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We are using Malvern Viscotek HTGPC system since 2012 and the system is working satisfactorily.
Tinius Olsen offers two types of tensile tester at the listed capacity thresholds, namely the S series and the T series. All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. Tinius Olsen has continuously been receiving request to customize its Super L test frames to handle various sizes and shapes of specimen. A division of the Russian Academy of Science is conducting a suite of experiments to explore the correlation between magnetic fields and stress loading. In order to resolve the aforementioned issue, Tinius Olsen closely worked with the customer for the development of a stiff loading frame featuring aluminum crossheads.
Different options of the same machine available are shown in Figure 2, demonstrating the customization available from Tinius Olsen.

The machine next to the first machine in Figure 2 is also a 60,000lbf capacity Super L but is equipped with an adjustable height top crosshead on columns, which have an additional length of 3 ft. This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Tinius Olsen. Machines are designed for use in Research and Quality Control to measure material’s strength and performance. The after sales service and application support from Malvern AIMIL is found to be satisfactory. The S series includes a control panel as part of the test frame to allow the machine to be used independently, whereas the T series must be connected to a Windows PC to be used. Be sure to examine the software products to determine which package is right for your application.
Although, the company offers standard options for the lengths of pulling screws and columns, it had received a request for a non-magnetic load frame for the first time in its 133 years of operation.

The newly developed stiff loading frame enabled the customer to perform its tests without any magnetic interference from the test frame.
Tinius Olsen machines are designed for use in Research and Quality Control to measure material’s strength and performance.
In addition to our standard test frames, Tinius Olsen offers a couple of select application testing frames capable of accomodating wide specimens or testing at ultra high speeds.

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