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Wearing hearing aids has been such a positive experience for Marie Redfern, she wants to encourage others with hearing loss to try them, too. Your experience can provide helpful information to someone looking for a great hearing care provider, reward a clinic for taking good care of their patients and create a sense of community where you live. ReSound strives to create hearing technology which helps people rediscover the beauty of sound again.
In addition to the common range of hearing aid types and styles, ReSound has a unique hearing aid style called microphone in helix (MIH), or remote microphone. All of ReSound’s latest hearing aids include made for iPhone (MFi) technology for easily connecting the hearing aids with mobile phones and MP3 players.
5 (Good): This level contains the extensive standard feature set, including a tinnitus sound generator, audio streaming for iPhone and connectivity to all external accessories. 7 (Better): This level contains all the standard features plus advanced versions of certain features, like the directionality, noise reduction and wind reduction algorithms. ReSound offers a super power hearing aid, the Enzo2, for individuals with severe and profound hearing loss.
The tinnitus sound generator feature is available in all styles and technology levels for the LiNX2 hearing aid model. In addition to an innovative line-up of hearing aids, ReSound makes accessories and assistive listening devices (ALDs) to improve user experience. ReSound also has several smartphone apps that can connect with their wireless hearing aids.
1989 – GN Danavox introduces Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC), a ground-breaking find in sound processing. 1992 – GN Danavox introduces the first commercially available hearing aids to use digital sound processing.
1996 – GN Danavox forms a strategic alliance with ReSound, a small hearing aid company founded in 1984 by Rodney Perkins. Phonak’s tinnitus management system is referred to by the name “Tinnitus Balance” it is a sound generator and is currently available on Audeo Q series hearing aids.
When the tinnitus noise generator is enabled the Tinnitus Balance shape can be set to White Noise, Pink Noise or the curve of the hearing loss. By using the up and down arrows the dispenser can adjust the overall volume of the noise produced. This is a smartphone application that allows the user to operate a customised sound plan to manage their tinnitus. Diversionary sounds can be selected from the user’s music library or from the sounds included with the Application which is available from the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android. We conducted this study in an attempt to determine whether the electroencephalographic activity in patients suffering from tinnitus exhibits tinnitus-typical electroencephalography features.
Power-spectrum analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) has often been applied to the study of various forms of brain dysfunctions [4]. Before the records were subjected to quantitative analysis and interpretation, all EEG data were visually inspected for artifacts due to movements and muscular activity.
All EEG data were collected under controlled conditions with the patient reclining comfortably in an armchair with eyes closed in a sound-attenuated, electrically shielded room. The average total power for a patient was calculated by averaging the total power from each of the 19 electrode leads. Average power was calculated for delta (2-4 Hz), theta (4-7 Hz), alpha (8-13 Hz), and beta (14-21 Hz) frequency bands.
For tinnitus patients, we recognized a suppression of alpha power in particular in the temporocentral regions of the brain (Fig.
Furthermore, specific brain maps could be calculated for patients suffering from a bilateral or unilateral tinnitus.
Additionally, we calculated a distribution pattern for delta, theta, and beta foci in male and female tinnitus patients.
We employed power spectra to evaluate the efficacy of noise generators in the treatment of patients suffering from tinnitus. The presented data indicated that with the aid of computerassisted EEG analysis, tinnitus-typical EEG features can be extracted from the electroencephalographic activity. Various publications have described changes of the beta and alpha frequency bands in tinnitus patients [6,8,9,14]. Patients suffering from a unilateral tinnitus exhibited increased beta power in the central region of the brain, whereas a reduced beta power was detected in the anterior frontal and posterior temporal regions of the brain, areas that are involved in attention and related to cognitive processes [17]. The reactivity of the alpha frequency band represents a reliable parameter in evaluating the efficacy of the noise generator, a device crucial in tinnitus-retraining therapy.
This article was presented at the Deutsch-Amerikanischer Tinnituskurs fur Arzte und arztliche Assistenzberufe, Bad Kissingen, Germany, March 24, 2004. Since most people already have a great sound system that has a set of tone controls and large speakers, our noise generators were designed to be connected to those very sound systems.
Please Note: The noise signals produced by this device must be patched to an audio amplification system such as a home stereo system (RCA cables included) or a set of amplified speakers (such as a pair of computer speakers), to produce a pink or white noise sound.
Extremely accurate noise signals are nice and straight across the octaves as depicted by a spectrum analyzer (see pics below).
Unit comes with an AC adapter and RCA cables (for hook-up to external audio equipment) as shown in picture gallery. White noise can be highly effective at creating a sound curtain to help prevent eavesdropping on private conversations, masking noise in busy offices, providing a true random noise source for computer applications such as cryptography, and even for paranormal research. Although white noise is important for some applications, most people agree that pink noise is more soothing to listen to. If one tinnitus specialist tries to tell you that no treatment exists for your tinnitus, get a second opinion. During times that tinnitus is really bothering your, try creating some background noise by turning on a radio or a fan. Some people have found that seeking out cognitive behavioral therapy with a licensed counselor their tinnitus symptoms.
Techniques that encourage relaxation and serenity, such as yoga or meditation, can help you deal with tinnitus. A good ear flush can be an effective first treatment to consider if you are experiencing tinnitus symptoms.

Stress has been reported to make tinnitus worse, so keep your stress level in check, and live as stress free as possible. As stated, if tinnitus is affecting you, you need to educate yourself to give yourself the best treatment possible.
Headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, ReSound is represented globally across more than 80 different countries.
That’s why for more than 70 years, ReSound has worked to offer an extensive array of hearing aids to fit a wide range of hearing losses. This style looks like an in-the-canal hearing aid with a little arm reaching up that tucks into the fold above the opening to the ear canal.
There are basic versions of ReSound’s directionality feature, noise reduction algorithm and wind reduction algorithm.
It contains the best versions of the entire feature set, including the directionality, noise reduction and wind reduction algorithms.
These basic models are available in a variety of styles and at two different technology levels. Some of ReSound’s legacy products you might encounter include the Verso, Lex, Alera, Magna, Vea, Sparx, Live, Dot2 and Azure. The Unite accessories include the Unite Phone Clip+ for connecting with a mobile phone, the Unite TV Streamer 2 for connecting with a television, stereo or computer, the Unite Mini Microphone for better communication in one-on-one situations and the Unite Remote Control 2 for changing hearing aid settings.
Known as the digital company, they built a reputation for developing cutting-edge digital hearing aid technologies. Our results indicated a significant increase in the average total power in female tinnitus patients and a significant decrease in average total power in male tinnitus patients. Tinnitus affects their daily lives profoundly, often leading to depression, anxiety, concentration problems, social isolation, insomnia, and suicide [2]. Different research groups employed this technology to elucidate the pathological mechanisms involved in tinnitus [5-8]. Unless stated otherwise, the data used for topographical color maps have been manually screened for eye-blink movements, and only eye-blink-free epochs were used in the preparation of quantitative results, including spectral averages and topographical maps. Comparison of the average total power of female tinnitus patients and female control subjects. For the male tinnitus group, a significantly reduced average power was noted for all frequency bands except for beta.
Topographic distribution pattern of the beta frequency range (14-21 Hz) in patients suffering from (A) left-sided, (B) bilateral, and (C) right-sided tinnitus.
In the male tinnitus group, we noted theta foci in F3 and CZ; however, beta foci were demonstrable in C3 and P3.
A positive effect of the noise generators always correlates with an increase of the alpha power or a rightward shift of the alpha frequency (Fig. In male tinnitus patients, we observed a significant decline of average power as compared to that in normal controls. Beta rhythms occur in individuals who are alert and attentive to external stimuli or who exert specific mental effort. The alpha rhythm is thought to be associated with cognitive idling and inward-turned attention [18]. Suppression of the alpha power or a slowing of the alpha frequency (or both) indicated a negative effect of this device.
It is the very nature of this "randomness" that produces that distinct white noise sound - just like the random spattering of rain drops. The problem is that almost all other white noise generators or electronic sound conditioners found on the market are pseudo-random digital devices.
The noise produced by our noise generators consist of true random impulses based on the chaotic motion of electrons and "holes" at the quantum level. All noise CDs, whether they were recorded from analog, digital, or natural sources (rain shower or waterfall), consist of a string bits that has been already determined (no randomness whatsoever) from the very act of recording, and therefore considered pseudo-random noise. Most sound conditioners have only a tiny speaker to produce a sound blanket, limiting both the sound quality and the volume (we all know what a small transistor radio sounds like). That way, you can have full encompassing sound piped through dual speakers, and you can easily adjust the tone and the volume as needed. Even if a noise CD was well cared for, the longevity & usefulness would still be questionable if the CD was produced simply by burning the noise signal on a writable CD instead of using the more reliable "stamped aluminum" process so widly used by the music industry. We spend a little extra for top quality components even though this raises manufacturing costs. To connect to computer speakers, simply insert the phone plug running from your computer speakers (which would normally plug into your computer) into the RNG-100. This well-designed product is more accurate than many higher priced "professional" noise generators. The soothing sound of pink noise can help promote a state of relaxation & sleep for both babies and those suffering from insomnia. For many tinnitus sufferers, the hardest part of their condition is the difficulty they have falling asleep. One of the most important ways to prevent tinnitus is to avoid exposure to very loud noises. In many instances, tinnitus symptoms are worsened by constant exposure to stress and little time being made for relaxation.
If you are suffering from symptoms of tinnitus, be sure to tell your doctor about your condition. Don’t allow tinnitus to disrupt your life, use the information and tips provided in this article to get control over tinnitus. The EEG signal was divided into four different frequency bands: delta (0-1 Hz), theta (4-7 Hz), alpha (8-13 Hz), and beta (14-21 Hz).
For the beta frequency band, we noted only a weakly significant difference as compared to the normal control value (Table 1). In case of a unilateral tinnitus, we noted only a single beta focus in the central strip (Fig. In the female tinnitus group, delta foci was noted in CZ, and theta foci were noted in FZ, C3, CZ, and 02 . Female tinnitus patients, however, exhibited an increase of average power as compared to female controls.

Because alpha activity is more pronounced under enhanced relaxation, the first field of application of alpha feedback was a reduction of stress and anxiety [19,20]. However, an increase of alpha power or an acceleration of the alpha frequency (or both) indicated that the device is appropriate for treating such patients. Computerized EEG frequency analysis: Sensitivity and specificity in patients with focal lesions. Cortical representation of the vestibular system as evidenced by brain electrical activity mapping of vestibular late evoked potentials.
Dorntherapy: Its effect on electroencephalographic activity in tinnitus patients with craniocervical dysfunction [Die Bedeutung von Wirbelsaule und Kiefergelenk bei Tinnituspatienten]. Functional connectivity in the resting brain: A network analysis of the default mode hypothesis. Electroencephalographic signatures of attentional and cognitive default modes in spontaneous brain activity fluctuations at rest. E EG alpha activity reflects attentional demands, and beta activity reflects emotional and cognitive processing. Anxiety change through electroencephalographic alpha feedback seen only in high alpha subjects.
If rain droplets fell in an orderly fashion, it would sound more like clapping than rainfall. What is really going on is that this seemingly random train of impulses is just a pre-determined sequence of bits that eventually repeats.
Listening to pseudo-random noise would be like listening to a recording of a river or waterfall on loop mode, which can be irritating to the mind. They do not even have tone controls to let you adjust the bass or treble to suite your needs. Background noise during your rest hours can distract you enough from your tinnitus to get some sleep.
If the only noise you hear is tinnitus, it’s easy to fixate on the sound and become more aggravated by it. Speaking with a therapist will allow you to let out your anger, which could be causing your tinnitus. If you are exhausted and sleepy at bedtime, it will be easier for you to get a good night’s sleep.
Seeing a professional therapist will help you get past life issues, like anger or depression, that might be contributing to your tinnitus.
Prolonged, harmful, loud sounds cause irreversible damage to the delicate cells inside the ear.
When you meditate or participate in yoga, your entire body relaxes; this makes it less likely that you will have a bout of tinnitus. There are as many as 200 different over-the-counter and prescription medications that can exacerbate your condition.
ReSound markets this special design as a feature providing natural directionality, wind protection and sound localization.
Finally, the ReSound Relief App helps the patient manage the delivery of tinnitus sound therapy files in the hearing aids. The reactivity of the alpha frequency was employed to evaluate the efficacy of noise generators, a critical component of tinnitus-retraining therapy. A total of 155 normal controls and 304 tinnitus patients were subjected to a computerassisted EEG analysis.
The female tinnitus group exhibited no significant change in average power for the delta frequency band.
This increase of average power was mainly associated with a significant increase of power of the alpha activity.
It is just a simulation of true-random noise created by mathematical algorithms - a product of digital technology.
I have found that it is highly effective at masking distracting noises (like your neighbor's barking dog), which can help improve focus and concentration. The article below has some great tips on how you can find some relief for the symptoms of tinnitus. You may want to do some simple stretches, then spending a few minutes of breathing prior to climbing in your bed. Master some bodily relaxation methods, and use them for fifteen minutes a day until you do so as a matter of habit. By reframing your thinking and conceptualizing tinnitus as just another fact of life, you can stop obsessing about your tinnitus, and deal with things that are actually important. In conclusion, tinnitus-typical electroencephalography features can be extracted from the electroencephalogram.
Significantly changed vestibular evoked potentials in patients suffering from tinnitus were described by Schneider et al. The average age of the controlgroup men was 43 ± 14 years, and that of the controlgroup women was 41 ± 12 years, whereas the average age of the male tinnitus group was 49 ± 12 years and of the female tinnitus group was 46 ± 14 years.
These data suggested that tinnitus affects brain electrical activity in a manner dependent on gender. An interesting note is that increased values of blood flow and metabolism at rest correlated with increased beta-2 (17-23 Hz) power values [14-16].
Reinforce the idea of your bed as a place that is exclusively for sleep and not a nightly toss and turn place.
However, a highly significant increase in average power was noted for the alpha band only (Table 2). The average period of duration of the tinnitus suffered was 46 ± 8 months for female patients and 63 ± 10 months for male patients.
Therefore, correcting these dysfunctions before any tinnitus therapy is of utmost importance.
The aim of our study was to confirm tinnitus-specific EEG changes within a larger group of patients.

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