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Come in for a free hearing evaluation and receive a FREEcaption call phone (restrictions apply). ENTs (ear, nose, and throat specialists) and audiologists are both qualified to remove ear wax in their office. Your doctor may also use water to irrigate the ears as well as stronger medicinal solutions to break up the ear wax. If your audiologists feels that the buildup can be removed at home, he will either instruct you to buy a kit or send you home with one. Whether you need to stay at the audiologist’s office to have your ear wax removed or he sends you home with a kit, it's a relief to know that professionals know what they are doing and can help you get relief from ear wax buildup. Study conducted by UCLA Sleep Disorder Center concludes impact to brain function from sleep apnea. Sometimes ear wax can build up in your ears, which can be annoying and affect your hearing. Irrigation: This is where a soft pulse of water is passed into the ear canal to loosen and flush the wax away.

On occasion there may be more complex ear canals (those that have had surgery or people with perforations in the ear drum) where an ENT consultant would need to carry out the procedure which we are able to organise for you.
It is a very exciting time for us at Edinburgh Hearing Practice, with the opening of ourA hearing healthcare practiceA in Gullane in East Lothian. Most people have a normal amount of ear wax, and the ear wax drains out of the ears by itself. Some people are able to remove excess ear wax at home with kits or products that can be found at most drug stores.
ENTs are probably the more common choice for ear wax removal appointments, but some patients already have an audiologist that they trust and therefore decide to go and visit them instead of going to a new doctor.
They prefer to send patients home with an ear wax removal kit, but will do an in-office procedure if needed.
Know that if you feel most comfortable seeing an audiologist to remove ear wax, he will be fully capable of doing so. Edinburgh Hearing Practice are fully qualified to perform both irrigation and microsuction.

Our purpose built hearingA centre is at 4 Stanley Road, Gullane, EH31 2AD and with plenty of free parking it takes the stress out of having to take a trip into the city. Your audiologist will assess the seriousness of the ear wax buildup before deciding what actions to take. A currette is a small device with a scoop at the end that is used to gently scoop the ear wax out of the ear canal. Sometimes he will try one method first, or a combination of the methods to achieve results.
The solution works to soften up the ear wax, and the bulb syringe is used to gently flush out the ear wax with water.
In this case, it becomes necessary to visit the doctor and have the ear wax professionally removed.

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