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If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from this debilitating condition we may just have a solution for you. At the very first appointment, within the first half an hour of meeting us, the majority of clients report a significant reduction in the noise they hear. Consultations are free and we can establish and demonstrate immediately if we can help you. We do this at the initial consultation and give you a future prognosis of what to expect, whether you decide to give the treatment a go or not. Everything we do has been self-developed over the last three years, the data collected being from actual cases with real people - our customers! Tinnitus is in fact not a disease or an illness, it is a symptom of some underlying problem. First of all let's make it clear that tinnitus is only very rarely an indication of a serious problem. As part of our tinnitus therapy we carry out a complete hearing assessment including Puretone Audiometry, Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflexes, Otoacoustic Emissions and Speech Discrimination. There are many options for treatment with tinnitus dependent on the severity and the underlying cause. We are fully independent registered hearing aid audiologists providing a local service in and around Kent.
Hearing aids are more than mere amplifiers, they are complex digital devices and in order to for them to reach their life-changing potential they must be fitted by an expert. Hearing aids purchased online cannot be programmed properly to suit your specific hearing loss, and any money you save upfront will be lost with interest when the aids inevitably need repairing or adjusting to function properly.
We stock a range of hearing aid accessories and cleaning items for the vital maintenance of your hearing aid, along with all types of hearing aid batteries.
Products such as Oticon's ConnectLine range increase your control over your aids, enabling programme shifts and device synchronisation at the touch of a button. We also advise on noise protection products, such as sonic valve ear defenders for military or sporting use, along with custom-made swim plugs and specialist musician ear plugs. Hearing aid technology has improved greatly over the years - today’s digital instruments offer more natural hearing and are smaller, more efficient, and more comfortable than ever before.
Advanced devices such as Phonak's extended-wear Lyric can be placed so deeply in the ear that they are completely invisible.

At The Hearing Care Centre, we offer an extensive range of hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers. Colours have also come a long way from ‘hearing aid beige’, with today’s latest hi-tech hearing aids available in many subtle colour tones to blend in with your hair shade. Regain Hearing have developed tried-and-tested methods for treating a multitude of different Tinnitus sounds for clients from all walks of life.
We have our own unique multifaceted approach that has evolved over the years to incorporate natural and digital techniques. If you have tinnitus and you take medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether your medicine could be the cause.
However, it can be, so it is a good idea to come and see us and have it checked out particularly if the onset was sudden or if it is only present in one ear. Specifically for tinnitus assessment we conduct an interview using the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI). In many cases, correction of a hearing loss with well fitted hearing aids will eliminate the symptoms of tinnitus.
We pride ourselves in offering you the latest technology available from our vast portfolio of suppliers. The Earol spray pump delivers a measured dose of fine, pharmaceutical grade olive oil into your ear, so there’s no more mess. They no longer just make all sounds louder, but can differentiate between various sounds and present them in different ways. Merging the cosmetic advantages of ITE devices with the technological possibilities of BTE devices. These come in a variety of styles and fittings, from near-invisible ‘in the canal’ customised instruments to ultra-small ‘behind the ear’ models, some less than 1 inch long.
Tinnitus can be heard in one ear or two,or not perceived to be anywhere other than inside your head. We're starting to lose count now of the number of people who have had success with us and our new avant-garde approach, experiencing total relief or significant relief from their Tinnitus.
We have two years worth of clients to testify that even after initial treatment it actually gets progressively better over time. There really is nothing to lose and no better feeling for us when we get rid of your Tinnitus.

The key thing is that you shouldn't worry about it, because stress can actually make your tinnitus worse. This helps us to grade the severity of your tinnitus based on a world recognised scoring system. Sound therapy has proven to be an effective management tool for many people who suffer from tinnitus that isn't associated with underlying hearing loss. Users can also focus on specific things like speech, with background noise now more easily overcome. New open-ear designs incorporate the tiniest of components, while the very latest aids function seamlessly with other wireless devices like mobile phones, Bluetooth connections and televisions. Eventually, almost every client finds themselves in a position where Tinnitus doesn't bother them anymore. One method attempts to calm the nerve ending receptors, one gently agitates defective hair cells using stimulus, and the last one attempts to mask the effective misfiring of hair cells. Continual tinnitus is actually quite common, about ten per cent of the population suffer with continual tinnitus. After your evaluation we will discuss and implement a treatment plan designed solely for you. Sometimes however it can be caused by other problems that are not appropriate for treatment by us. Our success rate is really very high, and at very least we can tell you what type and degree of Tinnitus you have. We have done it for many others, call us now on 0800 028 6763 or book your appointment online now. Unfortunately for up to one per cent of adults it is a serious issue that has wide ranging effects on their ongoing quality of life.

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