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If your Bose speaker was made before 2009 which cannot charge iphone 3, 4 or 4S, an extra power adapter is needed. Elektronik, vitamin, jam, fashion, HP, tablet, laptop, komputer, kamera, TV, mainan, Lego, dll.
Handphone dengan kontrak tidak dapat dibeli apabila Anda tidak memiliki akun dengan operator tersebut. Includes three types of silicone eartips in different sizes and shapes to ensure a perfect fit for your ears. Three pairs of Comply(tm) memory foam eartips in different sizes are also included for maximum noise isolation and superior audio experience. The SoundMAGIC E80 is the flagship model of the Reference Series of in-ear headphones, offering accurate and well balanced sound signature.
The distinctive design is a result of meticulous acoustic engineering, distilled in the hardened aluminium housing with reduced vibration. The E80 comes with three types of silicone eartips in different sizes and shapes to ensure a perfect fit for your ears. TestimonialsOkee terimakasih hargadunia beli tgl 20 Maret 2016, barang tiba tgl 25 April 2016. Mohon maaf, produk SoundMAGIC E80 Reference Series Flagship Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones (Gold) sementara ini sedang habis. Jika produk yang Anda cari tidak ditemukan, silahkan isi form dibawah ini dan produk yang Anda inginkan akan tampil di HARGADUNIA dalam waktu 24-48 jam. This is a review in two parts, with an initial, excited set of unboxing and listening impressions, followed up several days later with more considered comparisons to other headphones, requested by other Head-Fi’ers in various forum threads. Under the foam headphone cradle is light cardboard sleeve containing the detachable cable (3m long, obviously designed for home use – there is no short cable), velour cloth pouch (no hard case), and miscellaneous warranty and item information. I couldn’t wait for burn in or diaphragm loosening or whatever break-in certain people believe in, so threw them on for a quick listen. I’m also no expert on soundstage, but the feeling I get listening to the R70x is open and spacious, and with eyes closed I can picture approximate location of instruments and vocals, and I feel distance (not too much) between me and the “stage” they’re playing from. When I wrote my initial impressions, I knew that I would soon be receiving an HD650 on loan, which is one reason I held off on any comparisons on Day-1 (it’s easier to add a whole section to a review than jury-rigging in bits and pieces here and there). The song is characterized by a delicate piano and acoustic guitar opening, low bass heartbeat, intimate vocal from Knopfler with great vocal texture, an interlude of dynamic electric guitar and drums towards the middle of the song, and quietening to an intimate solo marimba fade out.
Rather than focus on all the details of each instrument with each headphone, I’ll just pick out some elements I noticed.
Quality of strings on acoustic guitar very different between three: K7XX strings sounded like a rough, natural gut (dry, delicately plecked… sense left hand manipulating strings for effect), HD650 like synthetic gut, and R70x more steel-like. Let album play through to “It Never Rains” (next track) several times (lost while typing notes…).
I was pretty sure coming in that my Fiio X3ii wouldn’t be able to handle the R70x on it’s own, and wondered whether 470 ohms would require a desktop amp, out decided to hold off on such a purchase until after having a chance to try it with my portable amps. Yes, I’m sure there is an element of “new toy syndrome” happening, but I am very happy with this purchase, and can with 100% certainty say the R70x is, for me, an absolute keeper. Yesterday in Calgary we held a Head-Fi meet, and afterwards three of us retired for a beer or two, and listened to and compared more music and headphones.
My two friends both love texture and micro detail, and both preferred the HD650 on everything we listened to (jazz, female vocal pop, acid jazz, funk, you name it). Before I start my review, I would like to Thank Audio-Technica US for providing me with a review sample in exchange for my honest opinion.
Under the cover, you will find R70x in a foam egg crate setting with cutouts for earcups and headband wings.  With this “egg crate” removed, there is a slim accessories box built into the base of this crate.  It's a rather simple packaging but it felt already "airy" light and still perfectly secure! Mids are crystal clear, surprisingly not as thin as I expected with just a touch of warmth in lower mids to give them some body and high level of detail retrieval without too much of analytical brightness.  Vocal delivery, both male and female, is crisp and organic.
Treble extends high up with a very crisp and clear delivery of sound that is not too harsh or sibilant.  Any instrument that falls within treble range sounds natural and transparent, absolutely no harsh peaks. I started my review with a comment about AT lineup of the latest headphones offering a distinct sound signature, so here is a summary with a brief comparison to other AT models as well as a few other manufacturers.
R70x vs M70x - M70x sound is a lot flatter, bass is anemic in comparison, mids are thinner, treble is a little harsher, soundstage is surprisingly very similar, though width is a bit narrower.
R70x vs MSR7 - MSR7 has a little more bass quantity and in particular a stronger mid-bass punch, mids have a bit less clarity and pushed a little back, treble has a little more sizzle, soundstage depth is the same but width is a little narrower, and overall tuning is more balanced. R70x vs M50x - M50x is more balanced and smoother, it has a deeper sub-bass and more mid-bass punch, mids are a touch lower, treble is not as extended, similar soundstage depth but width is a little narrower.  Overall, not as detailed. R70x vs MH40 - MH40 has a more balanced sound, stronger bass with a more mid-bass punch and some spillage into lower mids, mids are thicker, warmer, and more recessed, treble is smoother and not as extended.  Also, nowhere never the same level of detail retrieval. When mentioning of professional open-back reference headphone, some of us might think of the well-known flagships, such as Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T1, or AKG K812. Detail and resolution are good, slightly better than HD650, but not yet at the level of HD800 or T1. In general, my impressions of these headphones line up pretty well with the other people who have reviewed it. This working distance, up to 60 ft, is twice of most similar devices sold on the market at ~18-22 ft.If you are tired of out of sync and need to re-sync if walking out of the bluetooth signal working range (~ 20 ft), This bluetooth music receiver is the solution.

This 3.4 generation bluetooth adapter with much bigger antenna solves short wireless range issue. It brings a wider sound stage, with natural balance, clear highs and details across the full spectrum.
In addition, three pairs of Comply(tm) memory foam eartips in different sizes are also included for maximum noise isolation and superior audio experience.
While I was glad to see her after time apart, and excited to have her back, a part of me was more excited about what she had brought with her: my Audio Technica ATH-R70x! I’m 50 years old, and so probably have deficiencies in my hearing (in a recent, entirely non-scientific test I discovered I can’t really hear anything over about 15 kHz, with roll-of starting around 12 or 13 kHz).
My preferred sound signature would be characterized by a good sub-bass presence, tight mid bass, and relatively linear, detailed mids and highs. Using various equipment combinations, I also compared the R70x with the Sennheiser HD650 and the AKG K7XX First Edition.
The R70x comes in a large, rigid black cardboard box inside a white sleeve with graphics and product information. The main material for everything is high quality carbon composite resin, which seems quite strong without adding weight.
This is a good thing as there are no markings on the headphones to indicate which side is left and which is right. I planned to give the R70x just a few minutes on my head so I could say I’d listened to them, but… wow… right out of the box I felt these were ready to go.
Love this album as it’s very atmospheric, with rich, lush sound.  Almost Roxy Music-ish, but with more trebly vocal (Mark Hollis is no Bryan Ferry). I’m not an expert on V-shaped or U-shaped or flat sound signatures, but to me the balance of tonality and emphasis from low to high is very linear. Since my initial impressions were based primarily on more popular music genres, I tried to add some variety with the inclusion of some classical and instrumental jazz. Comparing the three headphones, HD650 mid-focused with tight bass, rolled off treble and fast decay (notes less sustained). Roused partially each time by organ, and then jolted at around 2:45 as song picks up to a bit of a crescendo with wall of energetic drums, electric guitar, organ and Knopfler picking up the volume. As already mentioned, I’m no sonic expert, and I have some rather particular sound preferences, so you may disagree with my judgments, and that’s fine with me.
When I read early reviews, I was pretty sure I was going to like it as those reviews were hitting all my sonic pressure (pleasure?) points: natural, clarity and detail, balance throughout sound spectrum, open sound stage.
Our opinions varied widely on the R70x and the HD650, and I fully understand their conclusions based on their preferences, but haven’t changed my opinion on which headphone I prefer. They found the quick decay on the HD650 (especially in the bass) more to their liking, and were satisfied with its treble even though they both admitted it was more subdued. Tonality sounds natural and very pleasing without any annoying peaks or dips on the frequency spectrum. ATH-R70x is rather a little forgiving when it comes to revealing detail, especially when compared to HD800 and T1. Very balanced, almost ruler flat tonality, makes ATH-R70x very useful for tonality observation & equalizer adjustment.
In general, I’m really happy—no, maybe “thrilled” would be a better description—with how they sound and think Audio-Technica has a winner here, though there is some room for improvement, particularly on the ergonomics front.
I’ve been drooling over and dreaming about this headphone since reading very early reviews, and finally, here it was!
All equipment is my own, with the exception of the Matrix DAC and HD650, which are currently being loaned to me. I had some trouble getting the sleeve off (it’s pretty tight, and I was impatient), but once removed and the box opened, there were my lovely new headphones cradled in egg-carton styled foam. The driver housing is a distinctive, attractive honeycomb aluminium, designed for acoustic transparency.
I discovered that it’s not difficult to tell which side is which based on a slight slant to the ear pads – the thin side goes to the front and the thick to the back. Male and female vocals sing, bass presence is just how I like it – tight but not boomy (bass-heads need not apply, this is not a headphone for you). Knopfler’s vocal textured and nuanced with HD650 and K7XX, slightly less so with R70x (though still well detailed). K7XX on the harsh side, HD650 less harsh, more controlled at the upper end, and R70x more pronounced treble than HD650, but less harshness than K7XX. For them it was all about the little things revealed by the HD650, and they found the R70x too “polite,” as one of them put it.
Headband pressure is light, but it fits very well, and not easily moved from position even with lots of head movement. 5 stars are mainly for its performance, in comparison with other headphones within the price bracket that I've ever tried.
BT adapter with much bigger antenna finally resolves the wireless range issue for cell phones.
I haven’t listened to a lot of different equipment (certainly nothing in the high price, TOTL realm), and I’m not really an expert on the technical aspects of electronics or musical terminology.

I’m not a bass-head, am not a big fan of anything too boomy, and don’t like highs that are too intense or harsh. Initial listening impressions come after unboxing info, followed by the headphone comparisons.
Ear pads are a velour-like fabric, and 3-D wing supports on the headband provide comfort while keeping weight down. Overall impression is of more body and energy than the AKG, and less harshness in the trebles due to some roll-off. Yes, I may lose a little on the texture side, but I’m okay with that as I find the R70x thoroughly engaging and enveloping. As with DAC and amplifier, I didn't find ATH-R70x to have good chemistry with tube amp or warm & smooth sounding amp, and matches better with neutral to slightly analytic solid state amplifiers.
Best achievements of ATH-R70x are the very natural tonality, almost ruler flat tonal balance, and the light weight and good fit of the headphones.
Have improved wireless range while working with cell phones when compared with the 2nd generation. We use cookies to save information like your language preference and the nearest Walmart store. Kemudahan berbelanja tanpa kartu kridit adalah pilihan utama yang menarik, karena pada umumnya transaksi online hanya melayani pakai Kartu Kridit.
I have read a lot of reviews and threads on Head-Fi, and spend a lot of time on the site, but this should be considered a review by a relative newbie, for the benefit of other newbies and more experienced listeners. Was worried the E12A (being built for IEM’s and rated to 150 ohms) would struggle with the 470 ohm R70x, but no. I have HD800 and T1 for years, and auditioned K812 a few times, and I'm glad ATH-R70x sound tuning has taken a different approach.
Bass and mids are balanced, with good bass presence & low bass extension, but it doesn't sound bassy. ATH-R70x is probably not the one headphone that fits all music, but it really excels on what it does best, which are vocal, pop, and jazz. When I listened to it for the first time, ATH-R70x gave me another surprise with its natural tonality. Transaksi, bayar, tgl 02 maret 2016; hari ini tgl 30 maret 2016 belanjaan saya sudah sampai ke rumah. Eddie Vedder’s vocals nicely articulated, though perhaps with his gravelly throatiness a touch smoothed over. Again, instrument placement nicely defined, though performance less intimate, more friendly. Treble is only a tad softer than the midrange, but not lacking and overall still quite balance. What I think can be improved further to match other open-back flagships mentioned above are the clarity, detail, speed and dynamic. Grungy lows a touch muddy and acoustic guitar slightly recessed on some louder tracks (but that’s the recording more than the phones, I think). To me, Steely Dan are all about atmosphere, lushness, and little sonic details sprinkled all over.
Meanwhile for those who doesn't have much time to read the whole review, here is the summary, pros & cons, and some suggestions for improvement. Sound here is authoritative, with great attack on bass, real depth to bass drums, and super clear snare, hard hat, piano and electric guitar.
If HD800 brightness is North Pole, and HD650 warmness is South Pole, ATH-R70x tonality is probably Australia. ATH-R70x does classical as well, but performs better with small orchestra and chamber music. ATH-R70x is not for basshead, and also not for those looking for HD800 or T1 transparency, but an excellent choice for those looking for natural and balanced sounding headphone for long period of music listening.
As an open-back headphone, ATH-R70x imaging size is around average, not very spacious, but also not congested.
Les temoins sont de petits renseignements stockes de facon securitaire dans votre ordinateur. With bass boost on for a few songs, sub-bass certainly enhanced, and overall sound a bit warmer.
Donald Fagen’s vocals are lively and atmospheric, rich and also textured (he has an airy throatiness that comes through nicely here). Un navigateur capable de stocker des temoins est requis pour consulter le site Web de Walmart Canada.
Nous utilisons des temoins pour sauvegarder des renseignements, comme vos preferences en matiere de langue et de magasin.

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