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Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! When seeing SHINee in their everyday-wear and onstage it is difficult to imagine them as women. K-pop is riddled with unique fashionistas and trendsetters, but SHINee has a unique style all their own. Jonghyun is known as the chiseled main vocal with immense vocal flair, a cute dinosaur face, and his knack for soulful tunes. They haven’t made these barrels in several years but they are excellent shooters and much sought after. The chosen lock is the tried and true large Siler in flint fired by RE Davis set triggers directly into a drilled and coned vent.
The trim is in iron and the contrast of matt browned metal and warm cherry wood is very pleasing to the eye. KUNA — Sidney Sandburg will graduate from Kuna High School this month and pack her bags and head to New Mexico for a year of prep before she goes to her dream school — West Point Military Academy. The motivated, personable and athletic teen is ecstatic to move to New York to pursue her career and serve her country. The women’s soccer coach at West Point expressed interest in Sandburg’s talents during her sophomore year. Sandburg plans to earn her bachelor’s degree in bioengineering and would like to be an FBI agent.
Anna Lovelady, a language arts teacher at Kuna High School, has never seen a student with such tenacity.
After her time at West Point, Sandburg will embark on a five-year military contract as a second lieutenant. Idaho Falls students use an art project as an opportunity to forge bonds with local senior citizens.
The ‘buddy bench’ allows students to meet others on the playground if they have no one to play with. Parents, doctors and body image advocates are upset over a bathing suit body type guide in Discovery Girls, a magazine for girls aged eight to 13. The most obvious point of contention with the piece seems to be its potential for breeding body image issues in young girls.

According to a 2014 report of the standing committee on the status of women entitled "Eating Disorders Among Girls and Women in Canada," as many as 990,000 Canadians may meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder in our country at any given time. The committee report mentioned above states that, as of 2014, 61 per cent of Canadian girls in grades 7 and 8 were trying to lose weight. More problematic for others was the language used to instruct girls on how their bodies should be looked at.
From the get-go, SHINee has been defined by their incredibly synchronized dancing, complex choreography, and their ability to handle unique movement.
Hea€™s handsome, confident, slick-footed, and in control in music videos and while performing.
Wea€™ve had eight beautiful years with them and part of the joy of being a Shawol is watching them grow and change. The application process started in Sandburg’s junior year, including physical and mental exams, an academic review, and letters of recommendation. She was the captain on the girls varsity soccer team at Kuna High and has played club soccer since the age of 10.
The team will advance to the national tournament in May, but need to raise $7,500 to attend. One that's meant to help them with "tough issues like being rejected, not fitting in, and feeling pressured to be perfect"?
But perhaps more than that, Shawols know him for what hea€™s like when hea€™s not singing, dancing or acting: a chicken-loving, klutzy guy with a penchant for awkward jokes and a goofy (but always charming) grin. He has not only penned tunes for his solo album a€?Basea€? and multiple SHINee albums, but for fellow SHINee member Taemin, crooning singer IU, labelmates EXO, and talented youngster Lee Hi.
Ita€™s so much fun to see them reach out creatively and try new things and join in as they share their creations with us.
Of the five, Key leads the pack of shining SHINee members with his daring style and fashion sense. Check out our list of 16 idols in order of age (youngest to oldest), and see how beautifully they have aged!2.
But not always.As we speak (or rather, write), a second-generation iPod Classic is up for grabs on eBay carrying a whopping $20,000 Buy It Now price - that's more than ?13,800 in old money.
The list does not end here, and Ia€™m sure there will be much more to add as their careers continue on.

Well, it's got a storage capacity of 20GB, if you're really interested.Now, there's a few reasons why this iPod carries such a hefty asking price.
In 2014, Apple announced that it was discontinuing the iPod range, meaning they now officially classed as a 'collector's item'.
This particular device is still factory sealed, too, so you can be pretty damn sure it still works. And Apple, as one of the most iconic tech firms in history, elicits an absurd amount of brand loyalty.But $20,000 for something that basically does what a ?100 smartphone can do in 2016, except not quite as well?
Come on.Yet perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time we've seen a coffin-worthy gadget being flogged for silly money. Awarded to the winners of a Nintendo Power competition in the same year, this limited edition piece of 8-bit history features a custom combination of three NES classics: Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer and Tetris. Witness this 1997 TAM (Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh) computer, currently also being sold on eBay for some $20,000, or nearly ?14,000. With only 12,000 units produced, it was certainly a high-end product in its day, commanding an asking price of $7,500 - or more than ?5,100 - on its release in 1997. Among other features, it comes with built-in TV and radio tuners, a Bose audio speaker, and an AOI-esque design - all of which were pretty ahead of their time in the late-90s. Widely recognised as having inspired both the Macintosh and Windows systems that revolutionised the industry in the 1980s, total production of this particular machine was limited to about 2,000 units, making it one of the rarest ever. Perhaps, but unless you're the proud owner of a small-to-medium sized oil field, our final pick is almost certainly out of reach.
Which is probably why super luxe auction house Christie's deemed it worthy of at least $2 million, setting the reserve price at ?1.2 million when it went under the hammer back in 2004. Cheapskates.Image credit: Texas Instruments via Earth SkyWhat's your favourite vintage gadget or piece of tech history?

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