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Children usually get more attacks of tonsillitis than adults as they get more colds and upper respiratory tract infections. Tonsils may become large as a result of these recurrent infections although large tonsils in the absence of any other problems are no cause for concern.
These candles have been manufactured in Hungary since 2003 and they are now available in the UK and Ireland. SafetyAn important safety feature of all Naturhelix products is a gauze filter at the bottom, preventing residue from falling down on the skin or in the ear. They also include a safety marker line indicating when to remove the candles from the body and a flameproof protective disk. The candles fit comfortably in the ear and have a burning time of around 10 mintues for each ear.

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This in a sense is important as it helps them too build up their immunity as they can only be immune to bugs you have been exposed to. Your family doctor will usually have a record of the history if your child has had several attacks of tonsillitis.
The entire manufacturing process is carried out by hand in a clean, bright environment using purely natural ingredients such as cotton, beeswax, essential oils and dyes from natural sources such as carotene, chlorophyll, beet juice etc.
The gauze cloth is fixed to the candle with a ring that is made from the same material as the candle. Discover all you need to know about medical conditions, and find out which treatments really work.

Attacks of tonsillitis can sometimes however get too frequent in which case surgery to remove them may be suggested.
The candles meet stringent safetystandards and are recommended by Mary Dagleish and Lesley Hart, authors of the book Ear Candling in Essence. Their smaller size fits easily into children’s ears and they have a burning time of around 8 minutes for each ear. Surgery is usually suggested when repeated attacks of tonsillitis cause a child to get very ill, miss school too often or result in a number of hospital admissions due to the tonsillitis.

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