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Tinnitus, which affects 1 in 5 Australians, is an annoying and potentially devastating condition. While normally initiated by damage to the ear, persistent tinnitus is generated by the repeated firing of auditory neural pathways in the brain.
Hyperactive brain cells - neurons in the auditory processing parts of the brain firing when they shouldn't be.
Effectively managing stress and maintaining a positive outlook on life is an important part of alleviating tinnitus. Sound Therapy is like physiotherapy for the ear and brain - daily exercise that helps strengthen the ear muscles and brain pathways. The "Electronic Ear" used in the recording of Sound Therapy challenges the ear with constantly alternating sounds of high and low tone. These alternating frequencies exercise the middle ear muscles, improving their tone and responsiveness. Auditory mapping refers to the patterns we learn to recognize through repeated firing of certain groups of neurons in our auditory cortex. Sound only makes sense to the degree that the brain can perceive the sounds it receives, and this depends on our auditory mapping. See your health professional to check whether your tinnitus is affected by large secretions of wax, TMJ syndrome, or acoustic neuroma. You will learn more about all the available options, helping you make an informed choice about how to manage your own tinnitus. ABC's Second Opinion program followed Eric Mutton's progress as he tried Sound Therapy for his tinnitus. Metal worker Paul Bazelmans was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in an article called "The sound of therapy". Reverend Sarsha Carpenter was introduced to Sound Therapy during her studies to help her tinnitus, which left her housebound. As she was studying at the time, she put her Sound Therapy on in the morning and would leave it on all day.
I still have bouts of dizziness (slight imbalance) but I find this much easier to deal with than vertigo. I can testify that the tinnitus volume has decreased, it is much lower and the tone has also changed. Generally speaking, I think that my state improved in regards of well being and tinnitus especially.
2 months ago I really enjoyed going to the club whether in the past I hated such loud places. I can play the piano using hearing aids or using headphones (ita€™s a good quality digital piano), and can enjoy it both ways. In 2008 After some research into tinnitis I found Sound Therapy, and bought the Basic Music Kit, consisting of 4 sound cassettes. I bought the SOUND THERAPY gadget back in July after the specialist told me that I have tinnitus.
My tinnitus is much less intense and my hyperacusis has lessoned measurably after only thirty hours of listening.
I've been using sound therapy for 5 months now and it works my tinnitus is greatly improved.

I have been away overseas so only started on the Sound Therapy programme a little over a week ago.
As for the tinnitus, I have become aware that when I wake up some mornings it is no longer there.
Personally, I have experienced phenomenal mind, body and spiritual benefits from Sound Therapy. Last night, after weeks, in the bed I realized that the tremendous ringing in my right ear had disappeared.
It's been several months without any big, deafening sound or that which affects my wellbeing. The benefits overall (after 300 hours) were that my tinnitus did decrease in volume and my sleeping improved. I stumbled across Sound Therapy when I was 26 when I found the book Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain in a bookstore. After extensive damage due to a long career performing in a loud rock band, I thought I would never hear 'silence' again.
I suffered from Tinnitus for several years until it reached the stage where it was difficult to go to sleep. My tinnitus, which my doctor said was incurable, was cured after several weeks of 3 hours a day listening. One morning, it was the 22nd of August, I suddenly noticed that the noises on the left ear had gone.
About four years ago I started getting ringing in the left ear, followed by light-headedness and dizziness. About eight years ago, I read an article in a Women's magazine about the damaging effects of loud noise on our hearing. A few months later, the ringing in my ears, my regular dizzy spells, and my headaches, were largely gone. My last visit to the Otologist showed no further hearing loss since my previous audiogram, 2 years prior. My experience of hearing as a child was disastrous with numerous infections and abscesses in my ears throughout my childhood. Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG): a common additive to make food tastier, especially in chinese food. Duke Hospital now uses the new Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment system from Australia to help tinnitus sufferers. There are several locations in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties where you can drop off your ballot today. What Can Cause Tinnitus?Tinnitus can be triggered by a variety of causes, but is commonly linked to exposure to loud sounds, which can damage the delicate sensory cells of the inner ear. Counselling with an experienced hearing healthcare professional trained in managing tinnitus improves your chances of success in regaining your quality of life. I have spent many hours researching and learning about Tinnitus, because of this many hypnotherapists around the world come to me for practical help and advice.This CD is designed to help calm, reducing your tinnitus awareness, helping you to habituate to the noise within days. He reported that since using Sound Therapy his tinnitus "has definitely improved enormously". This led to nerve deafness and tinnitus which I was told was irreversible, and an ear operation.

This condition has also been associated with stress, ear infections, aging, excessive earwax, high blood pressure, and sensory nerve disorders. Simply play the CD at home and be amazed by the resultsAs well as the CD you will be given important email support and advice to help with your own Tinnitus condition, depending on the type of tinnitus you have, the treatment of it might be different.I have helped patients with hearing loss related Tinnitus, TMJ , sinus, pulsatile, pressure, virus related and many more ailments relating to Tinnitus. Activities such as smoking; drinking alcohol or caffeine, and taking excessive amounts of aspirin or antibiotics may exacerbate tinnitus.
I absolutely did not want to get into taking what I consider to be wierd sleeping meds, and it looks like I will not need to. But it’s not covered by insurance and is expensive — about $4,500 for a device that resembles a portable music player and for sessions with an audiologist to tailor the treatment. Being able to handle the T means everything to me, as I enjoy my job, and I just don't want to have any problems with my attendance. When the ear can no longer pick up a certain sound frequency, scientists theorize, the brain fills the void, causing a non-stop din. The day I got it though, I was keen and put it in and did as it said, followed the instructions, etc.. However, here is how I felt after using it that one time: After listening to it I felt like I wanted to just curl up and go to sleep. There were no noticeable effects immediately and I put the CD aside & carried on with my life in the normal fashion. The next day I woke up after a really really good sleep and just did the normal things I do day to day.
I did not even give the CD a second thought and it wasn't until about 2 or 3 days later when I noticed the CD on my desk, I realised that the constant ringing noise had not been bothering me since I woke up that morning after listening to your CD. It's a very odd thing because it is still there to an extent, but I am switched off to the ringing sound. It's only when I consciously think about it that I kind of start to notice it but even now, 2 months after getting the CD I have still only played it through once but it did the job and I know if I played it through more I would get more benefit from it.
John, New South Wales.""Dear Charles,Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for doing something for me that has not been possible for about 70 years or so.
As you now know, I am 79 years (very) old and this is the first time in my life that I have learnt and can be RELAXED as taught by you.
Regarding the effects of your further help regarding my Tinnitus, the CD has turned out to be extremely helpful. Selberg, Faribault - USAI can honestly say that now, after several weeks, my tinnitus has gone from an 8 (1-10 scale) to about a 2 or 1.
The basis for this is, I believe, re-training the subconscious to discriminate those sounds deemed to be threatening versus non-threatening.
However, by causing the conscious mind to relax its "grip" on searching for the non-threatening sounds, relief is achieved.
Most importantly, it will teach you how to reduce your awareness.What makes this product so different to any other CD on the market, is that you will be given email support to help manage your tinnitus. You might be interested to hear the history of how I started helping patients with TinnitusYou can even find my Tinnitus articles in the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, Action for Tinnitus Research Journals."I am not worried or anxious anymore!"Hypnosis is very similar to the feeling when you fall asleep you are always aware.

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