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British Tinnitus cure researcher Andrew Parr has released a Self-Help treatment program that could assist up to 90.5% of tinnitus sufferers, according to clinical trials. British Tinnitus Cure Researcher and Tinnitus Specialist Andrew Parr announced the release of a his new Tinnitus Relief Program, a comprehensive Self-Help system for people with ringing ears and head noises, that could help up to 90.5% of patients reduce their suffering according to results from clinical trials. In The Tinnitus Relief Program, Andrew Parr has taken these treatments and produced a step-by-step system for anyone to use at home. At present, the medical world is largely at a loss for a solution and relies on indirect assistance such as hearing aids, “white noise generators” and counselling. In 2006 Andrew became deeply involved in Tinnitus research, traveling the world in search of a way to best treat the symptoms; in 2009 he was invited to The Tinnitus Research Initiative conference in Monaco to present his theories, which proved to be so radical that the theme to the conference was designed around his thought provoking ideas; what if the established method of treatment is wrong? Andrew has his own successful London hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street, an historic street in the heart of London noted since the 19th century for its large number of private specialists in medicine and surgery, and has clocked up more than 12,000 client hours during the twenty years he has practiced, successfully treating an increasing number of Tinnitus patients along the way. Digging deeper into the tinnitus research archives Andrew discovered that numerous clinical trials had been carried out using the same or similar methods as he was using, and the results were nothing short of “astounding”. The internet is littered with thousands of websites claiming a variety of miraculous cures for Tinnitus sufferers, but sadly few stand up to independent scientific investigation; many are simply designed to extract money from desperate patients seeking a cure. What makes Andrews ideas and methods different is the fact that he has spent many years in the field and has the clinical trials to back it up.
Andrew Parr actively encourages people to take responsibility for not only their health and well being, but their lives as a whole and has a separate organisation - The Self Help Academy - founded for this purpose. He has produced a Tinnitus Relief Programme to help tinnitus sufferers and runs a busy private hypnotherapy practice in 1 Harley Street, London, UK. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.

Could the smell of your EARWAX reveal where you've been, what you've eaten and even if you are gay? Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a combination of secretions from sweat glands and fatty materials secreted from sebaceous glands. Researchers theorise that the fatty nature of earwax makes it a likely repository for lipid-soluble odorants produced by certain diseases and the environment. In order to prove this they used analytical organic chemistry to identify the presence of odor-producing chemical compounds in human earwax, which confirmed that the amounts of these compounds differ between individuals.
So the future indicates that wax may have a usage, but at the moment it will probably just continue to be a problem for some of our patients.
FAQWhere do I have my hearing test?Tests can be conducted at your home, at our practice in Little Chalfont or at one of our high street Hearing Assessment Satellite Clinics.Who carries out my hearing test?This depends on the whether you go privately or via the NHS. Attractive people are less likely to get health related problems like asthma, diabetes and tinnitus research suggests.
The research suggested a strong correlation between men and women’s attractiveness rating and the likelihood that they would suffer from health problems. The study from the US was based on women and men aged 24 to 35, who were monitored tracked over the last 10 years.
Campbell is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the American Auditory Society, American Academy of Audiology, American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Association for Research in Otolaryngology and International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group.  She is an ASHA Fellow, received a special presidential citation from the American Academy of Audiology and received the national 2004 Copper Black Award in Creative Achievement from American Mensa for her inventions on otoprotective agents.
The mission of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health care needs through education, patient care, research, and service to the community. If you suffer from wax problems, we now offer basic earwax removal at Chalfont Hearing Centre. If you decide to visit the Hospital or have your test conducted by the Chalfont Hearing Centre then you will be seen by a qualified Audiologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Craig Formby will be giving a talk on Thursday, February 6th at 1 pm in the Maryland Room of Marie Mount Hall. They also reported feeling healthier, having less time off work and suffered from less mental health problems. The subjects were put into 5 categories very attractive, attractive, about average, unattractive and very unattractive.
However, I think from a tinnitus research point of view I think the findings have limited use. For each increase in attractiveness level there was a 13% reduction in the likelihood to get tinnitus.  Researchers suggest their findings support the theory that attractiveness is a marker of healthy genes. I don’t think it would go down well pointing out to someone the reason they may have tinnitus is because they are ugly!
However, for a more insightful assessment of why you have tinnitus why not book in for a professional consultation at Chalfont hearing Centre, call us on 01494 765144 today!
She has received more than 60 grants from NIH and other agencies for her research in otoprotective agents and is the inventor of the protective agent D-methionine patents.

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