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I assume that most of you have heard that our San Pedro Mayor, His Lordship Daniel Guerrero, has asked the local police to stop those people who are sagging on the street and ask them to ‘Pull up their Pants”.
I am not saying that all people who sag are rude and mean; it is just that most of them who do, actually do carry on this type of lifestyle.
AccommodationsHotels, Condos, Villas, Suites, Room for rents in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. Tours and AdventuresDaily Tours and Mainland Excursions offered by San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye tour operators.
Island ShoppingGift Shops, Art Galleries, Local Furniture in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The guys that are usually mean to people will wear gang-related clothing to make them feel like they are part of a gang and, who knows, maybe some of them are.

It’s his way to create a more positive vibe on the island, although it will not be a well-liked rule amongst those who like sagging. I didn’t get them to give me a full interview but most people actually thought it was a good idea, while others said it was kind of pointless. It all comes from prison and gang members who are definitely not the best people to imitate. A lot of guys these days will have their pants down way below the waistline and this is what we call “Sagging”. These guys are just the ones who wear plain clothes and are the nicest out of all types of people. They usually wear the “IN” fashion that is in style at the moment and usually you could find them wearing a snapback or fitted cap.

They don’t usually go out much or get into trouble and are sometimes very artistic and will probably become something very big in life. So we know that these kinds of people are not the type you should be hanging around with anyway. I LMAO so badly I was crying and had to set down the laptop to recoup before I could finish reading ….
LOL I was considering getting my boyfriend Rob skinny jeans, but I think they would come around his knees!

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