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Italian pilot, Tito Falconi and movie actress Jean Harlow of the thirties, in front of a Pitcairn PA-18. Pitcairn PA-20 owned by Eerle Eckel, modified with en enclosure omtr the reartackpit TTiiS is not considered a PA-24, which had both cockpits covered. A total of about twenty-five autogiros consisting of models PAA-1, PA-24, PA-20 were built. Late in 1932, the Pitcairn Autogiro Company announced that after extensive flight tests on an experimental model they were ready to produce a four-place cabin autogiro designated the PA-19. Particular attention was paid to the designing of the structure to avoid placing of structural members across the area covered by windows or pilot's windshield. The design and shape of the fuselage was chosen to give maximum visibility from the pilot's position and to afford most comfort to the passengers. Metal prop was standard electrical or air starter, fire extinguisher, naviga tion lights and dual controls were optional.

The announcement stated that several new features were included in the design of this craft. The fuselage at the front seat was made as narrow as could be without sacrificing leg room.
The windows on each side of the pilot's station at the floor line afforded a view of the area ahead and below the aircraft. The control of this axis was through the use of a crank in the ceiling of the autogiro like an adjustable stabilizer or trim tab control found in the cabin ceiling of many aircraft today.
This was particularly useful during steep or vertical approaches possible with the autogiro.
Five full turns of the crank would adjust the rotor axis from one end of the travel to the other. Changing the angle in this way permitted the aircraft to accommodate a greater center of gravity range.

The two higher windows at the pilot's right and left were raised and lowered by automobile-type window cranks. Other features were the cantilever arrangement of the wings, tail surfaces and landing gear.
All other windows were fitted with rubber channels and sealed with non-hardening composition. The net result of these features in design combined both good autogiro characteristics with stability and control expected of well-designed fixed-wing aircraft of the day. The main criteria considered according to the manufacturer were strength, reliability, ease of maintenance, comfort and appearance.

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