food Tour visits five sit-down tasting locations in the historic Chinatown community.
Our Chinatown Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour is ideal for Chicago residents and travelers eager to discover the culinary secrets and ancient traditions of this extraordinary neighborhood.
While we visit a total of five tasting locations and restaurants on the Chinatown Food Tour, three of them are sit-down tastings that last 30-45 minutes each, allowing plenty of time to carefully observe the pageantry and traditional etiquette of ancient Chinese customs as each meal is served at the dining table while savoring full portion dishes, including Beijing Peking Duck, Ma Po Tofu, Dim-Sum and much more. Our Chinatown Food Tour uncovers China’s sophisticated flavors and vast spectrum of regional cooking styles in a neighborhood filled with a rich ethnic heritage and modern mystique. Ready to indulge in mouth-watering tastes on our Chinatown Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour? Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go.

Full portion samples, enough for a large lunch or light dinner, are included in the ticket price and offer Chinese food delicacies from the Canton, Mandarin and Szechuan regions.
Your informative guide will share their expertise of local customs, eclectic folklore and authentic Chinese specialty stores. Whether you’re vacationing in Chicago for the first time or a proud Chicagoan- we guarantee that you’ll walk way with a greater understanding of the geographic diversity and culinary techniques of Asia’s finest cuisine. The slightly higher ticket price reflects the larger, more expensive portion sizes than you’ll experience on our other Food Tours. Bypass the language and cultural barriers and join us as we take you behind the scenes in the heart of Chicago’s most iconic food destination waiting to be explored. Stops include Hong Kong-style Dim Sum, an authentic Beijing Peking duck diner and America’s #1 rated Sze Chuan cuisine.

Included in the tour is our popular Neighborhood Guide booklet, which features valuable maps, directions, restaurant and accommodation recommendations within the Chinatown neighborhood. After our guided Chicago tours, explore Chinatown with a new found appreciation of Chinese culture and customs while taking advantage of helpful recommendations from your tour guide on the area’s full range of restaurants and specialty food stores.

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