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The International Diabetes Federation predicts that one in 10 adults could have diabetes by 2030, according to their latest statistics. Certain popular diabetes medications are being recalled, while others are under investigation. This is much more serious than a misprinted label…or a lack of effectiveness. If your medication hasn’t been recalled yet – or if it is investigated for a lethal threat – then it could be next on the list, so please pay close attention to this urgent message.
On April 3rd, 2000, Time Magazine reported that the type-2 diabetes drug,Rezulin, had been pulled from the market a week earlier.
Back then, the FDA approved 2 other diabetes drugs for use that had the same effects as Rezulin: Actos and Avandia.
Actos (Pioglitazone Hydrochloride), which is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, can cause peripheral edema and fluid retention resulting in possible congestive heart failure.
Avandia (Rosiglitazone Maleate), a product of Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), was shown to increase the risk of stroke by 27%, in a study by David J. GSK itself – in a trial known as ADOPT (A Diabetes Outcome Progression Trial) – reported an increased risk of bone fractures in hands, feet and upper arms in diabetic women who took Avandia.
It has also been suggested that these diabetes medications – like their cousin Rezulin – are responsible for life-threatening liver damage.
Additionally, a 2007 study found that Avandia may also increase the risk of heart attacks by 43%. As a result, Avandia is responsible for 13,000 lawsuits against GSK and they have agreed to settle 11,500 of these.
Now to me, setting aside $3.4 billion to pay off thousands of lawsuits before they get to court is a clear admission of guilt. It was a long term study pitting the low-fat American Heart Association diet against a carb-controlled Mediterranean diet. In a study conducted over 4 years (the longest of its kind), 215 overweight adults that had been recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes were followed and divided into 2 groups  One group followed the AHA diet and the other participated in the Mediterranean diet. Based on the study, the Mediterranean diet lowered and maintained lower glucose levels compared to the AHA low-fat diet. The winning group was given a diet of fruits (and lots of them), vegetables, whole grains (very important component to this diet because they help prevent heart disease, stroke and heart attack), olive oil, and lean protein such as fish, chicken and nuts.
The winning group also exercised daily, restricted their daily calories to 1,800 for the men and 1,500 for the women. In the end, the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that 56% of the Mediterranean dieters were able to control their blood-sugar levels without diabetes medication, compared to the paltry 30% on the low-fat diet. I recently read that type 2 diabetes is caused by omega 6 oil clogging the insulin or glucose receptors in cells of the body, and this clogging can be reversed by decreasing the amount of omega 6 oil one consumes and increasing the amount of omega 3 oil one consumes – in effect, actually curing diabetes.

It’s important to emphasize that the “cure” for diabetes is not found in a pill, but rather in a change in lifestyle. You just started taking a new water pill and you’ve noticed that you have some ringing in your ears.  Should you be worried?
Any drug that can damage your inner ear (your hearing and balance systems are both part of your inner ear) is called an ototoxic drug.
There is a long list of drugs that can cause hearing loss.  This article focuses on one category of medications, loop diuretics.
If you experience any of the following after starting a new medication, contact the prescribing doctor immediately.
Since some of the effects of ototoxic medications can be reversed its always a good idea to contact the doctor who prescribed the medication sooner, rather than later. My regular thyroid medication Levoxyl has recently been recalled, and I’m told will be unavailable for months.
In my opinion, it is a crime for a pharmaceutical company to add the very compound responsible for the condition to the remedy! Be cautious about selecting Synthroid as your thyroid medication, and discuss options with your doctor if you have side-effects. This entry was posted in Celiac, Health and tagged gluten, Hashimoto's, medication, meds, synthroid, thyroid on May 12, 2013 by Pamela. If it is autoimmune (Hashimoto’s), I highly recommend the book The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantine, PhD as a resource. I have 17 yrs taking Synthroid and have hashimoto disease but thank God i talorate the medication, im sorry u were unable to take Synthroid.
I had my pharmicist and my doctor both call Mylan and they confirmed their levo does not contain gluten. Hi Shauna, you should probably check with the manufacturer re possible additives in Cytomal as well. Recently discovered that Goldenseal (herb) should be avoided by those with autoimmune disorders – apparently it stimulates the immune system.
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Breezewood contends their town depends on the current alignment of I-70 running through it. I believe that most of the business that Breezewood receives is from commercial truck drivers.

And they as well as others will contiue to use Breezewood as a stopping spot even if a direct connection is made for I-70. Your body simply cannot keep up with an increasing need for insulin and grows ever more resistant to its own natural production.
It has also been linked to an increase in upper respiratory tract infections, headaches (some severe), dental problems and sinusitis. For the 4th quarter of this year, GSK has tucked away $3.4 billion for out-of-court settlements.
But despite this, they have yet to recall Avandia and completely remove it from the market.
However, 200,000 bottles of Glumetza (Metformin Hydrochloride) were recalled in 2010 because they were contaminated by tribromoanisole (TBA), a pesticide found in the wood pallets used for transporting the drug. But, if you are mindful about what you are taking, keep up on the latest developments, and really want to stop being a Big Pharma guinea pig, then check with your doctor and see if the Mediterranean diet is for you. It took me longer to figure out why I was returning to a poor state of health though I’m religious about what I consume. But prior to 1997, it was tested on just 3,000 patients with results that it helped control diabetes.
But, the most shocking side effect was published in an article by WebMD: increased risk of bladder cancer. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
Some of the subjects suffered irregular liver reactions, but there was no permanent health threat.
Levoxyl was also GF, so if they correct their manufacturing issues, that formula is at least covered by insurance. However, the last few years I’ve developed what I think it tendinitis in my fingers and knees. I’m also still very tired all of the time and my time of the month is more painful than I remember it ever being (enough that my doctor prescribed Naproxen).

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