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TURBO TENNIS - Ron Waite turbocharges your tennis game with tennis tips, strategic considerations, training and practice regimens, and mental mindsets and exercises. Federer uses a backhand grip that's just slightly toward the Modified Eastern grip from the Full Eastern.
At the start of his forward swing, Roger has dropped his whole racquet slightly below the ball. Meeting the ball with the head of the racquet dropped below the hand would not be advisable, but at mid-swing, it's an excellent way for Roger to position his racquet to create topspin by brushing up the back of the ball.

About to meet this ball with a low-to-high, topspin swing, Roger is getting a visibly significant part of his upward drive from his right leg.
Federer is meeting this ball probably a bit later than he would wish but with the racquet nicely parallel to the ground and at an almost ideal height for a one-handed topspin.
Roger starts his backswing with the racquet above the anticipated point of contact; the racquet will drop in a compact loop before he begins his forward swing. Roger does a great job of making sure his weight is on his front (right) leg, with just the toe of his left on the ground.

Having his left hand on the racquet throat helps Roger make sure he turns his back somewhat toward the ball and sees the ball over his shoulder, thus loading his core muscles for a short but powerful rotation that will bring his upper body to a square (sideways) position at contact. Roger could have also dropped his hand below the ball, but this is a fairly low ball, and dropping the racquet head is easier.

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