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Pennsylvania scientists have discovered the cause of the chronic disorder known as tinnitus, and have also found a way to treat it. Sometimes my tinnitus sounds like Gregorian chants and sometimes it sounds like a round going overhead.
Their goal is a preventive strategy for individuals whose work situations could cause them to be exposed to very loud noise. In 1969, I was in a pretty nasty car crash (we hit a mail contractor truck who made a left turn in front of us on a rain-slick hiway) and among my other injuries, my right jaw was dislocated.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers found that an epilepsy drug known as retigabine prevents tinnitus in animal models, according to ScienceDaily.
Tinnitus has turned me from the bad-tempered curmudgeon I have been since the age of 11, into a liberal-stalking FReeper!

Strictly speaking, tinnitus isn't a condition, but a symptom of some type of disorder, like hearing loss related to age, a circulatory system ailment, or an injury to the ear, the Mayo Clinic reports. Tinnitus sufferers describe the buzzing, ringing, roaring, hissing, clicking, and other sounds it creates in their ears as annoying to varying degrees. Since there's no cure for tinnitus itself, doctors attempt to identify and treat the underlying cause.
According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders, about 25 million Americans have suffered from tinnitus. Among those who are at least 65, the disorder affects about 14 percent of women and more than 12 percent of men.
Knowing that tinnitus is incurable and that hearing aids don't help some patients, the Pittsburgh team sought to first find the underlying cause, then a way to treat it.

They knew from prior work with mice that a connection exists between tinnitus and overactive dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN) cells in the brain through which potassium ions travel.
They found that hyperactivity of DCN cells is the result of a reduced level of activity in structures known as KCNQ channels. The researchers conducted experiments that exposed mice to regulated amounts of noise, then identified those that had developed tinnitus.

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