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New research finds Pycnogenol®, French maritime pine bark extract, is effective in relieving tinnitus symptoms.
In recognition of the company’s strong commitment to research, Natural Health Science (Horphag Research) was just awarded the 2010 SupplySide West Scientific Excellence Award for Pycnogenol®. This value-for-money product can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus through relaxation or distraction.
The Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System is a great little speaker with excellent sound quality for it's size.
The S-100 White Noise Machine from Sound Oasis is neat, portable and offers 10 white noise sounds to help ease the effects of Tinnitus. SleepPhonesA® Wired are ultra-slim soft headphones that provide the ultimate comfort for use in bed.
SleepPhonesA® wireless are ultra-slim soft headphones that provide the ultimate comfort for use in bed. Can we recommend taking advantage of Connevans low battery prices and buying some packs of Alkaline batteries for use with this product.

Recently published in Panminerva Medica, the study found that after four weeks of supplementing with Pycnogenol®, patients experienced a decrease in tinnitus symptoms including improved blood flow in the inner ear. The award will be presented at the SupplySide trade show this week, recognizing Pycnogenol® as one of the most innovative and researched ingredients within the nutraceutical industry. I don't have tinnitus, but use it to drown out sounds that I find annoying, such as barking dogs, loud music, machines running. It features 10 built-in relaxing sounds with the option to stream additional sounds or music using Bluetooth. Die extrem leichte Carbonverbindung verteilt die Aufprallenergie bei einem Unfall gleichmässig und macht den Helm gleichzeitig zu einem der leichtesten Integralhelme auf dem Markt.
Das komplett herausnehmbare, waschbare und verststellbare Innenfutter sowie die Wangenpolster sind aus weichem COOL-Quick-Dry Gewebe.
This study reinforces previous studies that reveal Pycnogenol® is a natural solution for improving vascular function. As with other tinnitus sound relaxers, the Wellcare is also used by some to create a soothing background ambience for restless babies.

Unlike some sound machines its volume can be set pretty loud, sometimes a necessity though I usually use it on a lower setting. Ausgestattet mit einem intelligenten Noise-Control-System zur elektronischen Reduzierung von Windgeräuschen. Entweder um zu hören was jemand sagt oder einfach um bewusst die Umgebung wahrzunehmen. The only thing that stops me giving it 5 stars is the repetitive looping on the Woods and the Birds setting, especially the Birds one which I simply can't listen to. I like all the other settings and usually listen to the Brook or the Rain, both of which are very soothing.
It could also benefit from having a handle as it's a rather awkward shape to carry and indeed I've dropped it once or twice (but no damage done so it must be pretty sturdy).

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