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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Nervously sitting in a Harley Street clinic, I am handed a mysterious device the size of a matchbox, attached to headphones.
The matchbox I was handed is a neuromodulator, which has been finely calibrated to deliver sounds that match the frequency of my internal noises.
LDN Muscle co-founder James Exton and his twin brother Tom turned their blogging hobby into a successful fitness guide business catering for those who want naturally lean and aesthetic physiques. Like most twins, James Exton and his brother Tom shared a lot growing up together – the same taste in clothes, music, sports, and the same entrepreneurial drive. But the south London-born siblings instead settled into the security of their individual careers. Their dream of setting up their own venture continued to bubble away beneath the surface, until one day the pair realised they had the perfect business formula right in the palms of their hands – in the form of barbells.
This was the beginning of LDN Muscle, the fitness company they established to provide premium online health and fitness programmes. At the end of 2012, the twins joined forces with their training buddies, brothers Max and Lloyd Bridger, and decided to start writing a blog, offering people free advice and guidance on exercise and nutrition. The brothers had no capital investment when they started and spent just ?1,000 on the website and ?10,000 per quarter on social media advertising. What makes the LDN Muscle business stand out, Exton feels, is the direct relationship they have with their clients.
Their guides have been downloaded in 181 countries, including Australia, the US and South Africa, with China and the Middle East on the brothers’ radar. Exton asks our board of experts: How can we make the transition to work on LDN Muscle full time in a way that wouldn’t be financially detrimental? Put together a plan agreed between the leadership group (and families and supporters) for a transitional move into full-time working at the company rather than all moving together. This would allow you to maximise profits by improving efficiencies, marketing and partnering opportunities that you are probably missing by working part time. Concerns can arise with the three having to trust the fourth to push their start-up forward in the way they wish. Nilufer AtikNilufer Atik has over 15 years experience writing for national newspapers and magazines.
The ambitious brothers, now 27, often talked about forming their own company, believing James’s diligent approach and Tom’s more laid-back nature would make them a formidable team.

Exton pursued a path in the legal profession, working as a barrister specialising in criminal law, while Tom embraced top-tier banking in the City. Since officially launching in February 2013, they’ve sold 41,000 downloads of their guides, for up to ?50 a time. Within months they had a Twitter following of over 55,000 and LDN Muscle was up and running. Training shouldn’t just be about looking good but about feeling good and looking after your health too.
Most of the bodybuilding websites and magazines catered for meathead types who wanted to get huge. The downside is the founders work up to 70 hours a week, managing day jobs alongside LDN Muscle. Without financial backing from supplement companies, though, they fear this might be difficult. You may need to make sacrifices at this stage and your first step is to decide what income you absolutely must have to cover your outgoings, and then what you are most comfortable with.
Take a low basic salary and, assuming you are making a profit rather than simply increasing turnover, take a director’s dividend based on your shareholding. Look for quick wins, get customers to pre-register for new releases to avoid your website crashing, employ great people, trust them, continue to have ideas for growth and be your own company’s best marketing spend. The lowest paid or most competent all-rounder should drop out of the day job to drive the company forward, supported by the business itself and the salaries of the other three. As profits – rather than just turnover – increase, the case can be made for another team member to drop out of his day job. By the time all four are full time in the business, growth should be exponential, with a different set of problems. However, if you have managed to work together this far there should be no reason why it cannot continue.
Clearly the expansion from a hobby to a business requires a shift of mindset and the requisite transition of us four eventually working full time on LDN Muscle.
How this might work to beat tinnitus is still not fully understood, but the theory is that it will eventually retrain the brain to stop generating phantom sounds.
Now, LDN Muscle offers three flagship guides as well as 20 e-downloads and a full clothing range. Ideally they’d like to grow the company while maintaining this ‘personal’ element but cut down on their hours.

Your accountant can explain how this can be done without compromising the company’s financial health.
The staggered approach suggested seems both fair and logical, and something we can work to implement.
Their ‘secret’ was adopting the principles of bodybuilding-style weight training and ‘clean’ eating but applying a healthy, holistic approach without the use of anabolic steroids, unnecessary supplements, or excessive hours spent in the gym. Decide whose skills are the most important at this stage, and perhaps for now only that person switches to full-time working. In hindsight at Mr & Mrs Smith we globalised too early, which took the focus off our core market. Being in essence a family-run business, with two sets of brothers, obviously adds a degree of difficulty – having both a blood and work relationship means even more reason to have complete transparency, fairness and trust. They wouldn’t be giving off the right image in the workplace if they walked into an important meeting in a suit about to burst at the seams and an orange tan.
Look at cost-effective ways to market yourself – having spent ?10k a quarter on social, you must now have some insight into what’s working.
The technical feedback regarding auto-scaling infrastructure is certainly invaluable to us too and an easy revenue saver.
Promisingly, my tinnitus pitch did start to get lower – but then it would suddenly, and repeatedly, shoot back up to 9,000Hz or beyond, meaning Williams had to recalibrate the device and start again. Nothing seemed to work for me and, in desperation, I turned to Mark Williams, principal audiologist at the private Tinnitus Clinic in London. Mark Williams, meanwhile, is finalising a scientific paper that he says will show the life-changing benefits that many tinnitus sufferers have derived from the treatment. The clinic offers a cutting-edge treatment designed to correct the overactive nerves in the brain that are thought to be the source of the sounds.
Hailed in some quarters as a miracle cure, (the somewhat laboriously named) acoustic coordinated reset neuromodulation has been developed by Professor Peter Tass, from the JA?lich Research Institute near Cologne, and has already been tried on 2,000 patients, most of them in Germany.

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