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I understand that we all experience dizziness and the onset of dizziness in different ways. Spinal fluid is generated mainly by the choroid plexus -- vascular structures within the lateral ventricles.
Regarding the hearing symptoms, oddly enough, tinnitus and low frequency hearing loss also is found in persons with low CSF pressure. The diagnosis of hydrocephalus is mainly based on imaging studies -- CT scans or MRI scans. Not all hydrocephalus is treated -- for example, if hydrocephalus is discovered in adulthood, but it started in childhood, often no treatment is advocated. Mechanical systems nearly always eventually fail, and shunts are no exception to this general rule. It seems highly unlikely that the pressure fluctuations in the ventricles after a shunt, are as well controlled as pressure fluctuations in a normal brain. Spinal fluid is transmitted through the 3rd and 4th ventricles, and is absorbed through the arachnoid granulations -- vascular structures in the lining of the brain.
This involves injection of dye into the shunt tubing, and taking an X-ray to see where it went. It follows that in a person with a shunt, there will likely be some gradual long-term damage to the brain associated with pressure fluctuation. Hain has done most of the work, there have been many other contributors to this material over the years. These cysts can cause intermittent symptoms as they can obstruct the flow of CSF on an intermittent basis.

It would seem to us that this method might be more difficult to regulate than the programmable shunt. In other words, no matter what method is used to treat hydrocephalus, lacking any intelligence (and we have no computerized shunts as yet), it cannot function as well as a normal brain.
Many of the graphics were originally funded by an NIH educational center grant to Northwestern University in the 90's.
That being said I have noticed that we dizzies regardless of diagnoses describe many of the same sensations and share the same life altering effects that vestibular dysfunction causes. The scans above are from a patient who presented with brief spells, lasting 5-10 seconds, of a jumbling sensation, accompanied by unsteadiness and trouble seeing to the left. If you are lucky enough never to have had vertigo or dizziness due to vestibular issue then jump around with joy because you simply have not experienced true dizziness ( you lucky things). She was scanned because of the unusual nature of her symptoms, but with the thought she might have migraine. Because of the hydrocephalus, she was operated, as there is a danger of sudden death from these entities. It is a scary, sweat inducing, heart racing experience that unfortunates like myself seem destined to encounter. Your spatial awareness, balance, cognitive ability and vision are temporarily or permanently ( as in my case) altered and you can no longer function normally. The level of disorientation can be overwhelming as it scrambles your senses into complete disarray. When you have a healthy vestibular system everything is fine and dandy, you wouldn't give your vestibular system a second thought ( hell, i didn't even know I had a vestibular system) but if something goes wrong, look out!Since my vertigo attack on Friday May 25th 2007 my symptoms have never left.

They are present from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I go to sleep at night, they are never ever gone, I repeat They are never ever gone!!. This idea that you can possibly live with a never ending relentless illness with no let up day after day and year after year seems a very hard notion to grasp for many.
It doesn't matter if you see me smiling, walking, watching TV or laughing, The fact is I am constantly enduring many uncomfortable sensations. I am not experiencing short dizzy spells but constant, round the clock dizziness and vertigo. Simple tasks such as cooking, talking to another person for a length of time or brushing my teeth can up the intensity of my symptoms. It is a list of symptoms published by the Vestibular Disorders Association and it describes my situation perfectly.I have modified the list somewhat to better suit my situation.
Eyes feel stiff and slow▪ Discomfort from busy visual environments such as traffic, crowds, stores, and patterns.
Supermarkets are terrible for increasing imbalance, disorientation and reducing cognitive ability due to the amount of visual stimuli. Places with artificial lighting or a dark room, even a dull overcast day will increase all my symptoms such as the sensation of the floor lifting me up and down, my proprioception will be affected ( I will actually feel lost in space,floating).

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