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It is TINNITUS – a perceived ringing or buzzing in the ear when no actual sound exists. What causes tinnitus?  While we can’t always determine the cause of tinnitus in every patient, we know that tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease itself.  It can be caused by disorders of the middle or inner ear, foreign objects or wax in the ear, or exposure to loud sounds. In the absence of these more severe symptoms, a good place to start is with an audiologist.  All audiologists should have received some exposure to tinnitus theory in their training. The important thing to remember is that if tinnitus is interfering with your quality of life, there is help available from specialists right here in the Treasure Valley. Tinnitus Awareness Week 2015 (TAW) is running from 2-8 February, and the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), a national charity which supports people with the condition, is hoping to raise more awareness than ever before. Anyone of any age can get tinnitus, including those who have been subjected to loud noise, whether through work or leisure pursuits.
Vanessa, aged 22 from Reading, told the BTA, “In the first few weeks I experienced all kinds of noises.

People like Vanessa are not alone, the BTA hear similar stories on a daily basis and that is why they are so committed to raising more awareness of tinnitus and of the help and support that the BTA and other services across the UK can provide. The BTA are encouraging people of all ages and from all across the UK to get involved in TAW2015, either by putting up a poster or by arranging an event or information stand, or by raising funds to help them to continue with the work we do supporting over 270,000 people a year. David Stockdale, Chief Executive of the BTA said, “Tinnitus Awareness Week gives us the chance to really make people aware of the condition and the effects it can have on those who experience it. Miller currently serves on the national audiology advisory council for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and is active at the local, national, and international levels in the Special Olympics Healthy Hearing program. Mild to severe, it can affect sleep and concentration; it causes distress and can also lead to anxiety and depression. People with hearing loss experience tinnitus but many people with perfect hearing also have the condition. Tijdens de bijeenkomst wordt er ingegaan op de oorzaken, behandelmethodes en vertelt men uit eigen ervaring.

It can sometimes start for seemingly no reason but however it starts, tinnitus is very upsetting for those who experience it. Daarnaast worden adviezen gegeven over het omgaan met tinnitus, wanneer medische behandeling niet mogelijk is.LocatieDe avond vindt plaats in het Auditorium (gevestigd in gebouw D) van Isala Zwolle, Dokter Van Heesweg 2, 8025 AB Zwolle. He has been on the faculty of three universities and has owned private practices in Oklahoma City and Dallas.

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