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A significant challenge in tinnitus research lies in explaining how acoustic insult leads to tinnitus in some individuals, but not others. Nitric oxide is produced by neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) in the brain, which is expressed in specific subsets of neurons, via a calcium-dependent signaling process.
In the present study, we examined NOS in the VCN with the aim of identifying the types of neurons that express it, establishing the timescale over which NOS levels change after AOE, and determining how variable these changes are between animals. Auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) were recorded to determine hearing thresholds prior to and immediately after noise exposure. After pre-trauma thresholds had been determined, the right speaker was electrically disconnected, but left attached to the tube, and the polyethylene tube was plugged with cotton wool.
In four cases, alternate sections were stained for NADPH-d (as outlined above), or immuno-stained for nNOS. In our pilot experiments, we attempted to quantify changes in the numbers of NOS-containing somata in both the VCN and DCN. The amount of NADPH-d present in positively labeled VCN neurons was examined indirectly with microdensitometric measurements of luminance in digital images. The change in the ratio of the mean densities derived from the 120 darkest cells from each side was calculated to compare VCNipsi with VCNcontra for each GP, and then pooled across respective groups to calculate a mean density ratio for controls and tinnitus animals. Nitric oxide synthase staining, whether obtained with diaphorase or a specific primary antibody, was widespread throughout the VCN. Throughout the VCN, stained somata were relatively prominent because of weak neuropil staining, with the exception of the small granule cell layer at the dorsal edge (SGCL in Figure 2).
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It untangles and separates different sound sources - such as one voice from another; sounds coming from the kitchen versus sounds coming from the TV in the next room, etc.
People with hearing loss must concentrate and work hard just to keep up in these situations. By providing the listener more natural and complete information they can concentrate on following and participating in the conversation. The auditory system organizes the bits of information to prepare the listener to focus on what's interesting and set competing noise aside.
The strength of the auditory system is the brain's ability to continuously discriminate between sound sources. The auditory system instinctively tunes into the voice's individual characteristics such as level changes and stress patterns.
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Neuronal NO production, and consequently nNOS distribution, is widespread throughout the brain, including the auditory system (20, 21).
We also wanted to determine if the changes in NOS levels are associated with a particular sub-group of neurons. Experiments were conducted on a total of 29 male and female pigmented GPs weighing 400–700 g at the time of AOE. An additional series of ABR recordings were performed immediately before animals were euthanized to determine hearing threshold recovery.
An additional group of animals was examined behaviorally for tinnitus using the gap induced prepulse inhibition of acoustic startle test, before AOE and then 8 weeks after noise exposure [behavioral data presented in Ref.
Sections were then washed in PB, mounted on gelatin-coated slides, air-dried for ~1 h, dehydrated in a graded series of ethanol solutions, and cover-slipped.
However, it was difficult to identify individual neuronal somata in the dorsal subdivision due to large amounts of diaphorase in the neuropil, particularly in the granule and molecular cell layers (22). The series was started randomly near the caudal pole of PVCN and all the stained cells counted that were in a single focal plane (using a 10× Plan Apo objective) close to the center of the section. An image from the focal plane close to the center of the section was captured and measurements were only made on cells that were in focus. NOS was present in a variety of neuron types that included small, medium, and large cells, some of which possessed multiple dendrites, while some appeared to have only one dendrite (Figure 1). The numbers of stained cells varied depending on the rostro-caudal position of the section.
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Agil gives the brain access to the information it needs toorganize the world of sound, select the sound stream that is of interest andfollow this sound.
The more accurately and naturally the information can be presented, the easier it becomes for the brain to create order out of the apparent acoustic chaos of a soundscape. Oticon Agil keeps things natural, preserving a richer sound picture and the natural dynamics of sound. The better the dynamics of the signal are preserved, the easier it will be for the listener to understand speech. Neuromodulators offer one potential mechanism as they are involved in subtle interactions with groups of neurons and of modulating the balance of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission. We have demonstrated previously that levels of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) are asymmetrically altered in the VCN of guinea pigs (GPs) subjected to unilateral acoustic over-exposure (AOE), and that this correlated with behavioral evidence of tinnitus (22). In the VCN, spherical bushy cells (SC) are predominantly associated with the anterior subdivision [anterior ventral cochlear nucleus (AVCN)], while globular bushy cells (GC) are predominantly located in the posterior subdivision [posterior ventral cochlear nucleus (PVCN) (27)]. Once anesthetized, hypodermic needles were inserted through the skin to act as recording electrodes over the right and left mastoids, and a reference needle was inserted at the vertex point. NOS levels were quantified by staining with reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate diaphorase (NADPH-d), which represents the presence of all isoforms of NOS in aldehyde-fixed tissue (34, 35). Consequently, in the present study, we focused our analyses on the anterior (AVCN) and posterior (PVCN) subdivisions of the VCN where we could clearly identify individual cells. The spatial distribution of NADPH-d-positive cells was plotted throughout posterior and anterior subdivisions of the VCN for each animal. For each animal, the total number of NADPH-d-stained cells was counted within a standard optical plane for each section. Keep them safe on-the-go with the included sturdy-sided travel case and ONE-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. However, the ear wires are so pliable that they can become unadjusted even as you're using them and have a tendency to fall off.
Changes in NO have previously been implicated in tinnitus generation, specifically in the ventral cochlear nucleus (VCN). One such neuromodulator is nitric oxide (NO), a ubiquitous, gaseous, signaling molecule that can act through a variety of protein targets. In addition, changes in nNOS expression have also been demonstrated in the VCN following salicylate administration in rats (23), and after removal of the cochlea in mice (24), experimental conditions also linked with tinnitus (25, 26).
The multipolar cells form different functional sub-classes with different projection targets and are more evenly distributed across the VCN (28, 29). These ABR recording electrodes were connected via a Tucker Davis Technologies (TDT; Alachua, FL, USA) low-impedance headstage amplifier (RA4LI) and a TDT Medusa digitizing preamplifier (RA16PA) to a TDT System 3 interface (RX7).
Quantification of changes was made by measuring three variables: the numbers of NADPH-d stained cells on each side of the VCN, the cross-sectional area of the stained cells, and the luminance values of a sample of well-defined cells. Counts were made on optical planes that were centered 100 μm apart (before shrinkage) and involved over 30 sections per brain.
Neurolucida software was used to provide a gray-scale value for each pixel in captured images acquired with a 10× objective lens. Median values from left- and right-side RN populations were then compared across all control animals for differences with a paired t-test.
Cell counts for VCNipsi and VCNcontra were then expressed as a percentage of the total number of NADPH-d-stained cells counted, and plotted according to distance from the caudal pole (shown for a single control animal in Figure 2). And for long rides, they also come with a comfy satin eye maskBedphones now come with an OPTIONAL INLINE MICROPHONE with remote - a necessity for the many who use Bedphones as their all-day everyday headphones. NO modulates synaptic plasticity to regulate neuronal activity, either increasing or decreasing excitability. Thus, transformations in NO signaling could contribute to the plastic changes found in the VCN following AOE. Large multipolar cells (LMs) are glycinergic and provide inhibition (30), while small-to-medium-sized multipolar cells are excitatory and project mainly to the inferior colliculus, via the trapezoid body (31–33). Auditory stimuli for ABRs were presented binaurally via 25 mm loudspeakers (Peerless DX25).
Sections were then washed (3 × 10 min in PB), and incubated in PB-containing Vectastain ABC Elite solution (Vector Laboratories) and 1% NHS.

Luminance showed a large range of values over the soma with lower values over the nucleus and darker clumps in the cytoplasm. Staining density ratios were then calculated relative to RN for VCNipsi and VCNcontra in each control animal and each tinnitus animal. A consistent bimodal distribution of stained cells was apparent, although the absolute numbers and distribution of stained cells varied between individual control animals, partly as a result of different degrees of fixation.
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Not because we couldn't afford it, but just because of the principle of spending so much on a little pair of earbuds made me wary.I caved and got them a few weeks ago. Changes in neuronal excitability in the auditory system, including core and belt regions of auditory cortex (3, 4), the inferior colliculus (5), and both the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN) and ventral cochlear nucleus (VCN) (6–8) have been implicated in tinnitus generation. It is capable of altering normal physiological signaling in the brain, such as long-term potentiation via retrograde augmentation of pre-synaptic glutamate release (17). However, to date, neither the function of NO in the CN, nor the involvement of nNOS in tinnitus generation has been studied in detail. By examining the spatial location and size distribution of NOS-containing neurons, we sought to determine if either size or location could reveal changes in a specific functional class of VCN neuron, following AOE. To maintain a closed speaker system, polyethylene tubes (diameter of 20 mm) were connected to the speakers and positioned over the ear and pinna forming a seal around each ear.
This was particularly important, given that the different isoforms are not expressed exclusively in specific tissues.
We have not presented cell counts as absolute numbers, instead using relative values as counts varied greatly between brains, at least partly as a result of differences in the hardness of fixation. To determine if changes in NADPH-d levels were associated with a particular sub-group of neurons, we measured soma area in NADPH-d-positive cells. The value for each cell was taken as the mean value of the 20 darkest pixels that formed a contiguous group to give a representative value for the amount of enzyme in the cytoplasm. NADPH-d density ratios in the VCN (normalized relative to RN) in control and tinnitus animals were statistically examined with a repeated measures two-way ANOVA. Well, actually, my husband put them in the cart because he knew I wanted them and feel bad spending money on myself, but that's just semantics.Anyway, I've been using these every night for a few weeks, and they are absolutely worth every penny.
This may occur as a result of alterations in both inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmission (9–14). The sections were then washed in PB (3 × 10 min) to halt the DAB reaction, mounted on gelatin-coated slides, air-dried, dehydrated, and cover-slipped. Data were normalized by presenting them as percentages of the total number of cells counted or as a ratio of the two sides. Image processing software (Neurolucida, Microbrightfield, Colchester, VT, USA) was used to calculate the cross-sectional area of cells chosen by systematic random sampling. In the dorsoposterior aspect of the VCN, there were occasional cells that exhibited an octopus cell morphology (Figures 1A,E). Insert a new micro SD card or USB flash drive with your favorite mp3 sounds for unlimited sound library expansion.
Unilateral acoustic over-exposure (AOE) resulted in marked asymmetries between ipsilateral and contralateral sides of the VCN in terms of the distribution of NOS across the cochlear nuclei in animals with behavioral evidence of tinnitus: fewer NOS-positive cells and a reduced level of NOS staining was present across the whole extent of the contralateral VCN, relative to the ipsilateral VCN. GPs were placed inside a sound-proof booth and remained there for the duration of the ABR recording and AOE. The ratio of the total number of NADPH-d-positive cells counted in the VCNipsi compared with the number counted in the VCNcontra was calculated for each GP, and a mean ratio value calculated by pooling across all animals within a group. A grid of 5 × 2 squares was placed over the VCN, and all cells measured within a randomly chosen square. Luminance values were calculated in this way for the 30 most darkly stained cells from four pairs of sections from corresponding points of the VCN on either side (120 cells in total for each side).
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The asymmetric pattern of NOS-containing cells was observed as early as 1 day after AOE and was also present in some animals at 3, 7, and 21 days after AOE. Sections were initially cut at 100 μm if they were just being stained for diaphorase as this meant that all the sections from the block could easily be stained. The squares were numbered 1–10 and a random number generator used to choose a square.
Two of these sections were in PVCN and the other two in AVCN or the transition area above the nerve root. However, NOS-stained cells only made up a proportion of all cells within any given class; many neurons were either not stained or were unidentifiable (morphologically) owing to insufficient staining in the proximal dendrites. However, it was not until 8 weeks after AOE, when tinnitus had developed, that asymmetries were significant overall, compared with control animals. However, the higher background and increased incidence of stained somata overlying each other meant that all the later blocks were cut at 50 μm as this made the counting easier and allowed us to stain an alternate series immunohistochemically. In instances where neither test could determine normality, we selected a non-parametric test as a conservative approach to avoid falsely detecting significant differences. In order to determine whether enzyme levels in the VCN had increased or decreased after AOE, they were measured in relation to an internal standard that should not have been affected by noise exposure. This does not mean that the unstained cells did not contain any NOS – only that our methods were not sufficiently sensitive to detect any.
Asymmetrical NOS expression was not correlated with shifts in the threshold hearing levels.
Luminance measures were made on the large reticular neurons (RNs) in two bands on either side of the midline in the medulla.
Variability in NOS expression between animals may represent one underlying difference that can be linked to whether or not tinnitus develops after noise exposure. These bands were 0.8 mm wide and measurements were taken from 50 cells on each side using two sections at the level of the caudal pole of the DCN. The influence of hearing loss on the magnitude of ipsilateral–contralateral NADPH-d asymmetries in these groups was explored with a linear regression analysis. A measure of reaction product density (proportional to the amount of enzyme) was obtained by taking the log10 of the inverse of the luminance values.

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