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Come in for a free hearing evaluation and receive a FREEcaption call phone (restrictions apply). Most people have heard of an audiologist and know in general what that means, but not many people understand what an otologist is and what the difference is between an otologist and an audiologist.
However, when you are a patient or start having to deal with making different appointments with different specialists, it's important to understand the difference and what each profession specializes in. An otologist is a highly trained physician or surgeon that has special training in how to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries related to the ears.
They understand how the ear should work normally but also understand most of what can go wrong with the ear and how to treat those issues specifically.
Audiologist must only complete a doctor or audiology degree, which is a doctorate but does not make them physicians because it is not a medical degree. Audiologists have the job of testing and evaluating individuals for hearing loss and balance issues. Because of this, audiologists oftentimes refer patients to an otologist if they believe the hearing loss or balance issue can be treated medically or surgically.
Audiologists are able to treat hearing loss and balance issues that are not medically treatable.
Because each profession has it's own specialties and they both work with hearing, balance, and issues related to the ear, it's important that both types of professionals know when they can treat the issue the patient has and when they need to refer the patient to the other professional. In some clinics and specialty practices, audiologists and otologists work side by side to give patients the best individualized care possible.
Audiologists and otologists make up a system which is set up to treat all kinds of patients with all kinds of issues.
Study conducted by UCLA Sleep Disorder Center concludes impact to brain function from sleep apnea. When a person says ear doctor they may be talking about an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist), audiologist, otologist, or perhaps even a general hearing aid specialist. For instance, otologist receive more in depth education on the physical aspects of the ear and how it works. Because of this, otologists often work closely with audiologists (who are not physicians or surgeons) to treat certain conditions of the ear.
In addition to completing college, medical school and surgical training, they must also complete a four-year residency program and a two-year otology fellowship. Audiologist are held to a high standard, but it is one of the audiological profession, which is not that of the medical profession.
They may use hearing aids and various therapies to help patients recover as many normal abilities as possible.

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