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Golden Earring have been together since 1961 and the current line-up includes two founding members George Kooymans (vocals and guitar) and Rinus Gerritsen (bass, keyboard) along with Barry Hay (vocals, guitar, flute and saxophone) a member since 1968 and Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums) a member since 1970.
De mannen van Golden Earring keren na 30 jaar terug naar het Scheveningse strand voor een groots concert op 2 september.
De mannen van Golden Earring zijn al ruim 54 jaar aan het spelen en lijken er maar geen genoeg van te krijgen. Het Utrechtse poppodium TivoliVredenburg heeft tijdens een concert van Golden Earring haar miljoenste bezoeker over de vloer gehad.

Dan BrigstockDISCLAIMER: This sheet music is provided for free but does not represent our current quality standards.
OUR METHOD BOOKSLearn drums with examples of hundreds of beats and fills from chart-topping songs from the '60s through today. They have had over 40 hits and 30 albums, many achieving either gold or platinum status in their home country, The Netherlands. It's the first album that features the former Cuby and the Blizzards blues guitarist Eelco Gelling which makes it a very guitar orientated album.

We have since employed a team of professional transcribers, working together on every song to ensure note-for-note accuracy and clarity. Our team adheres to the professional notation standards set forth by the Percussive Arts Society.

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