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You just hit a GREAT SHOT that made your opponent run off the court, tap the ball and run into the fence. So you have seen the classic two handed backhand but you don't like to be the one who uses the spin more. June 17, 2010 by Brent 15 Comments We all need a dependable and super accurate backhand slice, especially one that we can play up the line.
Slice groundies can be more technical than other shots, and the more simple we make them, the more consistent will be as shotmakers.
One of the biggest mistakes technically with our backhand slice is to allow the back shoulder to move into the shot too early.
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WebTennis is a referral partner (affiliate) with several companies.Throughout this website and emails sent from Brent, there may be affiliate links that will take you to other companies' websites. Tennis Fit's elite tennis athletes and coaches in Johns Creek, GA provides instructions for the serve, forehand, backhand, return of serve, overhead, volley, drop shot and lob. Tennis Fit is committed to providing you with the skills you need to become the best all-court player you can be!
Here you will find images and instruction that will help you understand how each of these strokes is performed.
One handed backhand slice, one handed backhand topspin, forehand, forehand volley, backhand volley, flat serve, kick serve. For a tennis and fitness evaluation or custom program please contact Bryan Hiner or Amyn Soldier to discuss scheduling and fees.

If you place it a little more to the right (to the left for left-handers) can also help generate more spin.
In progression 1 of 3, Brady discusses how to first impart the correct spin on the tennis ball. You must become a master of all the specific shots that allow you to disable your opponent and prevent them from hitting their particular shots.

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