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Building up resistance and dispelling diseases is a major principle of TCM theory and has guided medical practice throughout the Chinese history. In recent years, systematic medical observation has provea that Qigong therapy is satisfactory in treating various chronic diseases. The Frolics of Five Animals was created by Hua Tuo who was an outstanding doctor of the Han dynasty. Indication: Pain in the knee, kidney deficiency, night emissions, impotence, menalgia, irregular menses, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue and neurasthenia. Continuing from the previous exercise, withdraw the right foot, and move the left foot half a step to the left.
Continuing from the previous exercise, withdraw the left foot and move the right foot shoulder-width apart.
Remaining in the previous posture, click the teeth 10 times, rotate the tongue 10 times, repeatedly rinse the mouth by expanding and contracting it, and swallow the increased saliva (Figs.
Continuing the previous exercise, massage with the palms 10 times from the Fengchi acupoints down past the shoulders to the Shenshu points at the waist, putting the most force in the wrist.
1.Patting Massage This method is conducted with the pads of the forefinger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger which pat the massage area.
The free Qigong exercises are variations of the basic methods and postures of the Frolics of Five Animals designed by the practitioners themselves.
Some dynamic Qigong exercises are used for treating diseases, and some for building the physical constitution.

When massaging Jingming, the hands should be clean and the finger nails clipped to avoid eye pollution.
Draw in the left foot to the inner side of the right foot, forming a pseudo T gait with body weight on the right foot (Fig. It is five sets of prophylactic exercises, combining imitations of the actions of five animals–tiger, bear, deer, monkey and bird. During massage, the four finger tips can be held together or slightly parted to pat and beat rhythmically with a bouncing force. The basic methods and postures provide the necessary foundation without which, if one over eagerly goes on with free practice, the movements and Qi may become unstable resulting in wrong postures and skills. Examples are the Prophylactic Exercise (Bao Jian Gong), Eight Elegant Movements (Ba Duan Jin), Tendon-training Exercise (Yi Jin Jing), Taiji (Shadow Boxing) and Frolics of Five Animals (Wu Qin Xi). Hua Tuo said, “One should avoid overstraining when taking part in physical labor or exercise. Relax the shoulders with open armpits, and slightly flex the elbow; press the hands down palms downwards, as if pressing a floating ball in the water. Free practice not only demands serious observance of requirements for the basic postures, but also goes beyond the basics. It is done in relative inward peace achieved through certain postures, methods of respiration and mind focusing.
Move the left foot half a step to the left front and slightly flex the right knee with the right foot completely touching the ground, forming a lunge.

It is not only prophylactic but also curative in diseases suitable for self-massage under the guidance of a doctor. But an appropriate amount of movement may aid in promoting digestion and and absorption of food, and blood circulation, thus preventing illness. Straighten the knees and bend the upper body at the waist to touch the feet with the hands, rest the hands on the feet for a moment, stand straight, and resume the beginning posture (see Figs. Only with this understanding, can one expect to integrate form and mind, maintain energy, carry out the movements freely and naturally and finally enter a state where the body and mind become an organic whole.
Its requirements feature calming the spirit, regulating Qi, combining dynamic and quiescent states, coordinating the interna!
Shape the hands like the claws of a tiger, and revolve them inward to stop beside the hips (Fig. It is an exercise in a state of outward motion and inward peace, or in a dynamic state with a quiescent state as its prerequisite. After a pause, shift the body weight onto the right foot, forming a small sitting stance; rotate the left toes inward to bear the body weight.

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