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It's unique frequency slider allows you to change the frequency in real time - just like an analogue function generator. Feel free to download a copy and test it for free without any obligations on your computer for 30 days. However, we also recognize the need for people with Tinnitus (ringing ears) to find some relief. Output is possible up to 24bit and 384kHz sampling rate and only limited by the capability of your sound hardware.
The crest factor is usually specified in power and durability tests for amplifiers and speakers. If you would like to keep it you can then order a license which will also give you unlimited access to updates and new versions. In the free download above subtle virtual dreaming techniques are used to enhance the feeling of walking toward a large waterfall on a rainy day.

You can run scripts of test tones and save memory pre-sets of fixed or sweep test signals to disk. This is why we have offered free tinnitus masking MP3 downloads since the beginning of our site.
If you have multiple sound cards in your PC you can manually select the one you want to use for each instance of the program.
A longer, higher quality and more extensive version can be found here.Free Virtual ShowerHere is a free 30 minute shower sound.
Some people find it an effective sleep-aid as it eases their tinnitus while others just like the soothing sound.
We added plenty of White Noise along with a few audio effects to simulate the environment and aid in sleep onset.
This one was squeezed down to 28 megabyte.Oscillating Virtual FanOur virtual fan subtly pans left and right and produces that calming sound that we all know.

But add 500 people talking in the same time and the irritating noise gets lost in a much more pleasant murmur. If you or a friend are suffering from ringing ears, or have noise induced insomnia, I hope these recordings help you get some sleep. Do you have an idea for natural or nature sounds that can be used for effective noise mask?
I have heard from a number of patrons how relaxing and soothing they thought the sound of a standard household dryer was. This white noise is loop-able, slowly fades in and out at the beginning and end, and is 20 minutes long.

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