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Many people suffer in silence with some form of hearing loss, you think that it is alright and you are hearing all you want to. Kate Townsend Poole is a highly qualified hearing aid audiologist, who runs HearSense a family practice based in the centre of Clitheroe.
As a totally independent practice there is no bias to any one hearing aid manufacturer, which means that you get the very best advice and truly the most appropriate hearing aid for your hearing needs.
If your hearing aid has been purchased from another supplier we can offer repair and service to any make and model of hearing aid. The hearing assessments are carried out in our specially customised quiet room in Clitheroe. All advice is without obligation or bias, we have all the very latest technologies available for a trial period. What is vital is that if you are exposed to loud sounds either at work or leisure activities that you seek out, purchase and wear appropriate hearing protection. We offer customised made to fit hearing protection to protect form the damaging affects of noise. Hearing is precious, if you damage your hearing through noise exposure that damage is irrecoverable and permanent. NIHL Screening Services - This service is designed to identify positive cases of noise-induced hearing loss and filter out cases of non noise-induced hearing loss or non-organic hearing losses.
We have in recent months been working alongside many ENT Consultant Surgeons in the North West.
We have 8yrs experience in dealing with adults with hearing loss, and increasing experience assessing children.
If your patients are considering  a private hearing aid and would like to take advantage of the latest digital technologies HearSense can provide them a, without obligation, comprehensive hearing assessment. Tinnitus skyldes ofte l?ngere tids eksponering for hoje lyde, som man eksempelvis ser det blandt klassiske musikere.
Hyletonen opstar nemlig i hjernens prim?re horecenter, idet alt for mange neuroner stiller ind pa den samme frekvens og dermed forst?rker lyde i et sn?vert frekvensomrade.

Man ved ikke, pr?cis hvorfor lidelsen opstar, men mistanken er rettet mod en af hjernens helt basale egenskaber. Forskerne formoder derfor, at neuronerne i horecenteret aktiveres til at ?ndre­ sig, nar man uds?ttes for kraftig stoj, og det kan fa dem til at stille ind pa nye frekvenser. Derfor har man i flere ar overvejet, om det var muligt at kurere tinnitus ved at benytte det samme princip bagl?ns og derved fa neuronerne til at stille sig tilbage til den gamle frekvens.
Den strategi viste sig at b?re frugt, da det i februar 2011 lykkedes doktor ­Navzer Engineer fra University of Texas i Dallas, USA, og hans kolleger at befri forsogs­rotter for deres horeskade. Allerede efter 10 dages terapi med nervestimulering og samtidig afspilning af de rette toner viste dyrene ikke ­l?ngere nogen tegn pa ­tinni­tus. Det har givet forskerne blod pa tanden, og de er allerede begyndt at afprove den nye ­behandling af tinnitus pa mennesker. Det digitale armband Life Tracker sender data om din sovn og aktivitet til din smartphone, sa du kan folge med.
L?s Illustreret Videnskabs digitale temanumre med de bedste artikler om fascinerende emner. Vi anvender cookies til at huske dine indstillinger og give dig den bedst mulige oplevelse pa sitet.Denne information deles med samarbejdspartnere. Nobody wants to admit they are getting older, but with up to 4 million people in the UK suffering in silence, everyone has a part to play when it comes to breaking the stigma associated with hearing problems.
You, or your partner, may feel isolated or even stop attending functions, church, restaurants, family events or meetings because you find it difficult to hear. You can have total confidence that your hearing aid will be looked after and kept in the best possible condition to help you to hear as well as you can.
We are here help everyone understand more about hearing problems from the facts, the stigmas and the solutions. If you feel that you or your loved one is struggling to hear and you are missing out on conversation, then it is time to have a thourough and without obligation hearing assessment.
Some people are more susceptible to damage than others, the trouble is you dont know if you will be affected or not.

Correctly fitting custom made earphones mean that you can reduce the volume and listen more safely for longer.
HearSense also provides a route of referral for those patients who require assistance from hearing aids and or hearing protection. Men forskerne har fundet ud af, at horecenteret kan omprogrammeres, sa den generende lyd fra tinnitus forsvinder.
Men forskere har fundet ud af, at hjernen formentlig kan omprogrammeres, sa tinnitus forsvinder. De mange ensrettede neuroner pavirker desuden hinanden og begynder at affyre nervesignaler i takt, selv om de slet ikke er blevet stimuleret.
Meget tyder endda pa, at denne helbredelse af tinnitus kan v?re langvarig eller maske ligefrem permanent. Danmarks storste popul?rvidenskabelige arkiv, et stort video-site og et nemt og mobilt e-magasin. We believe that armed with this knowledge you can play a valuable part in ensuring hearing problems are resolved early and together.
The results will be explained to you so that together we can make the best decisions to assist you. You will be able to see if there is any wax in your ears thanks to our tiny Video Camera which allows you to see into your own ear canals. Men nu er der lys for enden af tunnelen, idet amerikanske forskere er langt fremme­ med en helt ny behandling af tinnitus.

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