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Hyperacusis And Social IssuesHyperacusis is a condition where one develops an abnormal sensitivity to . Tinnitus and hyperacusis evaluation and therapyDiagnosis of tinnitus begins with a tinnitus consult which is of no charge to the patient . NZ Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Support Network - About TinnitusNZ Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Support Network .
The TRT method in practiceConsidering the complexity of tinnitus and hyperacusis, it is logical and straightforward, both in treating the patient . Our passion is to help you hear better again, using the latest in audiology equipment for the most accurate assessments and using the most up to date technological advances in hearing aids. We specialize in adult rehabilitation; finding out the type of hearing loss you have and what you can do about it.
In New Zealand 1 in 10 people suffer from some degree of hearing loss, and it takes on average 7 years for people to do something about it.

We are happy to provide you with obligation free advice about the best hearing solution for you. Tinnitus ManagementTinnitus is the awareness of sounds such as buzzing, ringing or whistling that come from within the ear.
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Tinnitus is the name given to the sensation of sound when there is no external sound present. Whether this involves recommendations on amplification or just further relevant specialist opinions (i.e.

We can help you to manage the symptoms of tinnitus, with the right products and advice, such as our Triton Tinnitus Toolkit.Hearing enhancementIf you have a hearing loss, we can advise you on listening products to enhance your hearing, including TV amplification devices, state-of-the-art headphones, amplified phones, alarm clocks, and safety equipment such as smoke alarms and bed shakers. Hyperacusis is described as an abnormally strong reaction occurring within the auditory pathways resulting from exposure to moderate . If amplification is the best solution for you we will work with you to organise the very best option for your hearing needs. As we are an independant clinic owned by Sandra Pacheco we have access to a complete range of manufacturers and models and we are not linked to any one supplier. This means that what is recommended for you is totally selected on your personal needs for the best results for your hearing solution.

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