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Purchased Compression Testing Machine 1000 kN capacity, Electrically operated including Vibration Machine, Motorised & Soil Triaxial Outfit , Motorised from Associated Instrument Manufactures India Pvt. Come and see in hall 1 booth #1327 and see why Tinius Olsen is the “First Name in Materials Testing”. Tinius Olsen has many types of hardness testers available that can rapidly and accurately determine the hardness value of a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, large parts, small precision parts. The FH-70 series are an advanced digital Rockwell indicators that are designed to fit into a wide range of existing Rockwell hardness testers, regardless of the manufacturer, and breathe new life into these older machines. The FH-23 Series portable Hardness Testers are portable instruments that can perform on-site hardness testing on aluminium alloys, brass, copper, and soft steel. The FH-90 series are a series of laboratory tables, available in different sizes, that are designed to withstand the weight and operational movement of the testing machines and have a maximum capacity of 400kg or 880 lb.
These tables can also be used to support other Tinius Olsen testing machines and come with a lockable storage drawer and cabinet for the machine’s accessories.
Our horizontal testing machines offer unique benefits over vertically oriented testers by allowing a range of accessories to be mounted next to the machine that can turn the machine into a fully automatic testing station. The unique horizontal extensometer that is typically supplied incorporates pneumatic controls that automatically lowers the arms prior to the test and raises the arms at the end of the test. Type A models were originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of testing 7 strand cable and feature an open front crossheads to permit rapid insertion and removal of specimens, and this feature has become popular for many other applications involving rapid, repetitive testing.
These test frames are very similar to their universal test frame “cousins” but all the hardware required for tensile testing functionality has been removed. Tinius Olsen has extended its popular Super “L” line of hydraulic testing machines to include machines that operate up to 600,000 lbf (3,000kN).
Typical applications include testing reinforcing bars, standard plate and rod specimens, concrete cylinders, and other critical materials and products. The model 100ST is designed for tension, compression, flexure and shear strength testing on materials and assemblies. A variety of loadcells are available at differing capacities that give precise applied load measurements from the smallest test specimen to ones that go to full machine capacity.

Machines are designed for use in Research and Quality Control to measure material’s strength and performance. The test force can be selected with help of an easy-to-operate selector knob on the side of tester.
Current test procedures demand higher accuracy of the depth readings, so we have developed a new sensor to ensure that the penetration of the indentor into the test specimen is measured with an accuracy of better than 0.001mm. A quick and easy test, the hardness value can be read out directly on the indicator,with a simple clamp. The FH-23 Series hand operated Hardness Testers feature a fast and comprehensive testing method for testing thin, soft materials. Each table comes with a 50mm (2in) thick top that is covered with a 1.5mm thick chemically resistant plastic, and shock resistant edges. As part of our development process, we have taken the best features of our existing software offerings, including Test Navigator, QMat, and EP600 software, added a host of report writing and data manipulation capabilities and in the process, created a new, unparalleled testing platform that will make easy work of your materials testing programs, whether they’re designed for the demanding rigors of R&D or the charting and analysis functions of QC testing. These horizontal machines are designed primarily for production departments and are typically in constant use, however, the grips can be modified to accommodate different shaped samples and alternate grips can be provided for customers to interchange as and when their test requirements change. Friction free air bearings on the extensometer provide accurate strain measurement through fracture. Positive specimen holding is ensured by the wedge action of manually or hydraulically operated lever grips. In addition to the enhanced standard frames, we have modified machines to accomodate special needs at these high capacities. The Tinius Olsen Super “L” has long been recognized as the standard for accuracy, dependability, and versatility in hydraulic testing machines and the many thousands of machines in use around the world attest to this fact.
The robust design that incorporates quality materials and components ensures that our reputation for superior system performance, ease of use, and longevity is maintained. Test machines become complete, powerful test systems with the addition of grips to hold the specimen, strain measurement instrumentation and Tinius Olsen’s Horizon Data Analysis software. In addition, it has a space-saving console with a smaller footprint and comfortable working height design.

FH-4 is equipped with optical device (analog or digital microscope) & many optional accessories like CCD camera, software, motorised XYZ movement etc. There are several models available for different applications and with different measuring capacity.
One of the first features you see within the Horizon software is its use of the most current Windows environments. An adjustable top crosshead and motorized lower crosshead quickly accommodate specimens of varying lengths. The test frames feature a patented dual-pressure hydraulic loading system and a new space-saving console. All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system.
As an example of this, the model 600RB is designed to test sections of up to size 18 rebar and the tensile testing area has been moved to a safe, waist-high operating height to allow easy sample insertion and removal of these heavy samples. All Super “L” systems are guaranteed to meet ASTM, ISO, and other national and  international specifications for accuracy. The FH-23 hardness values can be converted into the commonly used Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell hardness values. These familiar formats make it easy to use and learn, especially since the same familiar functionality is maintained throughout the program. Be sure to examine the software products to determine which package is right for your application. Each tester is packed in a strong industrial box including all standard delivery such as a set of tools, a hardness standard, and a spare indentor.

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