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My previous reviews (here and here) are both about technologies that eliminate distractions.
Please join us and spread the word (by telling everyone you know and hanging the Refresh Through Flyer).  Here, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on the semester.  Best of all, Win, Deeb, and Sheila will be there reflecting with you! A lot has been changing at the Writing Center lately—like getting a newly designed and gorgeous website—and we wanted to highlight some of these changes.
Starting in the fall, students will be able to make appointments online and by phone, making it easier than ever to fit the Writing Center into a hectic schedule. Since the start of the spring semester, the Writing Center has been happy to offer faculty and staff the opportunity to shadow a Writing Consultant. This isn’t a change, but on Tuesday, April 21st, the Writing Center and the Library will once again be hosting a Drop-In Research Clinic. Pictured from left to right are FGCU students Carly Correia, Samantha Weisbach, Kelsie Goodrich and Alison Coffey.  They are meeting just one of the many big cats at Kowiachobee Animal Preserve. The Preserve’s mission is to educate people about declining endangered and exotic animals. In the late Fall 2013, several outstanding FGCU faculty were awarded Innovative Course Design Grants for their proposals to implement High Impact Practices (HIPs) into their courses. The awardees developed a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) through the Lucas Center for Faculty Development and met regularly through the Spring 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015 semesters to support each other in their work and exchange ideas. Brian Bossak, from the College of Health Professions and Social Work in the Department of Health Sciences, revised Epidemiology, a course he believed to be “a mile wide and an inch deep,” to one that features hands-on learning, a problem-solving approach, and an applied group project that requires students to work with open-access epidemiological software and to “speak the language of health professionals.” Furthermore, Dr.
Nicola Foote, from the College of Arts & Sciences in the Department of Social Sciences, developed a new course, Animal Histories in Latin America, which is the first of its kind at any university!  Animal History – the ways in which animals shape humans’ lived environment, the representations of animals over time, and animal subjecthood— is an emerging field, particularly in the context of Latin America, which is Dr.
Beyond these high-impact learning activities, one of the most wonderful outcomes of this grant cycle has been the FLC that these awardees created. A new cycle of Innovative Course Design awards is underway, and faculty working on Intercultural Knowledge – a new competency in the revised General Education Program – are in the process of meeting in their own FLC and revising their General Education courses.
Just because you can send an email from your phone does not mean you should style your emails after text or Facebook messages. Fortunately, with just a small investment of time and effort, you can avoid signing your name to an unprofessional email. This post will discuss the appropriate format and content for emailing your professor, provide a sample email to review, and offer a list of questions to think about before hitting send. To make the emailing process less mysterious, I include a brief section detailing how students should go about contacting me by email in my syllabus. When contacting me, compose your emails in a standard block paragraph format,* employ informative subject lines, use complete sentences and proper spelling, and sign off with a closing salutation and your name. After double checking that you’re sending the email to the proper address, write your subject line, which should tell at a glance the reason behind your email. Write your email in a courteous and formal tone, and allow your professor some flexibility in responding.
Unless there is an emergency, avoid emailing your professor late at night or on the weekends.
End your email with a closing salutation such as “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and write your name in a new paragraph beneath.
While the above may seem like a long list to consider when composing emails, with a bit of practice it will become second nature.
The “Leadership through Service” Living-Leaning Community is a program designed for first-year students who are interested in a service-oriented leadership philosophy. The goal of the presentation, entitled “Live-Learn Community 360: Faculty, Student, and Peer Mentor Perspectives,” was for faculty, students, and mentors to share their perspectives on the design, implementation, and strengths and weaknesses of the course as well as its role in the Live-Learn Community as a whole. Marshall Nathanson said, “To accompany my own professors on a weekend trip to Dallas was humbling. Freshmen Sarah Davenport said, “I would have never thought that as a freshman I would be given the opportunity to attend, let alone present, at a national conference.
It’s a chicken or the egg question: is everything just really distracting, or does writing make you look to be distracted? White, which has sounds across all frequencies, is said to be best for studying and focusing.
After you find the color you like, just crank the volume to a level that’s comfortable and get writing.

As a writing tutor and teacher, I find it hard to explain to students how to evaluate a source, navigate a citation guide, and follow all the nuanced formatting rules because there aren’t (at least until now) any shortcuts. This is a useful way, for example, to remember the sources you’ve consulted during a long night of reading at the library. Tutors will still be dedicated to 30 minute walk-in consultations, but we expect the demand for appointments to quickly outweigh the demand for walk-ins.
This is to allow us to serve as many students as possible, but it will also help students get comfortable with the discomfort that is writing. This has allowed faculty and staff to experience a writing consultation first hand to better understand our services and how we may help their students. They house and care for not only exotic animals, like the tiger pictured above, but also domestic and farm animals, many of which have been abused and abandoned.  To do this valuable work, they are 100% dependent on donations and the generous efforts of volunteers like these FGCU students, who created new signs for the animals. This competitive grant cycle, supported by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Lucas Center for Faculty Development, provided modest stipends for faculty to either substantially revise an existing course or develop a new one by drawing on a range of “high impact” teaching-learning practices that the Association of American Colleges and Universities has described as positively impacting student learning, retention, and engagement.
On February 27, 2015, several of the awardees came together for a Faculty Showcase to share results of their work with faculty from a wide range of departments on campus. Their changes include revising the course objectives, connecting course activities to our One Book One Campus initiatives, and taking their service-learning projects and collaborative assignments and projects to the next level by requiring students to share the results of their semester-long engagement with their community partners in creative ways, removing the emphasis on hours earned (in exchange for project completion), and focusing on social issues versus the agency itself.
In their presentations, each participant reflected on the positive impact of the FLC, such as how the regular meetings helped them to further develop their original ideas and stay on track with their course development goals. You can schedule a meeting, discuss paper topics, ask for advice, or even send documentation of a medical emergency. Your professor’s inbox is probably flooded with emails while school is in session, but a direct, specific subject line will help him or her to notice your message and respond.
A good rule of thumb is to state your reason for emailing somewhere in the first paragraph.
If you do email your professor during the weekend, be mindful that your email may be at the bottom of the inbox come Monday morning. I would like to discuss potential topics for my argumentative essay and would appreciate your input.
The extra time and effort you dedicate to writing professional emails will benefit you outside of the classroom as well, especially when the time comes to discuss business with a client or to organize an event. It is not often when individuals will sacrifice so much time and dedication to setting up and carrying out a trip like this. It can be used for free over the Internet, or it can be downloaded as a phone app ($0.99), which is the interface pictured below. A noise’s color depends on its audio spectrum, which is its particular mix of sound frequencies. Pink, which has high and low frequencies, is said to alleviate stress while keeping you alert. Instead of finding a source, evaluating it, consulting a citation guide, and then finally following all the formatting rules that go into crafting a bibliographic citation, a researcher with RefMe just scans a barcode and is done. If you want to figure out how to cite a tweeted wiki-blog article, you need to open a guide and search.
And while I’m admittedly paranoid, I don’t want robots to give the necessary information for a reader to find source material because ensuring that the proper information is given is important. It seems to have the most trouble with websites, replacing names with user ids, missing sponsoring institutions, and in general leaving out information that could be found with a little digging.
After an hour or more of constructing a plan of action with a consultant, it’s time to enact that plan. Lastly, students engage in library research, working with peer-reviewed literature in the field, which helps them apply their understandings of terminology like mean, median, mode, and confidence intervals. Both instructors, guided by best practices in service learning, focus deeply on reflection – theirs and students – by incorporating “Debrief Days” into the schedule for students to provide informal feedback on their group projects, and regularly working with each other to reflect on and reassess course activities.
She developed the Honors course out of her research interests and with an emphasis on intensive writing and undergraduate research.
That said, the emails professors receive frequently look more like half-finished drafts than polished letters. I recommend that students capitalize all words in their subject line except for articles and prepositions. Keep your paragraphs brief and direct so that your professor can quickly read and respond to your email.

Your emails create a lasting impression, and it is up to you to make sure that impression is a good one.
The “Leadership through Service” Living-Learning Community also partners with the Office of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement to lead and participate in service throughout the community.
Maria Roca and myself—traveled to Dallas, Texas to present at the 34th Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience. That plastic wrapper I just put in the empty trash can is really starting to smell–I should probably take it out. And while each color is said to affect people differently, they do have suggested usages and expected effects. Brown, which has lower frequencies, is said to help you sleep and even relieve migraines and tinnitus symptoms! I was birdwatching when I decided to write this blog, and now all I can think of is shamanic ayahuasca retreats, and Burroughs’ description of the hallucinogen—of course, he called it yage —and what a wacky book, right?
If you aren’t sure if you have a journal or newspaper article, you need to read the thing and think about it.
Writing at its core is a service to the reader—it explains, entertains, persuades, etc.—and citation styles are a service too.
There also doesn’t appear to be a solution for citing chapters or specific works within a book besides manually doing it, which is a feature (the ability to edit citations) that prevents the application from being utterly broken. My fear is that the temptation to trust the robot will be too much for many people to check its work, and the purpose behind citing to begin with will become more obscured, decreasing understanding and likely increasing misunderstands. Research shows that providing students with varied, repeated, and scaffolded encounters with these practices can lead to higher levels of achievement for all students and added benefits for students that have historically fared less well in college.
Precisely because this is such a new field, there are numerous unanswered questions that students can work on by developing original research on a topic of interest through in-class workshops and weekly critical response papers on animal histories across a broad swath of geography and time. Do not wait until the last minute before an assignment is due to email your professor, except if you are sending notice that you are having trouble submitting an assignment. Together, it’s their goal to continue to offer students transformative learning opportunities. Jessica Rhea, the Director of the Office of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, showed her support by attending the presentation. Roca for less than a year, yet [they] both have provided me such an amazing atmosphere to grow and learn. Then, RefMe automatically constructs a bibliography with the sources formatted in a selected citation style (like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). Telling me that I don’t need to explain this aspect of research anymore—and I don’t need to do it myself—is miraculous news. They assure that someone isn’t just making something up, and their attempts at standardization is to help prevent misunderstandings.
Finally, RefMe sometimes mixes up editions and ignores databases that you might have used when accessing journals online. Students work on their individually chosen topics, which culminate in a mini-research conference at the semester’s end.
I was so fortunate to have the opportunity of sharing my story with educators from around the United States and I am looking forward to seeing the impacts of our presentation within other Live-Learn Communities.
Relying on technology to do these things is to replace a process of thought and intention with a button. These are just the errors I was able to find with very little testing, and while reviews online are definitely more positive than negative, you can read about a number of errors like the ones I listed above that the application (reportedly) makes.
Students are expected to organize the conference, present their work, and either chair panels or serve as discussants. And when important, nuanced processes are simplified like this—well, that’s how pizza becomes a vegetable. In this way, students engage in deep learning about the dissemination of academic work and are rewarded with a hands-on experience.

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