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A chemical operations specialist serving in the Persian Gulf claimed serviced connection for a sarcoidosis resulting from exposure to oil fires, chemical fires, and diesel fires, burn pits, and anti-nerve agent medication administered to troops in Desert Shield and Storm.
The claim was denied in 2004 by the VA Regional Office, and in early 2008 by the BVA (lookie there…another Veteran waiting 4 years for a BVA Decision).
In 2012, the Veteran approached the Court and asked them to toll his deadline to file that appeal under a theory called equitable tolling.
The Court granted the extension of time to file the Motion for Reconsideration, and then the race began. It is actually easier to build an airplane with toothpicks and bubble-gum than to get a C-File from the VA in under 30 days.
By way of example, on January 2, 2014, my Firm filed a FOIA Request for a Veteran’s C-File that was in the Denver VA Regional Office. The lawyer offered to send the VA prepaid Fed Ex and UPS shipping labels to expedite shipping of the C-Files, and the VA declined that offer. I don’t get it, Denver VA Regional Office – what the heck is so hard about getting copies of paper to Veterans in their VA Claims?!!? In the end, the attorney did not get the Veterans C-File before the deadline to file the Motion for Reconsideration, and so the Veterans Court denied the Veteran’s request. Unless the Veteran can see their  C-File prior to filing an appeal, the Veteran is typically powerless to file adequate pleadings. Hell, the best practice is to regularly request an updated copy of your C-File at least every year. 4) If you need your C-File before you can file a NOD or a VA Form 9, or a response to a BVA 90-day letter, but the VA won’t produce it in time to file the document, you find yourself in a Catch-22.
During the Vietnam era it was used in Thailand, Korea and many CONUS bases – and those are just the places the government admits. It is suspected (cough, cough…known) to have been used in Laos, Cambodia, Australia, the Phillipines and god knows where else.

I have studied the original lawsuit, the original class certification, the original settlements and the follow-on Nehmer cases. I believe that the Nehmer Rules apply to ALL Veterans that were exposed to Agent Orange – from the Mekong Delta to the Korean DMZ, from Ft.
The Attig Law Firm is taking this fight to the VA and get them to stop screwing Vietnam era Vets in yet another area of the claims process.
What I am saying is that I’d very much like to talk to you about your  VA Appeal, if you meet all of these criteria, to see if your case would be a good fact pattern to push for broader Nehmer coverage for ALL Vietnam-era Veterans exposed to Agent Orange, wherever it occurred. In 2013, my Firm settled a prior Federal District Court lawsuit to produce a number of VA C-Files. Are the New Orleans “claims reports” you mention the Monday Morning reports that are published online, or something else? You have one (or more) medical conditions on the VA’s list of conditions presumed caused by Agent Orange. I have been diagnosed with type II diabetes, end stage renal with kidney transplant, right leg below the knee amputation and had a large bowel resection. Many people think that people with diabetes have to stay completely away from items containing sugar. It is possible for these people to have their favorite foods and special treats as long as they plan for it and compensate with exercise and other healthy eating routines on a daily basis.3. Now for the fun stuff, I received a letter from the VA in Georgia dated 4-2-15 today, the 3rd asking for a form that is 3years old, when I already submitted the one dated this year. In order to better control diabetic blood sugar levels, learn to manage or alleviate daily stress. The ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommends that glucose and urine ketone levels be checked every four hours.5.
In addition to your primary care provider, you should see other doctors like a ophthalmologist, an ophthalmologist, and even a registered dietitian.

Make sure your team communicates with one another so that you can get the best possible care. If you re concerned your insurance won t cover other types of doctors, ask your general practitioner to give you a referral. When you have diabetes, it is very important to keep careful track of not only what you eat, but how much, and when you consume them. While many people can remember what they ate that day, can you remember what you ate 2 weeks ago for breakfast? Keeping a food journal gives you a record of your food intake so you can spot patterns and better control your diabetes.8. It is very easy for wounds on the feet to develop infections, which can lead to gangrene if left untreated.
Wash and dry your feet carefully every day, keeping an eye out for any cuts or scratches that don t seem to be healing.
Also look for signs of inflammation, such as redness or swelling, and black or blue areas that appear to be bruised, which can be a sign of poor blood flow.
It is a great way to give into your sweet tooth without drinking a beverage that could affect your blood sugar. Also, although nothing has been proven, doctors are looking into the suggestion that green tea may actually lower blood sugar.10.
Alcohol swabs will dry out the skin, making it more likely that the injection site will stay open.

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