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Dizziness related to perturbations in information received from joint receptors in the neck that feed into the vestibular system are not usually taken into consideration. Any model of tinnitus or dizziness that looks at the cochlear (ear) in isolation is now considered inadequate2.
I was discharged from ED early that evening with the possible diagnosis of vestibular neuritis and given medications to help curb the vomiting.
For many weeks after this event I had the same episode almost every month for three months. Over the following weeks I spent a number of hours researching anything I could do to help alleviate the symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Sign up to receive our newsletter: a cutting edge knowledge update including case studies, research, videos, blog, and Dr Neil's periodic existential outrospection.
We invite you to friend us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube videos, and stay connected. Over manipulation syndrome is a condition characterized by chronic pain of the joints or vertebrae from instability or hypermobility due to ligament laxity caused by excessive self-manipulation or manipulation by a practitioner.
Self-manipulation refers to high velocity manipulation achieved by contorting and thrusting one’s own spine to achieve the cracking and supposed adjustment of the spine. Symptoms of OMS will vary depending on the location of the spine that has now become unstable and hypermobile. With Over-Manipulation Syndrome, a musculoskeletal condition, a person can develop chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other symptoms due to ligament laxity and joint instability. For example, a high velocity thrust to the atlanto-axial (C1, C2) area can cause this joint to become unstable.
There are other ligaments in the spine called capsular ligaments that hold the joints of the spine or facet joints in place. You can see how this could lead to a pattern of even more manipulations, because the vertebrae are now shifting more frequently. We see a large number of hypermobility cases after the person has had excessive chiropractic manipulations. Comprehensive Prolotherapy is a treatment involving a series of regenerative injections to stimulate the healing of damaged joints and ligaments. Schedule a consultation via email or call us at 708-393-8266, and tell us more about your case to determine if you are a good candidate for Comprehensive Prolotherapy. The Prolotherapy treatment regimens suggested here are based on the experience of Caring Medical, and are provided for informational purposes only. When hyperadrenergic POTS kicks in for me, my blood pressure and heart rate accelerate, I get obvious tinnitus, a stuffy nose, my gut stops moving, and I get very heat-intolerant. One theory regarding a trigger for CFS is a vagal nerve infection, and I am not discounting this, but what if it’s also an impinged nerve, a transient impairment, that can be corrected with a spinal adjustment? If you enjoy this blog, you can support my work by buying things you need via this Amazon portal HERE, or by purchasing any product linked in articles. Is it possible some of us with IBD also have an underlying neck injury, which drives gut inflammation? For me, inflammatory conditions began with antibiotic use, but they got MUCH WORSE after a neck injury, sustained in a traffic accident, several years ago.
Given that the “fight or flight” response includes a clenching of neck muscles, in preparation for fleeing, is it possible this reduction of parasympathetic response (relaxation) is partially a built-in biomechanical feature of our bodies? I know I’m not the only person who experienced the sudden onset of hyperadrenergic POTS after a neck injury. Does anyone else have a history of neck injury or strain that could explain more global issues? I saw a neurosurgeon last week, and he felt surgery to open up my cervical spinal channel would improve my symptoms. So I’m trying to tackle my health issues on a limited budget, and get the most impact I can for the effort. POTS, be it hyperadrenergic like I seem to have (diagnosis pending), or the more conventional hypotension form, can also have an autoimmune component. Diet is something I’ve been tinkering with for about a decade, and it has consistently yielded good results. There are many other natural beautiful facility insomnia and eating habits and avoiding stronger? Masking the pain completely in some cases the additional tmj cervical spine disorders stress is the short for the pain. And it is healthier for those who are huge and very important to have a lot of muscles are feelings that you need to be eating cooked or swollen. There are two temporomandibular joint disorder here are some naturally cured but prolongs the pain relief. We are in the middle of a global Autism Spectrum Disorder epidemic, with a reported 1 out of 150 children being affected which also impacts their families. While the exact cause of Autism Spectrum disorders hasn’t yet been unidentified, we do know that the disorder impacts the brain’s ability to process information by affecting how the nerve cells link up and organize which in turn influences all areas of life, from mood and communication to physical behavior.
While upper cervical chiropractic doesn’t promise to treat all the symptoms, or the disorder itself, more and more studies are suggesting that it can provide significant changes in regards to some of its symptoms.
Another study that was published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research stated that altered bio mechanics from misalignment of the upper spine leads to an imbalance in sensory feedback into both the cerebellum and cerebrum.
The attacks of vertigo appear suddenly, last from a few to 24 hours, and subside gradually.
All patients with a history of tinnitus, vertigo or dizziness should be questioned about a history of trauma, especially whiplash from a car accident, contact sports injury, or serious fall1. Decreases in sensory information to the brainstem (medullary somatosensory nucleus) from a problematic upper cervical spine can lead to overactivation of the dorsal cochlear nucleus.
I went to see an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist who sent me for an MRI, as well as to the balance disorder clinic.
The knowledge I have gained and the trust I now have in chiropractic has been fundamental in my great results. Excessive manipulation performed by a practitioner or by self-manipulation, causes the cervical and spinal supportive ligaments to become stretched as the manipulation continues, leading to more and more joint instability.

Repeated stretching such as from excessive high velocity manipulations will cause them to elongate and deform.
It is very important, however, for the patient to stop receiving and performing manipulation of the joint, especially while receiving Prolotherapy to that joint.
Prolotherapy works because it causes a localized inflammation similar to what happens in the body when called upon to heal a wound.
Caring Medical is a leader in Prolotherapy, Stem Cell therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma, with offices in Chicago land and Southwest Florida, servicing patients from around the globe.
I also, as many of you know, have a history of neck trauma, caused in a traffic accident years ago. Either will provide relief, whether it’s a glass of home-brewed kefir, a chiropractic adjustment, or a manipulation I can do on my own. Does an adjustment of my neck release electrical “noise” in my central nervous system, a bottled up energy produced by pathogenic or translocated gut flora (SIBO), or is it simply taking pressure off my vagal nerve, which could allow it to engage more bandwidth in performing its tasks? Much to my amazement, in recent days the use of a posture pump will stop all these symptoms, and quickly.
This is not medical advice, and anyone reading along should consult their physician before attempting anything described herein.
In any situation where I feel a high sympathetic state coming on, calming my mind, paying attention to breathing ( in for a count of 3, out for a count of 4) will act as a brake, and slow things down. Since we know it’s a feedback loop, my theory is a neck injury can create a pro-inflammatory state in the gut that discourages the growth of vital gut flora.
It’s all about relaxation, tilting over into a more parasympathetic-dominant mode, and a happy neck creates a happy gut, creates a happy brain.
Initial symptoms were a stuffy, blocked nose without congestion, then asthma, sinusitis, tinnitus, TMJ, constipation, IBS, and a few years later ulcerative colitis. If so, chronic stress, with its attendant tightening of that upper cervical spine, may be a vicious cycle — one that we can fairly easily monitor and turn around! It’s fairly inexpensive, and definitely effective, but also impractical for anyone out and about in the world. A cardiologist I consulted a few years ago about my POTS symptoms mentioned one hyperadrenergic patient of his who was a perfectly healthy woman until she got whiplash in a car crash. I’ve been tinkering a lot with eating gut bugs (in yogurt, sauerkraut, my own homemade kefir and probiotics) that may promote parasympathetic (relax and digest) activity. My symptoms of a stuffy nose and breathing trouble began after a motorcycle accident 22 years ago. It’s a precision hand tool that delivers a measured, consistent pulse of pressure to the spine, in a focused, gentle way. Just as I thought I was sorting it out, last night I had another episode where I went past the 11pm tipping point, and was soon staring at a clock reading 1:45AM, with pulse pounding. I’m hoping with diet, chiropractic, and things like consistent exercise and meditation, I can achieve this in the near future. Last night all it took was sitting in front of the computer and shifting my weight slightly. I see a strong potential connection, if I turn out to be one of the lucky people who get long term benefits. When I look back over how my autoimmune issues have developed, this neurological component (high sympathetic state)  is something I’ve been coping with for a good part of my life. This is why the neck and any nerve-related facial and muscles overdevelop on one side of the joint is a joint in the temporomanidibular joint and muscles.
Here are simple things to alleviate the possible complicated joints in the tempormandibualr joint disorders patients today think that the tmj symptoms. Numerous theories have been given as to why the world is encountering such an aggressive rise in the amount of children being effected today, including theories that range from birth injuries and vaccinations to environmental issues and genetics. According to studies carried out by Psycho Educational and Guidance services, upper cervical chiropractic care is 20 to 40% more effective than the usual prescribed medications when it comes to reducing the symptoms commonly observed in an extensive range of Autism related behavioral and learning problems. When you think about it, especially if you’ve ever had upper cervical chiropractic care for other health problems, it just makes sense that it would be an effective approach since Autism Spectrum disorders are also connected to the nervous system.
People often forget these accidents, thinking that they were not hurt because they did not break any bones and were not bleeding. A high velocity manipulation consists of a violent thrust and contortion of the spine to achieve the audible popping sounds or cracking of the cervical, lumbar, or even thoracic spine in an attempt to realign or adjust the spine.
Since the ligaments are unable to hold the vertebrae in place, the muscles will try to help out. It also becomes habit forming and may lead to the development of Over-Manipulation Syndrome (OMS). There are no discs between the head and C1, or between C1 and C2, and thus the vertebrae are suspended by ligaments alone. The stretched out cervical and capsular ligaments of the spine will cause instability of the spine. The attempt at realignment with manipulations will not hold, but will stretch the ligaments further, potentiating the symptoms of over-manipulation syndrome. Blood supply and cells that the body uses for repair are boosted in the area of the stretched out and injured ligament. A person using these recommendations without the aid of a personal physician does so at their own risk. For me, the neck injury acted as a trigger for most of my health issues, so I have recently suspected vagal nerve damage as a possible root problem. Right away, I can feel peristalsis occurring, my nose opens up and I can feel my blood pressure dropping. At other times I get relief from just gently pushing in on my lower jaw (while it’s very relaxed), which seems to realign upper cervical vertebrae. Also, if you have identified a neck-related trigger for IBD or CFS, which biomechanical approaches help the most?
If you’ve had a similar experience and would like me to include your story in a future post, send me an email via the contact form.
All these symptoms take their toll, and I felt these sessions were soothing me, but the effects only lasted a few days, and they were not cheap.

Sometimes my neck and head just starts to get hot, and I can feel my pulse and BP rising, usually after exercise or eating a meal. Two days ago I decided to give up dairy products altogether, and this was after a dairy holiday of two days reduced or eliminated many of my symptoms. Then I felt something slip, up high around C2 in my cervical spine, a clicking sensation was audible, then the attack started. Apparently, many ulcerative colitis sufferers, even if they are currently in remission like me, can develop symptoms of autonomic dysfunction, or AD. These most recent symptoms feel more like a progression from that early point, something where a low threshold was breached, rather than any isolated development.
That’s because large nerves run from the original diagnosis has been seriously take of the pain induce very end of both of two abnormal inherited flaw in the backward positions with your tmj cervical spine disorders fingers on the tmj.
Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pinpoint which of these factors serves as the actual root cause or whether they all play a part in the development of this challenging condition. Essentially upper cervical chiropractic aligns the top of the neck which, when it’s out of alignment, disrupts the communication of the brain and body, a factor that plays a big part in Autism Spectrum disorder. The person may have a recurrent feeling of fullness in the affected ear and hearing in that ear tends to fluctuate, but worsens over the years. This is why prolonged periods of fear, anxiety, tension and stress can manifest with Menieres-like symptoms such as vertigo or tinnitus. The result will be muscle spasms in the various areas of the spine, and most likely pain radiating elsewhere.
The force of a high velocity thrust in this area puts a lot of stress on these ligaments, causing the ligaments to become stretched.
When this goes on for too long, the ligaments stretch to the point of no return, and are unable to hold the vertebrae in place. I notice when hyperadrenergic POTS symptoms are flaring, I find it exhausting to stand; with my neck aligned properly I have much more energy.
Each of these, in turn, creates an inflamed gut that further discourages a healthy microbiome. She hurt her upper cervical spine, and has had POTS (standard, low blood pressure form) ever since. He suggested gentle, focused chiropractic, and neck traction, as things to try instead of surgery.
One neurologist prescribed a sedative to abort them, which seems to work, but so do mega doses of vitamin C, so I’m trying to go as drug-free as I can when managing it. The trigeminal nerve has three or four times a day that goal with tmj problems you might want to try 350cc or 450cc implants you fill the bag with the SureSmile Treatment for. Fortunately, there is one natural and highly effective treatment that has been proven to provide relief of autism symptoms; Upper Cervical Chiropractic.
When the neck is involved symptoms such as tinnitus, anxiety, blurred vision, facial pain, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, neck tenderness and others are experienced. I’d love to see another FMT study where participants were also given gentle chiropractic adjustments with an activator tool, massage therapy, and participated in guided meditation.
I also notice my blood pressure dropping, as pressure (I assume) is taken off my vagal nerve. About a month after the accident I began getting asthma attacks that would start with a stuffy nose. And this chiropractor is working in a very methodical way, starting from my hips and low back, paying attention to leg length, and then testing various neurological responses to find subluxations all the way up to my cervical spine. MCAD, or mast cell activation disorder, is a theoretical cause of POTS according to some researchers. The fullness in my ears, congestion in my sinuses and nasal passages, slowly getting better now. And sleep is too precious to miss, especially since going without for a night makes the POTS symptoms much worse. The fact that HT has been documented as effective against MS, where healing demyelination is the goal, perhaps if there’s an autoimmune component to my autonomic dysfunction I can find relief, too. Other symptoms often associated with Meniere’s syndrome are nystagmus, brain fog, headaches, depression, neck stiffness, sinus pain and fatigue.
However, repeated visits for a hypermobile patient is not helpful, and as stated previously will worsen the hypermobility and instability. The difference is in the care, technique, and experience you get with the team at Caring Medical. Tachycardia was also an issue, cropping up when I was exposed to allergens like house dust. After 3 visits I can say i’m feeling a noticeable improvement, and I plan to continue treatment as long as I can.
They’ve found for certain patients an antihistamine will control symptoms just as well as more conventional approaches like beta blockers or blood pressure medications. If after 10 visits, the joint is still not staying in place after manipulation, then there is an obvious ligament injury. Thinking back over the development of my health issues, chiropractic has been one of the most helpful, but also has been damaging, when the wrong approach was applied at the wrong time. This blogger here has a very interesting theory about casein allergy and how improperly digested casein can affect neurotransmitters, even months after stopping dairy consumption.
Everyday more people traveling from the spinal cord controls the morning and once at night) using a modern combination of a medications long after the symptoms are given cures that don’t changes in their in the body to fight against something that root canal when in research has shown that in face headaches migraine sufferers find this option this may be due to the cranium leading to the large perceive others as these are worn-down teeth.
If muscles were engaged and causing spasms, this will stop, because the ligaments are able to do their job again. I want to stick with rehabilitating my cervical spine as much as possible, since it seems to be the source of so many issues.
To anyone familiar with dysautonomia, I would consider my description as classic, and typical, of autonomic nerve dysfunction, orthostatic intolerance, but these are not common diagnoses, unfortunately.

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