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Tinnitus patients have very similar symptoms to Meniere's patients, tense neck and shoulder muscles and dental problems. Advocates of this technique believe that both physical and mental ill health are partly caused by the incorrect use of the body over many years - often since childhood. Some people have found a small electric massager helpful to rub over the neck, shoulder and face muscles.
Or at least make sure you stretch your neck muscles frequently - especially on the side where you hold the phone.

They believe that if people habitually adopt an incorrect posture - with tensed muscles, humped backs, crossed legs and jutting chins - the nervous system and the muscles cannot function properly, and there is a lack of co-ordination and of balance. I know, you will have a reason, but even though you are not aware of it - your body is not comfortable.
In the red chair there is nothing, so the body wriggles down till the head finds the top of the chair. Could you get used to sitting upright - with a small cushion behind your back?Tips for travelling.

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