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When returning serve lots of people will tell you to have your racquet out in front of you and up relatively high. This shows an almost perfect negative correlation as more and more top 20 players are starting to use a double handed backhand.
In terms of Grand Slam Champions, one of the first big superstars to have a double-handed backhand was Bjorn Borg. In the last decade, 2003-2013 Roger Federer and Gaston Gaudio have been the only players to win any Grand Slam with a single hander. The return of serve on the backhand wing for players with a double handed backhand gives them a particular advantage. In an era of topspin and slower conditions, consistency is more important than ever and the ease with which the double hander can be replicated under pressure will continue to give it a significant edge. Overall the double hander seems to be a more effective court for the current court conditions, although a fine tuned single-handed backhand will always have its unique advantages.
With the single-handed backhand being such a rare occurrence we find its beauty to be eye-catching. The statistics do show a decline over the years due to the fact that teaching juniors to use single-hand is not a preferred strategy to teach for most coaches.
The trends of modern tennis in general are different from what it was 20 years ago – out of with the old, in with the new. As time goes on, we may see a few glimpses of that single-handed backhand shot we have come to love, but in general this will not be something that continues through the years. We will have to appreciate it while it lasts because the power behind a double-handed backhand is undeniable. SportPulse - is a global online news source that aims to provide credible news to the readers.Our coverage include news, match report, match preview, in-dept analysis along with opinion blogs by our writers. Tennis Fit's elite tennis athletes and coaches in Johns Creek, GA provides instructions for the serve, forehand, backhand, return of serve, overhead, volley, drop shot and lob. Tennis Fit is committed to providing you with the skills you need to become the best all-court player you can be!
Here you will find images and instruction that will help you understand how each of these strokes is performed.

One handed backhand slice, one handed backhand topspin, forehand, forehand volley, backhand volley, flat serve, kick serve. For a tennis and fitness evaluation or custom program please contact Bryan Hiner or Amyn Soldier to discuss scheduling and fees. I think, despite the robot’s ridiculous speed, the ball would be returnable if there was a countdown or something similar, even if there was no indication of direction. With the exception of Roger Federer, most of the recent Grand Slam winners have a double handed backhand in their armoury. Borg won 11 Grand Slam titles, and inspired many tennis fans to adopt the at-the-time rare style of a double hander.
Meanwhile Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Hewitt, and Roddick are some of the examples of the Grand Slam Champions with a double hander. When we consider the two best returners of serve in the history of the game, Andre Agassi and Novak Djokovic- both use the double handed backhand to neutralise the serve and apply pressure on return games. With string technology changing dramatically over the last decade or so, players have been able to generate more and more height and topspin with their shots. Since single-handed backhands come down to the strength and intricate motion to succeed, it has been a dying breed. If you do not have a lot of strength to begin with the single-handed backhand just became almost impossible and you do not want to discourage a child from playing a sport. More players are stronger, returns of serve become even more important and the open stance needs to be incorporated in every shot to recover quicker due to faster ball exchanges. You must become a master of all the specific shots that allow you to disable your opponent and prevent them from hitting their particular shots. A lot of returning is timing the split step and subsequent backswing based off of the oppontent’s motion. With the majority of the young generation with the exception of Dimitrov following in the same path as Nadal and Djokovic, it appears the trend may be set to continue. In particular we have seen Novak Djokovic use his immense flexibility to ‘push’ the return of serve with strong two hands deep into the court and thereafter take control of the rally.
With only a single handed backhand in your armoury, dealing with the high ball on the backhand side is a real struggle and needs perfect precision and timing.

The Swiss pair, Federer and Wawrinka, are both perfect examples of the extra speed gained by having just one hand on the racket.
Even though we still have quite a few to admire at the moment, experts agree that this is not the future of tennis.
As we see from James Blake, he started using a singled-handed backhand just because his brother told him he wasn’t strong enough to succeed with the shot. These trends allow little room for the single-handed backhand to be used since it’s a very intricate shot that you may not have time or the strength to complete successfully. Achieving such depth with the single handed return is rarer, with the block or the slice with the single hander sitting up in mid-court more often.
Meanwhile the double handed backhand can operate from a greater height, the strength of the two hands partly negating the topspin and thus dealing with the threat in a much more efficient way. This might be the only motivation that brings the single-handed backhand around every once in a while as years go on. We can see this difference particularly by comparing the Nadal vs Djokovic and Nadal vs Federer match-up.
This is because the follow through with the single hander can be brought across the body, which is simply not possible with the double hander. While Djokovic can push the ball onto Nadal’s baseline, Federer’s single hander invites Nadal to attack with the forehand and thus putting Roger under more pressure. The shot also has more variety; players with the single hander can disguise their play even after they have taken their racket back to play the shot.
Furthermore with the extra feel the single hander brings, playing the drop shot and slice can be placed with more accuracy.

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