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The Nike Women's Vapor Court Tennis Shoes White provides recreational players with a natural motion that complements the anatomy of your foot. If you play more than once per week and want to save, consider purchasing a previous season’s Nike shoe here. Midsole: Follows the natural range of motion for your foot, with sole foam for lightweight and durable cushion.
Outsole: DGR rubber in high wear areas with midsole foam for light weight in low wear areas. I received my order in record time, however, the tennis shoes were way too small, so returned them.
I bought these shoes before from our tennis pro shop for twice the amount I paid for them at TE.Even with my discount, they were still going to be way too much money! The product, Nike Vapor Court, has received many complements on the court for its style and looks.
I sent them to my granddaughter away at school and she loved them and her friends says they were so pretty.

These Nikes fit good and are very comfortable Ive been looking for some comfortable and cute tennis shoes and they were what I was looking for. Nike ya se ha puesto las pilas con los modelos de zapatillas de tenis que se van a comercializar en 2013. De todos ellos, los dos mas caros son personalizables, como el que podeis ver en la primera imagen, que pertenece a Victoria Azarenka.
Os animo a visitar la pagina web de la firma norteamericana para conocer las ventajas de todos y cada uno de los modelos. Hola mi nonbre Jesica vivo en Argentina y me encataron varios modelos de zapas que aca me es imposible conseguir!! These lightweight shoes are made for recreational players to provide easy speed and natural foot motion. Para que seais los primeros en enteraros, os muestro los seis disenos para mujer que ya se pueden adquirir a traves de su pagina web oficial. Eso significa que es posible elegir el color y otros parametros que hacen que las zapatillas sean como tu deseas.

Los precios oscilan entre los 57 y los 158 euros, asi que hay zapatillas de tenis para todos los bolsillos. Estaria interesada en el que usa Victoria Azarenka y quisiera sdaber si hacen envios a otros paises. I have ordered several tennis shoes from Tennis Express and have not been disappointed with my purchases. En ese caso el plazo de entrega puede alargarse hasta las 6 semanas, ya que el producto se fabrica a medida.

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