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I did manage to plant 20-something lily bulbs, in pots on the deck and around a birdbath in the front yard. So, the ear infection has been defeated, and now I wait to see how I feel as the eardrum heals closed again.
OK, for anyone who is not sick to death of my crochet projects yet, here is a photo of my current project, a scarf. Posted By: critterlovernow just add a dot-com and you are in business!I have been giving this a lot of thought. Joanne, I have some yarn that I think would suit that purpose admirably, but I could also easily buy some that would suit. Bought some new yarns today, in variegated shades of green, blue, aqua, yellow, turquoise, with the idea of making a wrap that will be thin ribbons of all those colors.
Some fabrics get caught in the fine hairs at the back of my neck, and that makes a problem when it's a knit - have to decide to snip hair or bits of fuzzy yarn. Yes, the shrug pattern I have sits just at the top of the spine, but you can actually shift it a bit forward or backward to have the top edge farther up or down on the neck.
Scolamiero in 1998 after my mother died and she said I should start some group for my type of brain tumor. I have felt rather dizzy for the past couple of days, which makes me wonder if I will need to keep a tube in place until the Meniere's is far away in the rear-view mirror. When I got it in the mail, I looked at it and wondered what on earth I was going to do with it, because I wasn't too thrilled. I can always buy more yarn in these colors and would be only too happy to work on commission. They are great!As for your ears, I know it's not the best solution but it's good to know that the tubes help and if, if you have to, you can have the tubes and know it will help. I love how you are managing your disease and sharing with us.So if no bidding is necessary for the scarf, may I buy it from you? I haven't been keeping track of how much time I'm spending on these pieces, so arriving at a price is going to be a little tricky!

I'm ready to pay your price for all of your work, effort, time and supplies and of course talent. I went to get my hair cut, and I wore one of my crochet creations, a shrug made from a yarn that incorporates green metallic threads into the overall color scheme of browns, charcoal greys, and creams.
My brother is pretty good at web design, and I think I could get him to design a site and launch it for me. What I do to put mine on is make my hands into fists so the fingers don't go through the open parts of the stitches, then slide then into the arms and adjust it so it's lying the way I want it to.
The doctor said something similar, which confirms my suspicion that keeping the hole open might help maintain my balance. For a few months, it really didn't bother me to be simply sitting on the sofa, doing hardly anything, but now it's making me itch all over. But I started using it as a practice run for a pattern I wanted to make out of a more expensive yarn, and it was so easy to work with, and so soft (even though it's 100% merino wool) and as the colors unfolded I liked it more and more. But as it healed, I started hearing louder tinnitus in the ear, feeling more pressure in my head, and experiencing more wobbliness in getting around. When I first saw this yarn, I was taken aback, because photos don't show the green metallic very well, so I bought it not knowing there was a metallic thread in it, let alone a green one!
But we will see how I feel in a week.I managed to put a few bulbs in the ground yesterday, the Peruvian daffodils and a handful of ostrich ferns.
My niece, who is going to turn 20 in June, is a beautiful girl with a perfect figure, and she would be great to model some of the items for me. Although I had to put down the crochet for the evening, because my hands were getting stiff!! I have a yarn I bought a few days ago that's shades of dark red, blue, and purple, which has a hint of metal in it for added sparkle. And when I saw the pattern for this shrug, I knew I had to make it using this yarn.Sure enough, I got compliments from two stylists at the salon where I get my hair cut. I will try to post a photo, but it's probably going to be hard to see the reflections, as it was with the shrug on the previous page.

And the bulbs I planted during the warm spell back in January have all come up, which is wonderful. Maybe I should make another one just for you, and that way I can keep it in mind from the start that it's a project for someone else, so I won't get attached while I'm working on it.
I started a new pattern yesterday, and it is FAR more complicated than I anticipated, almost like making lace.
That was daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths, standard spring fare.OOTG, let me devote some thought to this and get back to you? And after the hair appointment, I crossed the street to visit Sticks & Stitches, a yarn shop in Montclair, and the women who were in charge of the shop for the day started asking me about the shrug as soon as I was in the door.
Clearly I could never have been a surrogate mother, if I get this attached to a crochet project. They said they had noticed it as I was approaching the shop on the street, from as far away as across the street! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!Oh, and I was out in the garden today, snipping off dead twigs from last year and cleaning up some more of the beds and the driveway, where dead leaves were congregating from the winter. Before now, that would have usually made me MORE dizzy, not less, so maybe I'm making progress??Joanne, your theory about the air pressure and a tiny hole in the eardrum jives totally with my own assessment.
And I think the doctor would agree, because she has already said I might (or might not) need to have another tube inserted.
Anyway, here is a photo of the shrug (I cropped my face out to preserve my alleged MOL anonymity!) Unfortunately, the green metallic doesn't come across well in photos, but it's there! Each color was one skein, which means the total project takes nine skeins, for the nine colors.
The one I'm working on now is going to be about 2' wide, which would make it more of a shawl than a scarf.

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