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According to Technology Review, the key element of their new technique is stimulating the vague nerve with electrical impulses. The investigation is very important, researchers say, because tinnitus is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.
Though no clear cause for this condition has been identified thus far, scientists believe that it may be triggered by the brain's effort to compensate for hearing loss.
Image 1a and 1b (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): Pre- and post-contrast images demonstrating an enhancing lesion within the right cerebello-pontine angle and internal auditory canal (arrows).
References are graded from Level I to V according to the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Levels of Evidence.
This web site and its content has been prepared by The Department of Health, Western Australia. This nerve is a crucial pathway between the central nervous system and the visceral organ, and the group explains that stimulating it via noninvasive, wireless technology can be extremely beneficial. Certain individuals, such as musicians and those working in loud environments, are more prone to developing it at one point in their lives.

Hair cells in the middle ear are in charge with converting acoustic waves into electrical signals that are then passed to the brain, but prolonged exposure to noise can affect their activity.
It is not definitive and The Department of Health, Western Australia can not accept any legal liability arising from its use. Experts from the Dallas-based startup Microtransponder say that they have developed a method of addressing this condition that showed great result in animal testing. Their studies were conducted in animal model that suffered from conditions very similar to tinnitus. If exposure to powerful sound sources is not discontinued, and medical treatment sought immediately, then the worst consequence may be complete hearing loss. When this happens, the amount of electricity reaching the brain from the ears decreases, and the cortex attempts to compensate for that by boosting sensitivity.
The information is kept as up to date and accurate as possible, but please be warned that it is always subject to change. The results are promising, the team said at the conference, and plans are for the new therapy to be translated to humans soon.

Most existing therapies against tinnitus tend to try and mask the sounds that people hear, rather than eliminate their source altogether, the Microtransponder group argued.
Clinical trials would let scientists know whether this avenue of research is worth pursuing for human applications as well.
With the electrical stimulation-based approach, the Microtransponder team hopes to be able to solve the root of the problem, not simply mask the sounds. The inferior aspect of the lesion approaches the fundus of the right internal auditory canal.

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