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By producing power amp distortion quietly, the Zeeta is not only improving work environments for guitarists, but for studio engineers as well.
The Zeeta, in 15, 30 and 50 watt models, is made with audiophile quality components, including a finger-jointed pine cabinet hand-crafted by a Vermont master craftsman. The mechanisms of hearing are complex and our understanding of them is continually evolving. After air vibrations reach the eardrum, delicate bones transcribe them to the fluid-filled chambers of the inner ear.
These afferent (to the brain) nerves carry impulses through the brainstem to the “auditory belt” which decides which signals are important. Considering this elaborate chain of events, it’s easy to see how a hiccup at any point could create noise.
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Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas are hopeful a new device that stimulates the vagus nerve in the neck could help bring silence to tinnitus sufferers. Every night before he goes to sleep, and every morning when he wakes up, Terry Price hears a high-pitched sound. Researchers like Vanneste say the brain is trying to replace the frequencies no longer heard — so that high-pitch noise is like a ghost of hearing lost. Electric nerve stimulation to treat tinnitus is delivered using an electrical pulse generator connected to the vagus nerve inside the neck. Vagus nerve stimulation, or VNS, is an approved therapy for treatment of epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression.
The approach developed at UT-Dallas combines audible tones with brief pulses of electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve in the neck. This pacemaker-like device that will be used in a clinical trial on Vagal Nerve stimulation for the treatment of tinnitus.
Good informative article, but if anyone else trying to find a good tinnitus treatment try Bodhi Tinnitus Ender (do a google search). Widex DREAM FASHION POWER - Widex for professionalsThis website uses cookies for remembering your choices and for web statistics. But for those exposed to extremely loud sound for extended periods time, tinnitus can be distracting or even debilitating. By removing technical problems such as bleed through, varying wall voltages and pesky power supply hum, the Zeeta helps studio musicians and engineers save time and ultimately money.

Sag control allows guitarists to adjust the amount of voltage sag, or power amp distortion. That little opening in the side of your head has a surprisingly significant impact on how you hear.
Similar to tapping the skin of a water balloon, the sound ripples through the perilymph to a second fluid-filled chamber containing endolymph where things get really interesting. These marvels of evolution translate fluid vibrations into nerve impulses that get carried to the brain. The “important” signals continue on to the cortices of the brain and our conscious hearing while others – don’t. And for more than 10 million of them, the experience of hearing that sound is severe enough to seek medical attention. He’s been conducting choirs for decades – and he first noticed a ringing in his right ear in 1983 after a recording session.
To change tinnitus, he says, you have to change the activity in the brain and stop the overcompensation.
For those with a lesser degree of tinnitus, we have two iPhone apps that help manage the tinnitus annoyance. Wattage control allows guitarists to select the actual number of watts the amp is producing, giving guitarists the unprecedented ability to distort the power amp at whatever volume is appropriate for the venue they are in. These impulses are then further processed based on things like location to the listener, volume and quality to determine what’s “important” and what can be ignored. Like a subwoofer, the canal itself creates resonances which amplify or reduce specific frequencies. This is one reason we can locate sound and “tune-out” background noise like ignoring someone else’s conversation at a party. When an obvious link in the chain is disrupted, for example with acoustic neuroma, the targeting of treatment is relatively straightforward.
According to the Department of Defense, in the past four years, the number of veterans on disability compensation for tinnitus has nearly doubled to an estimated 1.5 million. Sven Vanneste, an associate professor who works at UT-Dallas’ Callier Center for Communication Disorders, explains some people are helped with hearing aids, others with sound therapy, some with anti-depressants – even meditation. For a period of a few hours, every 15 to 30 seconds, the device sends tiny jolts of electricity at the same time as a tone – reinforcing the tones you want the brain to respond to, and not the others.
Still, the results were positive enough to warrant a larger follow-up trial across four different centers across the U.S.

Serene Ears provides masking therapy, which helps hide the tinnitus by playing soothing sounds. Early amplifiers had to be turned up extremely loud to produce desirable power amp distortion. The vibration causes change in the intracellular (inside the cell) potassium and calcium levels, releasing neurotransmitters that stimulate electro-chemical impulses down the hearing nerves. As a part of this process, the brain also sends impulses back to the ear (efferent impulses) which change how the hair cells respond to sound by physically changing their shape and how they respond to ions. Experience TV or audio sound exactly as it was intended - without annoying distortion or more importantly - echoes.NO BACKGROUND NOISEAnother unique feature of the TV-DEX is the ‘Room Off’ function. The other app, Nix TInnitus Amp, is like a low cost hearing aid that can help with tinnitus in two ways.
Explore how FASHION POWER can help your business.BOOK A DEMOUNDISTORTED AUDIBILITY FOR CLIENTS WITH SEVERE HEARING LOSSFor people with severe-to-profound hearing loss, a classic power hearing aid is a must.
Unfortunately, most amplifier manufacturers today use the same basic power supply design Leo Fender used in the early 1940s to manufacture the very first amplifier, the K&F. Voice communications average around the 2000Hz range and the ear canal amplifies this peak. It allows you to temporarily switch off  the hearing aid’s microphone and hear the TV sound only.
It has a white noise generator for masking therapy, and it can provide notch therapy by eliminating the frequencies at which tinnitus seems to occur. But sometimes the power needed to provide audibility for a severe hearing loss can cause distortion that may compromise sound quality.Not with FASHION POWER. Changes in the shape of this acoustic chamber (as well as changes to the external ear) can alter the location of this peak, causing a distortion in sound. Every day new and amazing discoveries are made although it will be some time before the mysteries of the ear, hearing and balance fully unravel. Like all hearing aids in the DREAM family, it uses True-Input technology to dramatically increase the input range to provide users with incredibly rich and detailed sound.
Start shopping or request an account today!MORE OUTPUT, MORE CONVENIENCE The PowerSaver feature in FASHION POWER provides maximum efficiency between battery changes.

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