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The overall goal of the Hearing Restoration Project is to develop biological methods for inducing sensory regeneration in the mammalian inner ear.
Action: To induce sedation, to nourish yin and subdue the overflowing of yang, and to soften hard masses and eliminate nodulation.
Shell of Ostrea gigas In elongated pieces, dorsal and ventral edges almost parallel, 10~50 cm long, 4~15 cm high. Oyster shell has the effcts of suppressing the yang and tranquilizing--similar to dragon's bone.
If that sounds more like a task than a pleasure, don't worry: Fohr does most of the work for you.
Though it doesn't contain a literal pause, "A Story of This World" is In Plain Speech's most stillness-inducing track, and its best. Past Circuit Des Yeux albums flirted with the maudlin, but In Plain Speech feels brighter and more optimistic; the music seems to be continually rising. The optimism of In Plain Speech still comes with plenty of heavy drama, especially in Fohr's harrowing singing. That openness to collaboration dovetails with Fohr's framing of In Plain Speech as an outward-looking album. It is notable that the ears of all nonmammalian vertebrates appear capable of spontaneous regeneration after injury, and we believe that a complete understanding of this regenerative process is likely to suggest methods for initiating regeneration in the ears of humans.
In these experiments, the investigators will damage hair cells, then examine the molecular responses of hundreds of individual cells. The right shell relatively small, scales strong and thick, arranged in laminated or laminating striated order. The outer surface of the right shell pale yellow, with loose concentric scales undulating up and down; the inner surface white. With the effects of benefiting yin and clearing away, its effect of suppressing yang is strengthed.
This drug is often used in symptoms of dizziness and insomnia due to excess of yang and deficiency of yin.

Her songs escort you toward stillness and awe rather than requiring you to get there first. In "Do the Dishes", after a stretched-out haiku moaned over a cycling sample, she retreats into complete silence, then re-emerges with long, wordless tones. On the surface, it's a simple folk tune, with acoustic strums, gentle strings, and Fohr's koans about how "all the gold turns to rust." But the tune's primal patience—its willingness to hang in space as it moves, to stand rather than sprint—is so thorough it feels like nature. Where she was once introspective, Fohr is now interested in human connection, using second and third person more than first. Dark, thick, and nearly scraping baritone, her voice is so strikingly different —and so unafraid to skirt melodrama—that you can never quite get comfortable with it.
As she recently put it, "This record is me putting out my hand and asking the world to grab onto it." That may seem to contradict the idea of this music as meditative, but it actually fits quite well.
Our studies focus on the avian inner ear, which has a particularly robust regenerative ability.
Bioinformatics techniques will allow them to order those cells along a timeline that will reveal the molecular changes that unfold during hair cell regeneration.
The concentric scales of the left shell strong and thick, with several distinct ribs radiated from the umbo, the inner surface concaved in shape of a box; hinge surface small. But truly meditative music isn't so much sedative as it is transformative, inducing a deliberately slower, quieter mental state. The music is immediate and enveloping, and because of her rich, stirring voice, it's sometimes even bracing. A similar full stop comes after the folk-rock climax of "Fantasize the Scene", as Fohr appends a string-heavy epilogue that evokes the best dirges of Nico. Here and in the slow-burning instrumental "Dream of TV", Circuit Des Yeux recalls the Dirty Three, the way they grow a tune so organically it feels more like weather than music—and the way they tease out powerful emotions without triggering easy sentimentality.
But that uniqueness is part of what makes her music so compelling, as is her willingness to drift into wordless sounds—perhaps her recent experience using her voice as an instrument in Mind Over Mirrors was an influence.
Here, with the help of some Chicago neighbors—including Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas), Rob Frye (Bitchin Bajas), and Kathleen Baird (Spires That in the Sunset Rise)—her music opens up and spreads out, incorporating more percussion and strings.

Where previous records offered a portal into Fohr's own inner space, In Plain Speech is about altering her listeners' perceptions, and taking them somewhere new. Pale purple, grayish-white or yellowish-brown; the inner surface porcelain white, without denticles at both sides of the umbo.
That's the kind of meditation Haley Fohr encourages as Circuit Des Yeux, and never more so than on In Plain Speech.
The left shell with deep depression, scales bigger and more rough than those of the right shell, attachment surface of the umbo small.
Part of that comes from the way she builds songs, adding pieces and textures subtly over time. But much of In Plain Speech's meditative power is a product of the wholeness and commitment of Fohr's vision, which communicates itself on a more intuitive level.
The attacks had begun the previous day, out of the blue, while he was playing with the couple's dog, Sascha.
Fohr's not here to placate, but she does seem bent on getting you to step back, to hear things calmly rather than in a rush. Farquhar that he was most likely suffering from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.The problem accounts for perhaps 25 to 40 percent of patients seeking medical attention for dizziness.
The disorder has been nicknamed "top-shelf vertigo," and hair salon customers sometimes experience it when leaning back for a shampoo, as do patients sitting in dental chairs.
The three semicircular canals of the inner ear loop out - more or less at right angles, like three edges of a box meeting at the corner - from a chamber called the vestibule. The slight fluid movements in these canals in response to head movements and gravity activate the hair-trigger cells that relay positional information to the brain.Inside the vestibule, scores of tiny "stones" called otoliths are attached to \na membrane, and when the head turns in any direction, the slight force imparted to the otoliths is translated into nerve messages about motion and orientation.

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