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Fagskolen Tinius Olsen har i samarbeidet med n?ringslivet i Kongsberg bygget et eget laboratorium for undervisning i produksjon av komposittmaterialer. Vi tilbyr nettbasert undervisning innen bygg, anlegg, automatisering, elkraft, KEM, bilteknikk, maskinteknikk og mekatronikk. Ingvild Bjorkestol og Robert Daniels er to mekatronikk studenter som har fatt et fantastisk jobbtilbud i USA fra direktoren til Tinius Olsen Company C. Studenter fra Fagskolen Tinius Olsen hadde mote med Finansminister Siv Jensen i forbindelse med skoleprosjekt. Topics Covered Background The Izod Impact Test How the Izod Impact Test Works Izod Impact Test Data Ensuring Repeatable Izod Impact Testing Sample Preparation Preparing Materials for Izod Impact Testing by Injection Molding Sources of Potential Error for Injection Molded Specimens Improving Consistency of Izod Test Results Preparing Materials for Izod Impact Testing by Compression Molding Notches in Izod Test Specimens Notching Izod Test Specimens Molding Notches and Die Cutters Measuring and Inspection of Notches Conditioning Izod Test Specimens Izod Impact Testing Equipment Design of Izod Impact Testing Machines Izod Impact Testing Procedure Pendulum Selection ASTM D256 vs ISO 180 Background Using Tinius Olsen equipment it is possible to perform such tests on raw materials such as metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives, food as well finished components.
Kongsberg har et meget rikt utvalg av kulturtilbud: Stemningsfulle Kongsberg kirke og Glogerorgelet, flere idrettshaller, Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Kongsberg krimfestival, Kongsberg Marken, Bondens Torg og annet.
Studentene pa fagskolen deltar i sosiale aktiviteter sammen med hoyskole studentene, ikke minst pa studentenes egen kro, La Place, som ligger kun 100 m fra fagskolen. I samarbeid med n?ringslivet her i Kongsberg har Fagskolen Tinius Olsen etablert Europas mest moderne kompositt laboratorium. BIM-konstruksjon og BIM-Installasjon er na godkjente utdanninger ved Fagskolen Tinius Olsen pa Kongsberg.

We recommend that you contact an EquipNet sales representative to set up your own inspection. Vi pa Fagskolen Tinius Olsen hadde gjort grundige forberedelser slik at vi kunne vise hva har a tilby studentene vare. Any items that are not in the description but appear in the visual representations of this listing will not be included in the sale.
Most US resin manufacturers have years of izod test data and many customers are accustomed to selecting product based on the data. The key to getting reproducible results between laboratories, or for that matter, repeatable results between operators in the same lab, is to be sure that both parties are preparing and testing the samples in the same way. However, since the test method allows inspection of the individual specimen results, and to retest if they are not satisfactory, it is advisable to notch several extra specimens if they are available. For example, the impact resistance of a plastic material may be different if the notch is cut perpendicular to, rather than parallel to, the direction of molding. Also, a specimen taken from one end of a molded bar may give different results than a specimen taken from the other end. The notch is probably the most critical part of specimen preparation and there is a tight tolerances defined by ASTM D256 on the depth of the notch (actually the material remaining under the radius of the notch), the angle of cut and the radius at the base (or apex) of the notch.

Research has shown that the notch in the specimen is perhaps the greatest source of variability of test data. The profile of the cutter can vary but it must produce the notch as specified in the standard. Most of the commercially available notching machines provide a way to blow air on the cutting area during the notching process. Measure and record the width of each individual specimen in the area of the notch using a micrometer or similar instrument. A notch depth verification device, which consists of an analog dial indicator positioned above an anvil, is commonly used to measure the depth of the notch. A digital indicator may also be used and is particularly useful if the actual depth of the notch is to be determined or if it is necessary to switch between measuring in traditional US units and metric units.

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