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Final Fantasy X may get another sequel after X-2, and the latest design photos of Tidus and Yuna could be the most concrete evidence of Final Fantasy X-3 yet. Nojima is also the author behind a Final Fantasy X-2.5 book release which is set a year after the events of Final Fantasy X-2, according to Square Portal.
Interestingly enough, the bonus drama appears to hint at the idea that Tidus and Yuna are no longer together in the future.
In the bonus drama, you can also make out additional designs of two new characters which are done in the same manner as the Tidus and Yuna designs. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web.
Actually you might as well bring the chocobo down the lowroad now and get the Scout and Thunder Blade.
Further down and east for a Fortune Sphere and thats all for the chocobo only accessible treasures. No need to donate to Miihen but you get a Scout, Ice Lance, or Moon Ring for 100 gil, 1000 gil and 10,000 gil respectively. Oaka is here again if you need the help.Take the elevator in this area after the hi potion gift.
A pretty straightforward path, you’ll eventually get to a larger area with stone stairs leading down and a treasure and guy in plain view. You are now in another centralized area with lots of characters like Oaka and a guy by a chocobo who will explain some things to you. Depending on what is said here, Gatta will either die or Luzzu will die, depending on which goes to war. Further into the tent area and you can get a good Serene Bracer for Auron and a Megapotion.
As you will be able to tell early on, you need to destroy the 800-HP arms before you start working on the core. The head should also be a target of yours but only Wakka can do damage and it’s minimal. Hopefully you have Lulu built up enough to use multiple enemy magic attacks like Fira but if not you’ll have to take it slow and kill the hands one by one as they continue to regenerate.
The core will take a while to slow down but your party Hasted with it’s best attackers and Lulu should eventually get the job done.
Crazy war scenes happen after the battle.And uh oh you have the same battle to fight again.
Not that the more overkills you get the better likelihood you have of getting a ton of L1 Key Sphere’s and the Staff of Thorns. Having something to protect from Stone Gaze is smart as the Basilisk will use that on you, and of course Kimahri can Lancet the move.
You’ll see two Phoenix Down treasures and some of the later passer-byers will hand off more stuff even a Mega Potion.
The rest of the way leads to the lightning elemental summon but someone has beat your party to the punch.
On the opposite end of this is a 4000 gil treasure and the crusaders.Inside the Djose Temple is Isaaru , another summoner. Head inside the Djose Cloister of Trials.Djose Cloister of TrialsThe first room is quite simple, putting the two Djose Spheres in the door.
The second wall straight north will have two more spheres that you should put just a little east into the two empty holes.
Now the pedestal should be lined up so that you can push it directly east to get it charged up. Put that charged up sphere on the pedestal into the right side of the wall to open but then take the two spheres to your right that you put in the wall and put them in the nearby pedestal. Touching the floor switch on the left side will get that pedestal to teleport to the middle of the second room. Push it into the pit in the third room to allow Tidus to cross.Push that pedestal in front of you in to light up a floor glyph.
Use the two Djose Spheres in this first pedestal to fill up the holes in the very first room.
Now take that charged sphere on the right side of the second room and move it to the left side to open up an elevator of sorts. First take the first elevator that brought you up here and then go left and touch the white blinking spot on the wall to get a Destruction Sphere.
Yuna will come out with the thunder using Ixion summon.Outside of Djose you should enter the Inn and get the Switch Hitter for Wakka. Run out of Djose when you get the chance.MoonflowTalk to Shelinda and behind her are 3 L1 Key Spheres. Again, having Valefor and Ifrit with full overdrives gives you your best opportunity to win.
Actually those two alone should do it otherwise Ixion will cast Haste and probably slaughter them shortly after their overdrives. There are two phoenix downs in the first area, and then you can buy from several shops including Oaka. She is later accepted as a guardian despite her Al Bhed status and despite the fact that you just beat her up in the previous boss battle (it was her in the machina). Also some Rikku introduction battles, Mix is a great overdrive.GuadosalamYou will meet Tromell Guado, a shady character at best. Rest in the Inn and then go near the big red door but not in, there is a mega potion and then follow the west wall for a room with 3000 gil treasure chest and Al Bhed Primer XIII by some Guado Glories and then the path wraps around to three more guados and an Elixir chest. Up to the right is the Farplane but you can’t go here yet so go by the big red door again but go east to see a shop and more guados.

Later on you’ll have to dodge this Lightning 200 times to get an important Venus Sigil for Lulu. This will have you on the edge of your seat.Get the Phoenix Down x 2 to your left and Save.
Down more and there is Shelinda once again and east of her is a Waterball.The Travel Agency is led by Rin and he will give you the Al Bhed Primer XIV if you talk to Rikku and choose the top option for Rin. Halfway through this second part of Thunder Plains Yuna will say she’s getting married.
An Ether is near the tower here and then to the right is a 2000 gil treasure.Macalania WoodsYou come upon these woods after a bit.
The lower path here goes to Bevelle and will be blocked off for now so take the left path going up after you Save.
As you go up and then west continue to search against the tree all the way to the west and you’ll find a Sleepy Cait Sith treasure hiding.
Further along for a hidden Remedy behind a tree on your left and then at the end is the Butterfly Game. Wrap around the east end of here and keep tapping X to find the Al Bhed Primer XV near the east exit. You can figure out what element it is by using the opposite of what it uses on you (generally as a counterattack for when you physically attack it).
Haste on Auron and Kimahri to allow them to attack faster, and Shell to make the counter spells on you worthless.
Not as hard of a battle as you think although it’ll do Press out of nowhere to do damage to your entire party. Heal from that and you should be fine.Spherimorph drops a Jecht Sphere right in Macalania Lake. After defeating the Negator, the Crawler will just charge up to use the Mana Beam ability, which can take off a ton on everyone. Summoning an Aeon to use Shield will reduce the damage to a couple hundred on just the aeon.
You will ride with Rikku, Lulu or one of the guys, depending on who you talk to most, help the most, etc with Tidus.
Grab the X Potion x 2 in the southeast part of the chamber and then on the west is a 5000 gil treasure.
Auron will warn that even a Maester can be an enemy if he is at fault.As you go along, Seymour finally admits the murder of his dad Jyscal. Wakka too later, for a Magic Defense upgrade.This battle will be one of the harder ones so far. Again, you have to steal the Hi Potions from the Guados so that they stop continually protecting Seymour.
Now I attacked him about five times and then brought in Yuna to summon ????, which turns out to be Shiva her new summon. Anima will use Pain, you should just attack as Anima is immune to the turn delay effect Heavenly Strike has. Just keep attacking, his 6000 HP and weak defense means you’ll cut through him fast with Tidus, Auron, and your other top attackers. Soon, Seymour will go down.Afterwards some of the more impression conscious members like Wakka and Yuna will be worried about being looked at as traitors.
Anima and Seymour were both overkilled and I acquired 2 Blk Magic Spheres, a Magic Targe, Glorious Bracer, Dream Lance and a Mage Masher.
Now go back up the path and then grab the Macalania Sphere that is now available to you.Go back down the hill after you grab the Macalania Sphere, and then put it in the pedestal below. Take this down the path again and to the left pole this time to complete another ice section. Finally, go to the top of the path and take the Macalania Sphere, which makes that path inaccessible for now. This opens up the ice bridge again.Go up and touch that floor switch that you see in the southeast part of the bridge area. Step on the floor switch on the floor below and that will make the destruction sphere pedestal come down. Put the Macalania Sphere you have already and put it in the far right wall and those icycles will re-appear.
Take the Macalania Sphere in the center pole and put it in the north recess so you can go down the path to the lower area again.
Bring the Destruction Sphere down here and place it in the wall immediately to your left as you get down there, and grab the Luck Sphere that appears.Back upstairs, push the pedestal into the icycles that reappeared.
Grab the macalania sphere on the east wall and put it in the pedestal, and then push this pedestal to the north so it goes down the path. Push it into the right wall again to get that part of the ice bridge up, and then get the last part up by taking the ramp’s macalania sphere and putting it in the center pole structure.
As you leave the Macalania Temple, Tromell will attempt to stop you and breaks the Jyscal Sphere. You can buy from Oaka but keep in mind that the fast guado’s will be chasing after you, and battles ensue if they catch you.
When you get outside, go south until the end when you can go right up some icycles for an L1 Key Sphere. A good start is either stealing from the Guado’s or getting a summon in overdrive to wipe them out in the first turn.
Actually Thor’s Hammer took off 9999 on Wendigo on turn one and then Ixion was able to build up another for a quick overkill. Talk to the right people in the right order and you’ll be able to grab an Avenger to the north and to the east an L2 Key Sphere.

More scenes and eventually Sin takes Tidus for another spin and Tidus ends up alone in Sanubia Desert.Sanubia DesertOkay, go west and get the Remedy x 4 first.
Further north is Wakka and an Al Bhed Potion x 8.Northeast in the next area to find poor Kimahri.
To north and west for 4 hi potions and then further north for a huge area.Go directly north for Hi Potion x 4.
The first building you come across has an opening on the other side with 10,000 gil and an Lv. The pit here has a treasure that falls in, Megalixir x 3, but you have to fight the Sandragora for it. Go to the save sphere you see on the mini map.There is a tricky treasure chest if you go south from the save sphere and down the skinny hallway, taking the first left exit you can. If you have enough Primers you can do this easily, otherwise just choose the Bottom Center option, Center Right option and then the Center option to open it. Choose whatever you like but there are some monster battles, I choose the center left for a mega potion. At the bottom left of these stairs is a hidden treasure because of the smoke, it contains 4 al bhed potions. Further north all the way is Al Bhed Potion x 6, and then take the northeast path from the center.Grab the Al Bhed Primer XXI on the ground. Go in the northeast green light door, but heal beforehand (two chimera’s and Guado Guardian in here). Enter the green lit room now and Rikku will fill you in on something with Yuna and the Final Aeon.When you regain control go to the left first to grab a 10000 Gil treasure chest and then southeast to exit.
A scene with Tidus and Cid now, and then you get control again.Al Bhed AirshipTalk to Cid and then use the Square button on Brother to recruit him. Now you can move the ship around if you want, keep it at long distance so Cid can attack it or up front so your physical attack specialists can take it down. I just keep it up front and have the powerhouses like Auron, Wakka and Kimahri Hasted while Rikku uses Al Bhed Potions to stay alive and cure the devastating Poison Breath Evrae uses. Magic Spheres after you kill it.BevelleAfter the battle you get to watch Seymour and Yuna get married. You’ll have to fight some battles, against some tougher Monk Fighters that use Flame Throwers and machina. Yuna falls and is saved by Valefor, while Tidus and the rest of the party are at the Cloister of Trials.Bevelle Cloister of TrialsExamine the panel to be taken down. Keep going straight at the next intersection and you’ll get to an area where it stops.
Take the Bevelle Sphere, put it on the pedestal and then loop again.Take the right path and then take a left in this middle area. Okay, now take one of the Bevelle Spheres on your pedestal and put it in the recess where it stops. This opens a path to another recess.As you can see when you go back, this floor is another loop. Take the final right turn in this loop where the walkway is, and then put the Glyph Sphere in the recess. Put that Destruction Sphere in your pedestal and take the second right and put the Destruction Sphere in the recess.
Get back on the second loop and take the last right, and swipe the Bevelle Sphere from the wall and put it in the recess on the pedestal.Take the first right on this second loop now.
Take a Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal and put it in the nearby recess, and then push the pedestal in the new area. Get the Mega Potion near him and go north further to meet Auron eventually.At the save point go west and then take a left at the T intersection.
Skip the first path east but instead take the second one to find Lulu and Wht Magic Sphere. Go all the way south from here for a busted up room with an Elixir and a Glpyh that you should touch.All the way back to the first area with the first save sphere. Take the middle path (north) and take the far north path until you can get east at the end. Okay, now you have to go back south until you get to the initial save sphere, and then back east and north to where Auron was and eventually west from there to the locked door.Now that glyph nearby is powered up. Grab the Rematch and Avenger along the way,and leave.Your party meets up but now Seymour is here. First, Save your game and then talk to Oaka, who of course has made it here like every other obscure area in Spira.
Try to get your overdrives up in these hard battles on the way back to Kimahri, especially your Aeon Overdrives. So basically it is only useful to deplete the Mortibody a few times although with Aeon Overdrives you’ll likely do it several times.
He has some powerful attacks when you attack him straight up but if you can use Al Bhed Potions and Cura you should be fine, along with the Aeon Overdrives.Your party will end up around Macalania.
The one with the Mortibody that you damage that damages him?Just let me know which one you are at then I can give you better advice as to how to beat him.
Seymour will kill them but they can get off one move at least and absorb an attack from Seymour.

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