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Payment for services is requested at the time of your visit, unless we will be filing a claim with your insurance company for consideration of payment. You may have noticed a few minor problems with your hearing at some point, but how do you know for certain if those problems were actually minor? Do you find it difficult to understand the speaker at a public meeting or religious service?
At Associated Audiologists, we work with a large network of referring physicians and primary care providers in the greater Kansas City, Leavenworth, and Manhattan communities. Hearing Evaluation Orders should be faxed to the specific office location the patient requests or to 913-498-1052.
New research, to be presented at the Acoustical Society of America in Kansas City this week, uncovers predictions that global warming may be altering ocean sounds, taking them back to the acoustics of 110 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

More specifically the research suggests that sounds, such as whale noises in the low-frequency sound range, by the year 2100 will be able to travel twice as far as they do at present; which is comparable to what it was like during the dinosaur age. Most Popular Posts Error: cannot ajaxify WordPress Popular Posts on this theme. Recommended GearGo to the Elevating Sound Store to check out exciting gear with leading sound benefits. This plan is specifically designed to help you pay for healthcare expenses not covered by insurance, such as hearing aids. It's possible you might have some significant underlying hearing problems without fully realizing their severity. Currently, Medicare beneficiaries must obtain a physician referral prior to seeing an audiologist in order to have those services reimbursed by Medicare.

With rising temperatures, the acidity of oceans increases and thus allow sounds near the surface to travel farther, says Rhode Island acoustician David G.
To assist with your referral, please download and complete the Patient Referral Form below and fax to the appropriate office.

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